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Everything You Need to Know About the LiMu Emu

  • Auto Insurance
  • Sara Sam
  • 3 minutes

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The year is 2019. Viral and trending are a part of our daily vocabulary. So, when the Boston-based Liberty Mutual rolled out their new mascots, LiMu Emu and Doug, familiarizing them wasn’t a hard task. In this quick read, we learn about the LiMu Emu, a late entrant to the mascot game in the world of insurance.   

Who is LiMu Emu?

LiMu Emu and Doug are the official mascots of Liberty Mutual insurance company. LiMu Emu and its human friend Doug are popular as the dynamic duo. They were launched in February 2019.

By preventing clients from committing the crime of overspending on unnecessary items, LiMu and Doug put their unique spin on the standard buddy-cop dynamic. 

Why did Liberty Mutual choose an emu as its mascot?

The choice of the second tallest living bird in an advertisement campaign is certainly a part of a quirky wordplay. But, rhyming with LiMu, which stands for Liberty Mutual, an emu was a popular choice for the mascot.  

Meanwhile, the duo’s routine in the ads highlights the customized insurance plans of the company. In the same vein, LiMu adds a quirky charm to every situation the ads are placed in. The emu-themed merchandise they now send online can measure the campaign’s popularity.

Who created the Liberty Mutual ads?

Goodby Silverstein & Partners (GS&P), Liberty Mutual’s creative agency, created the content for the campaign. Craig Gillespie, an award-winning Australian director best known for his films Lars and the Real Girl and I, Tonya, directed the Liberty Mutual commercials.

In addition, they worked with The Mill, a visual effects and content development business, to create LiMu Emu. Copper Giants, the newly expanded in-house creative agency of Liberty Mutual, handles the digital campaign.

Everything you need to know about LiMu Emu

Image  Credits: Liberty Mutual Group

Is LiMu Emu from the Liberty Mutual commercials a real emu?

The LiMU emu is a blend of a real emu and CGI. GS&P and The Mill worked together to create the mascot.

The VFX crew shot a real emu, Beaker, to produce reference footage for a CG digital double. In addition to the Lidar scans of the set and HDRI lighting guides, the team used Mill’s unique fur and feather technology to create an intricate and unique mascot for Liberty Mutual.   

For instance, the sunglasses and the security badge were the additional details of the character. Cloth and material simulations were used to build the shirt and tie, which had to respond dynamically to each movement. 

Who is Doug in Liberty Mutual ads?

David Hoffman, an actor and comedian, appears in the ads for Liberty Mutual, playing the role of Doug. Hoffman played a main part in the sitcom I Live with Models, Bones, There’s Johnny, and Modern Family.

Meanwhile, in the ad, he spots a mustache and a yellow shirt in coordination with LiMu.

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