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Exploring the History and Culture of Union Square Park

  • Things To Do
  • Silas Smith
  • 3 minutes

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Union Square Park is a lively and historic public place in the heart of Manhattan in New York. Spanning 3 acres, it has served as the city’s cultural, political, and social epicenter for over a century. Originally opened as a public place in 1839, the park has witnessed various transformations, making it more accessible and livelier than ever.  

Now, the park is not just a leisure spot but also a bustling hub of activity. It is home to a green market on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays that offers fresh produce from local farmers and vendors. Additionally, Union Square Park is also well known for hosting events, demonstrations, protests, and other activities, making it a popular spot for gatherings for people from different walks of life.  

With its lush greenery, statues, installations, and cozy spots to relax and unwind, Union Square Park is one popular spot in New York that is adored by commoners and tourists alike. However, you should be aware that this park is located in a busy intersection and that you may need to plan ahead to find and reserve a safe parking spot near Union Square Park. 

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Where is Union Square Park located? 

Union Square Park in Manhattan, New York, is between 14th and 17th Streets, between Broadway and University Place. It is a mere few blocks from NYC landmarks, including Daryl Roth Theatre, Irving Plaza, and Gramercy Theatre. 

How to get there?  

Union Square Park is conveniently located in the middle of Manhattan. The park is only 2.5 miles from the city center through the 7th Avenue route. Alternatively, you might travel along 5th or Park Avenue. You won’t spend more than 12 minutes on the road with any of these options. 

Parking at Union Square Park 

212 East 19th Street Parking – $11/hour

Parking near Union Square Park was difficult, but not anymore, thanks to 212 East 19th Street Parking. The distance between this highly-rated garage and the park is only 0.3 miles. This parking lot is accessible at all hours, every day of the week. In addition, the 212 East 19th Street Parking Garage also offers convenient services like covered parking and ADA/Aisle access.

This lot is also adjacent to several NYC attractions, including Daryl Roth Theatre, Madison Square Park, Fotografiska Museum, Irving Plaza, and Gramercy Theatre, all within 0.3 miles.  

You can enter the 212 East 19th Street Parking garage at 205 Third Avenue – between 2nd and 3rd Avenue. Remember that you can only enter and exit this garage once; there are no in/out privileges. Go to Way.com or get the Way app. for your mobile device to make a reservation right away. 

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