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EV Charging Stations Throughout the U.S.

  • Infographic
  • Jeannie Assimos
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Over 350,000 Teslas have been delivered to happy customers so far in 2021. What does this mean, besides cleaner air quality and less gas consumption? That the demand for EV charging stations is absolutely rising, especially in states like California where you see several Teslas out every time you take a ride.

Fortunately, we were able to get our hands on some data that details exactly how many stations are available all over the United States. For EV-loving Californians, there are 13, 325 station locations (and growing all the time).  No other state even comes close. New York boasts 2,679 stations, while Texas has 2104 locales. Across the United States, 44,417 charging stations are ready to rev up your vehicle.

EV charging stations US

Electric vehicles have reshaped the car industry, breaking through mileage and cost barriers to become much more affordable to the average driver. As we see the rise of more charging stations, this only makes the idea of all-electric vehicles more appealing.

Why opt for an electric car?

When you opt for an electric car, you’re doing your part to support the environment. Electric cars emit no exhaust. There’s no denying that more electric cars on the road in congested cities will help to boost local air quality.

A recent survey of Way.com users revealed that 47% of drivers find EV cars to be amazing, specifically Tesla. So, if you care, there’s the cool factor of driving a tech-forward Tesla as well.

The only possible downside to the EV car is slightly higher insurance rates, which can come in up to 23% higher than a regular vehicle. In other words, if your yearly premium for a gas car were $1200, you’d pay anywhere from $1380 to $1500 for an electric car; on average, that’s a 23% difference in price. But, again, you are saving the planet. So isn’t that worth something?


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