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What is an EV Mode? Read Way.com’s Comprehensive Guide

  • CarTech
  • Xavier Sabastian
  • 3 minutes

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We get a lot of questions about EV mode, so we made a simple guide of what this does. This information is useful for a lot of different brands and models.

Have you ever looked at the huge number of buttons and switches in a modern car and wondered what some of them do? These controls get even more complicated when considering hybrid cars’ different driving modes.

What does EV Mode stand for?

EV mode stands for “Electric Vehicle Mode.”  This is only available in hybrid cars and has a much narrower range of uses than other modes. When a car runs in EV mode, it only gets power from its battery. This makes it possible to drive very efficiently, but it also means that the vehicle doesn’t have as much power as it would normally. EV mode stands for "Electric Vehicle Mode."  This is only available in hybrid cars and has a much narrower range of uses than other modes. When a car runs in EV mode, it only gets power from its battery.

It means the mode can be used at very low speeds in certain situations. Due to these limitations, EV mode is best used for short trips that don’t require much speed. This includes like getting a car out of a garage or driving in a parking lot.

When using EV mode, drivers need to be extra careful because it can make the car almost silent. This means that people on foot, cyclists, and drivers of other vehicles may not hear a car coming when it is in EV mode. When using this feature, paying close attention to your surroundings is very important.

When to use EV Mode?

Now that you understand what it means, know the benefits!

There are several benefits to this mode:

  • EV Mode only uses electric power: It emits less pollution and works better.
  • EV Mode is almost silent: If you drive early in the morning in quiet neighborhoods, you can use it to make less noise.
  • EV Mode will only work under certain conditions: If your battery isn’t charged enough, your car will stay in Normal Mode. You don’t have to worry about losing range.

How far can you drive in EV Mode?

In EV Mode, your car can go up to 25 miles using only electric power. Once the battery gets over, your car will switch back to regular fuel.

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