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  • Xavier Sabastian
Jeep Wrangler 4xe: What We Know so Far!

In September of 2022, Jeep showed off its newest plug-in hybrid car. A Jeep Wrangler Willys 4xe...

  • Xavier Sabastian
How Much Does an Electric Car Battery Cost?

When it comes to electric cars and plug-in hybrids, many shoppers want to know how long their...

  • Sara Sam
Know Everything about the Tesla FSD Beta

Tesla cars have always been on the front burner for various reasons. For instance, its driver...

  • Ray Sanders
Is the Tesla Roadster Delayed until 2023? All about the Most Hyped Tesla!

The second-generation Tesla Roadster has been creating a buzz around the world for quite some time...

  • Ray Sanders
The Cheapest Car in the World: The Ultimate List of Affordable Cars

Affordability is often the key when you’re looking to buy a new car. But, unfortunately,...

  • Silas Smith
Why Model Y Performance Is the Best Luxury Electric SUV

The Model Y Performance is another highly rated electric SUV from Tesla that delivers everything it...

  • Silas Smith
Are Electric Vehicle Prices Getting Close to Luxury Vehicle Prices?

A decade ago, when electric vehicles were slowly carving their niche in the automotive market,...

  • Silas Smith
Let’s Talk Small Electric Cars: Why You Should Get One!

People are always in two minds about buying small electric cars. However, the recent rise in fuel...

  • Natasha Young
BEV Companies : Tesla Still Leads the Market Share Mid-2022

In the past ten years, the global market share for electric vehicles has grown by a huge amount,...

  • Gerard Stevens
BMW iX: All You Want to Know about This Stunning EV

All major carmakers are coming up with EVs with better range and performance. BMW became a pioneer...

  • Melanie Barrett
Electric Car Companies of 2022 Impacting the Future of Travel

Electric car companies in 2022 have come up with a new shiny start for better, comfortable travel....

  • Sara Sam
Porsche Taycan: The Electric Car Series from Porsche

Electric cars are the future, only if they are the present. And Porsche does it right with Taycan,...

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