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Entertainment Galore! Visit the SoHo Playhouse in New York

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If you are looking for a professional theatre to watch plays in Manhattan, visit the SoHo Playhouse in Hudson Square. The modern SoHo Playhouse you see now opened in 1994, but the location transformed into a theatrical arts venue in 1962. 

It was originally known as the Village South Theatre and had shows of original plays that renowned writers created. But now it serves partially as an Off-Broadway receiving house where traveling theatre companies perform for a fixed number of days.  We will provide a basic guide to the venue including a brief history of the playhouse, location, tickets, and even SoHo Playhouse parking information. Save more on city parking with Way.com

SoHo Playhouse location 

You can find SoHo Playhouse at 15 Vandam Street, New York, NY 10013. Other popular attractions near the venue include Color Factory New York, Father Fagan Park, New York City Fire Museum, and Film Forum movie theater. 

How to get to SoHo Playhouse? 

You can take three different routes from Lower Manhattan to SoHo Playhouse. If you drive via Broome Street for around 7 minutes, you will reach the venue covering 1.1 miles. Similarly, you can drive 1.2 miles via Canal Street to reach the theatre in less than 8 minutes. A slightly longer route is through Broadway and Hudson Street, which will take 9 minutes. 

If you start your drive from downtown Brooklyn, take the Manhattan Bridge or the Manhattan Bridge Lower Roadway. The journey will be 3 miles long, and you can reach the SoHo Playhouse in 11 minutes, depending on traffic conditions. 

If you take the subway, there are many subway stations near the venue, like Canal Street Station and Prince Street Station. You can get off at these stations and take a short walk to the theatre. Similarly, there are bus services from Uptown, Downtown, and East Side. 

The History of the Playhouse 

SoHo Playhouse is a small theatre with less than 180 seats, but you will get a ‘New York feel’ at this historical establishment. In addition, it was the New York Academy of Theatrical Arts for four years in the early 1970s. ¬†


The location where the playhouse stands was previously a colonial mansion which was later redesigned into row houses in the early 1800s. Later the club became a regular nightclub for Democratic Party and Tammany Hall members. Only in the 1920s was it changed into a theatre, and playwrights used to do rehearsals and workshops here.  

What is the size of SoHo Playhouse? 

The building comprises both SoHo Playhouse and the Huron Club. The former is the main stage, the theatre with 178 seats and a stage of 23.5 x 20 feet in dimension. 

On the other hand, the Huron Club is located downstairs and can accommodate 65 people. You can find a different entrance for the Huron Club from Vandam Street. 

When is SoHo Playhouse open? 

The Box office is open from Tuesday to Saturday, and the curtains go up at 3 pm every day. But the closing time will vary on each day, and it also depends on the duration of the performance. 

Huron club will open 30 minutes before a performance. You can get a variety of craft cocktails, wine, soft drinks, and other spirits at the bar. 

How much are the ticket prices? 

Ticket charges differ for each event at the SoHo Playhouse. You can get general admission passes to most performances. The performances are not limited to plays. Standup comedy, readings, rehearsals, concerts, workshops, and other meetings are hosted by this venue.  

For the alcoholic drinks at the Huron Club, you must spend between $6 and $30 per glass. The crafty cocktails are priced higher than the rest of the drinks. In addition, soft drinks are cheaper than the rest. 

SoHo Playhouse parking 

The official parking space for the theatre is at 272 Spring Street. It is 0.2 miles from the venue and has limited space. If you want to save money, street parking is available at Vandam Street, Charlton Street, Varick Street, 6th Avenue, and many other streets around the theatre. But if you commit violations at these facilities, you will end up paying hefty fines to the NY parking authorities. 

Additionally, these street parking spaces are not safe compared to off-site garages. Private parking garages offer affordable and safe spaces while visiting SoHo Playhouse any day of the week. 

SoHo Playhouse off-site parking 

Off-site parking garages near SoHo Playhouse have valet and contactless parking features. You need not pay any additional charges for these facilities. For added security, these garages also have security personnel and camera surveillance. 

You can use Way.com to locate these private garages within walking distance of the venue. More than saving money, you can get the safety and convenience which is absent at street spaces and on-site parking facilities. Using the Way mobile app to book parking at off-site garages can also get you special deals and discounts on charges. 

375 King St Garage

The 375 King Street garage offers cheap rates as low as $3 for hourly valet parking near SoHo Playhouse. It is a popular car parking garage on King Street that has both hourly and monthly spaces. 

Icon Parking operates this facility, and it is open 24×7. Apart from the theatre, you can also use this facility for parking near James J Walker Playhouse, Color Factory New York, and the Children’s Museum of Art. Besides, Friends Apartment is also closer to this venue. All the destinations mentioned above are within a mile of this commercial parking lot.¬†

The lot has two entrances, one at W Houston Street and the other at King Street. The garage offers overnight parking, but in/out privileges are not allowed. 

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