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Enrique Bunbury El Ultimo Tour – All you need to know

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Do you love listening to Spanish rock? Then, brace yourselves. Spanish Rockstar Enrique Bunbury is now touring the United States. From ticket rates to parking info, here’s everything you need to know about Enrique Bunbury El Ultimo Tour.   

Spanish singer and songwriter Enrique Bunbury is now back with his brand new El Ultimo Tour. Fans of the singer can witness the Spanish Rockstar perform at various venues in the United States. The El Ultimo Tour will cover major cities in the country and is expected to attract a huge crowd. So, make sure you book your tickets in advance and have your parking plans sorted to enjoy the concert without any stress.   

Enrique Bunbury parking banner

Who is Enrique Bunbury?   

Enrique Bunbury is a Spanish singer and songwriter. He shot to fame as the lead singer of Héroes del Silencio, a famous Spanish rock band. In 1996, he left the band to pursue a solo career and is now a world-renowned singer of Spanish rock.   

What is El Ultimo Tour?   

El Ultimo Tour is the latest tour of Spanish rock musician Enrique Bunbury. As part of the tour, the singer will tour some of the major cities in the United States and Spain. The tour began in Chicago on May 3, 2022. Enrique Bunbury will continue touring the country till June 6, 2022, and the remainder of the tour will happen in major cities in Spain.

What cities will the El Ultimo Tour cover?   

The tour began in Chicago on May 3. The singer will tour other major cities like Brooklyn, Atlanta, Hollywood, El Paso, El Cajon, Inglewood, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Anaheim.    

The shows scheduled for May 6 and May 19 have been canceled.   

Enrique Bunbury El Ultimo Tour Schedule   

Here’s the complete schedule of the El Ultimo Tour with date, venues, and cities:   

Date   Venue and city  Find Parking
May 6, 2022  Kings Theater – Brooklynn, NY  Book Parking  
May 10, 2022  Coco-Cola Roxy – Atlanta, GA  Book Parking 
May 17, 2022  713 Music Hall – Houston, TX  Book Parking 
May 20, 2022  The Plaza Theatre Performing Arts Center – El Paso, TX  Book Parking 
May 24, 2022  The Magnolia – El Cajon, CA  Book Parking  
May 27, 2022  YouTube Theater – Inglewood, CA  Book Parking
May 31, 2022  The Fillmore – San Francisco, CA  Book Parking  
June 4, 2022  The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas – Las Vegas, NV  Book Parking
June 6, 2022  House of Blues Anaheim – Anaheim, CA  Book Parking

What’s the Bunbury El Ultimo setlist?   

The singer will be performing some of the hit songs from his career. Here’s a list of expected songs he could be performing on tour:   

  • Los términos de mi rendición 
  • Cualquiera en su sano juicio  
  • N.O.M. 
  • El precio que hay que pagar 
  • El club de los imposibles 
  • Las palabras 
  • Cuna de Caín 
  • Despierta 
  • Más alto que nosotros sólo el cielo 
  • Hombre de acción 
  • Frente a frente 
  • La actitud correc 

How much do Bunbury El Ultimo tickets cost?   

The tickets for the Enrique Bunbury concert range from $50 to $250. The prices can vary based on availability and demand. Also, your seat positions can affect the ticket rates. Fans can buy concert tickets on the official website and other major ticketing platforms. 

What are the parking options for the El Ultimo tour?   

The El Ultimo tour will be hosted by some of the major venues in the United States. Most of these venues will offer on-site parking options. However, if you don’t book your parking in advance, you will not be able to secure these spots. Also, on concert days, the rates for these spots will be expensive.   

We recommend booking a parking garage using apps and websites like Way.com for an affordable and guaranteed parking spot near the venues. On Way.com, you get access to top-rated parking lots and garages near major venues for affordable prices. 

Best parking deals on Way.com 

Event Venue  Lot Name  Book Parking 
Kings Theater   125 Parkside Ave Parking  $16/hour 
1699 New York Ave Parking  $11/hour 
YouTube Theater  Century Inn LAX  $19/hour 
385 W Florence Ave Superbowl Parking  $69/hour 
The Fillmore
750 Golden Gate Ave Parking $20/hour 
739 Turk St Parking  $5/hour 
819 Ellis st Parking  $33/hour 
98 Franklin St Parking  $30/hour 
233 Ellis St Parking  $50/hour 
259 7th St Parking  $40/hour 
970 Howard St Parking  $20/hour 
555 Market St Parking  $12/hour 
Mission Masonic Center Parking  $20/hour 
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas  325 E East Flamingo Road Parking  $12/hour 

What are the health policies for the El Ultimo tour?   

The tour will be happening in multiple venues, and the health policies for each of these locations can differ. In some venues, you will be asked to provide proof of vaccination, and a mask must be worn all the time. After booking the tickets, go through the health policies of the venue online to go prepared.   

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