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Why Your Engine Sounds So Loud: Common Reasons Explained

  • Cars Explained
  • Silas Smith
  • 4 minutes

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Unusual sounds coming out of a car engine can be scary. At times, the engine in your car may seem noticeably louder than usual, which can be a cause for concern. These sounds could be a possible indication that something is wrong with the engine, and it’s time to take your car to the mechanic. In this article, we’ll see why your car engine sounds loud and whether it’s okay to drive with it.   

Identifying the exact fault and fixing it at the right time is the only solution to clearing the loud sound before the car runs into major trouble. Here are some of the major causes behind an unusual sound emanating from your car’s engine:  

Reasons why your car’s engine sounds loud  

Low oil levels  

If you happen to notice a loud grinding or rubbing sound while driving, understand that your engine is low on oil. An engine needs oil for smooth operation, and a lack of it will cause the engine components to rub against each other, causing a loud grinding noise.  

This mostly happens in older cars without an oil level indicator, where the owners often forget about topping up the oil at regular intervals. However, if you face the same issue in newer cars, it is most likely that the oil sensor has stopped working. Keeping an eye on the oil levels and inspecting your car for oil leaks can help in avoiding this sound and potential engine damage.   

Engine sounds loud: Save money on car expenses

Bad bearings  

Worn-out bearings, too, are one of the major contributors to the loud sound coming out of your car engine. Bearings are those components that support an engine’s moving parts. These, if not properly taken care of, can even cause the engine to seize up.   

Though bearing faults are neither inexpensive nor easy to fix, having them rectified at the right time can save you from getting hit with much bigger bills in the future.   

Engine sounds loud on an automatic car: check your torque converter  

In torque converter automatic vehicles, the system cannot work smoothly if there’s a lack of transmission fluid. A lack of transmission fluid can cause damage to the needle bearings, which causes a loud grinding noise when the gear is engaged.   


Engine misfire  

Engine misfires occur when there’s more fuel in some cylinders and less in others. This causes the spark plug to fire only in those with more fuel while the others are still combusting gas, resulting in a loud popping sound while starting the car or revving it up.   

Engine misfires will cause the engine to run rough and will cause serious damage to the engine over time. This makes it an issue demanding immediate attention.   

Cylinder glaze  

Glazing on the cylinder is caused by unburned fuel and oil, which harden over time instead of going out as exhaust fumes. This carbon accumulation on the cylinder surfaces of the engine can also cause loud engine sounds.   

Cylinder glaze not only causes loud noises but also affects the efficiency of the engine. Furthermore, it can also trigger a drop in fuel economy and cause overheating 

Faulty muffler  

A loud sound doesn’t always mean that the engine is at fault. It can also arise due to a faulty muffler. Just inspect the muffler and identify if your car is pushing out an increased amount of fumes. Additionally, a bad muffler can also result in a drop in gas mileage.  

Unless you’re overly concerned about your car’s gas mileage, you don’t need to worry about this issue as much as you would about low oil, a worn torque converter, or a broken muffler.  

Is it okay to drive if my car’s engine sounds loud?  

The simple answer to this question is “no.” Loud sounds coming out of the engine are an indication that something is seriously wrong with your car’s engine. And this shouldn’t be left unattended.  


Never ignore loud engine noises that are out of the ordinary because they could be a sign of serious engine trouble. The fact that these repairs are expensive shouldn’t stop you from going to a mechanic. By ignoring these warning signs, you risk having your engine seize, which will result in extremely high repair costs.  

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