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Expert tips on how to lower car insurance prices

  • Auto Insurance
  • Renee Martin
  • 4 minutes

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There’s no doubt that¬†car safety is¬†key¬†– knowing you’re¬†secure¬†and financially covered if¬†you’re involved in¬†a fender bender¬†is comforting,¬†to say the least. However,¬†nothing’s more annoying than¬†shelling¬†out top dollar¬†on¬†car insurance¬†premiums¬†only to find that you don’t have adequate coverage when it comes time to make a claim.¬†


The average car insurance cost can also be on the higher side. Trying to find cheap full coverage car insurance can be time-consuming and can be one of the causes for your migraine. Everyone who owns a car would love to get low car insurance for their car. How much does car insurance cost? This depends on various factors. There is no fixed rate for car insurance.

How to get lower car insurance? Read our tips below to know more.

Revisit your coverage policy frequently

In the insurance industry,¬†there’s considerable competition, which often means that prices shift for businesses¬†to¬†satisfy the demand and fluctuating business needs. Sometimes,¬†even¬†if you feel at home with an insurance provider,¬†it’s quite likely that they’ve been slowly but surely¬†increasing¬†their premiums steadily,¬†while others¬†have been¬†dropping the rates.¬†What’s worse, they‘re getting away¬†with it¬†because most people don’t notice these small hikes in prices.¬†It’s always a good idea to¬†check in with your insurance company when your policy is up for renewal.¬†Do this¬†at¬†the end of six months,¬†just to check if there are any changes in insurance costs you may have missed out on.¬†

Keep an eye out for discounts

This one’s a relatively¬†well-kept¬†insurance industry secret¬†that you probably won’t find out about unless you talk to the right people.¬†If you¬†happen to¬†work for¬†or¬†have a relative¬†that works for the¬†government or military, you¬†may be¬†entitled¬†to¬†reduced car insurance¬†rates.¬†Senior citizens also get a reduction in insurance prices, and some companies offer lesser premiums if you’ve¬†taken¬†additional driving lessons.¬†So,¬†when you’re at your next family gathering, ask around! It might make for a bland conversation starter, but it can quite likely¬†gain you some of these “secret” discounts!


Compare rates online

Getting on your computer or phone’s browser and comparing car insurance rates is a¬†sure shot¬†way to make sure you get the cheapest¬†possible rates on¬†car insurance.¬†Many sites allow you to¬†pull up multiple insurance plans and compare them side by side so that you can make an informed decision that gets you the best offers available.¬†¬†

Improve those driving skills

This one might seem like it’s a given, but good driving skills can go a long way in¬†instilling confidence in insurance companies to reduce their rates for you.¬†Reducing¬†the number of incidents on your record, and¬†you’ll see that your¬†insurance provider will be¬†happy¬†to¬†lower¬†your rates! Besides this,¬†some¬†insurance firms¬†now¬†use¬†car-mounted¬†telematic equipment that tracks¬†your driving performance¬†and shares information with the company.¬†This helps the insurance company monitor¬†your¬†driving at the time of any unfortunate incidents/accidents.¬†


Get a more experienced driver on your policy

Were you aware that older, more seasoned drivers often have better insurance rates than young or inexperienced drivers, particularly those who have prevented accidents and road stops? If you are under the age of 25 or have a poor driving record, it may be helpful for you to ask an older person, such as your parents or an older sibling, to enter your scheme. 

Pay your premiums annually

Most insurance policyholders now opt to pay their premiums per month so that the payments are broken up. However, with this form of payment, you end up paying more in the long term. You can easily save several hundred dollars a year by paying your premiums upfront, annually.

lower car insurance

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