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Dance your way to Electric Daisy Carnival: Camping and Parking Guide

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  • Silas Smith
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The Electric Daisy Carnival is putting the rave back in Vegas this year. Get your dance muscles ready for a workout whether you are a dance music veteran or even a first-timer. There is no better place to dance your heart out than Vegas this May. What is a Carnival without rides? Enjoy your time with friends with fun rides and art around the carnival stages. Before you head down to Vegas, here is some info about the events and parking at the festival.  

What is Electric Daisy Carnival?  

Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas
Image Credits: Steven Truong on flickr

The EDC is the biggest electronic dance music festival in North America. DJs and music producers will perform in different varieties of electronic music like dubstep, techno, and drum.  

Electric Daisy Carnival Parking Spots

When is Electric Daisy Carnival 2023?  

This year’s festival will occur from Friday, May 19, to Sunday, May 21, 2023. ¬†

Where is Electric Daisy Carnival?  

The flagship event is held every year at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Las Vegas, Nevada.  

What is the lineup for this year?  

Electric Daisy lineup
Image Credits: Steven Truong on flickr

The lineup for this year’s Electric Daisy festival is not available now. But you’ll be sure to experience electronic music like never before. Each stage in the carnival is sure to satisfy music lovers. Last year artists, including Alan Walker, Acraze, Adrenalize, and many others, put on a show that was too good.¬†

The lineup will feature the best DJs who will find a mix between nostalgia and trend. Be sure to get your tickets right away. The lineup will be available as the festival gets closer. Keep an eye out for the official lineup on the festival website and social media accounts.   

How much do the tickets cost?  

Tickets for the Electric Daisy Carnival are on sale now. There is a high chance that the event will sell out, so make sure you get yours as soon as possible.   

There are three tiers of tickets- GA, GA+, and VIP. The prices for GA start at $389, and GA+ start at $579. The enhanced VIP Experience is available from $850 on the sale, and you can put a deposit on the tickets from the festival website. In addition to base prices, you will also have to pay service fees and taxes.

You can only buy three-day passes, and one person can buy a maximum of four. You can find more information about ticket sales here.   

If you plan to camp at the festival grounds, then get a four-day camping pass. A camping pass allows you into the venue from Thursday, May 18, to Monday, May 22, 2023. All attendees that are camping will have in/out privileges.  

Electric Daisy 2022
Image Credits: Steven Truong on flickr

How to get to Las Vegas Motor Speedway?

You can drive via Las Vegas Blvd N to reach the Speedway from Downtown Las Vegas. It takes around 19 minutes to cover 10.1 miles depending on traffic.  

Is there parking at the carnival?  

There is free general parking available at the venue. The biggest parking spaces are the Green and Brown Lots, and you can park at these lots until the end of the festival each day. Make sure you know where the car is parked so that you can get back to it at the end of the day.

You cannot sleep overnight in your car. Parking is only available during festival hours, and if violated, the vehicle will be towed at your expense. Campers can get extra parking for an additional charge. You can read more about camping and parking rules here.   

Is there parking near Las Vegas Motor Speedway?  

The sheer number of participants will reach around 280,000. That means parking at the festival can be a daunting task. So, it is better to look for cheap and accessible parking spots near the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. It is better to book a spot early to avoid the last-minute rush. You can use the Way.com website or the Way mobile app to easily book a parking spot.  

What to wear for EDC  

Electric Daisy Carnival outfits
Image Credits: jorge hernandez on flickr

How would you dress up for a party? You will see many participants donning various stylish and colorful costumes. But comfort always comes before style so dress light. Also, Vegas heat can make you sweat like a horse. Sneakers are the best tools for rocking on the dance floor, unlike flip-flops.  

You can also plan to do the same and if you are part of a group, then get a special Electric Daisy carnival matching outfit.   

What is Camp EDC? 

The camping ground for the Electric Daisy festival is Camp EDC. The participants with camping passes are only allowed to enter Camp EDC and park their vehicles. The entry to camp will be open from Thursday to Monday. The campers will be provided with a Camp EDC wristband and those without it will not be allowed within the camp. Campers can scan in and out of the festival grounds, unlike other participants. 

EDC Camping Essentials  

For the three-day stay at Camp EDC, you have to be ready with the following: 

  • Sleeping Bags/ Air- mattress, with pillow.¬†
  • Phone Charging cables.¬†
  • Emergency lanterns, torches, and candles.¬†¬†
  • Tooth brush and other toiletries.¬†
  • Toilet paper, napkins, sanitary wipes.¬†
  • Sanitizers and Paper towels.¬†
  • Water, Protein bars, fruit, and other snacks.¬†

A detailed list of essentials can be found here. 

Is Electric Daisy carnival safe?  

Electric Daisy Festival
Image Credits: Miles Sebastian on flickr

The organizers- Insomnia, will ensure that the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas is as safe as possible. Usually, people will get lost in these big events, so make sure you and your friends have a clear idea of the festival map.  

The detailed map will soon be available on the Insomnia app and the EDC website. The ground control team can help you find bathrooms and free water refill stations, and medical staff and other emergency personnel will also be available at the grounds. 

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