Celebrating Father’s Day All Over the World

Father’s Day this year is on June 16th making it right around the corner! If you have no idea what to do for the dads in your life, learn about how other cultures celebrate the father figures in their communities. Soak in the cool cultures and start planning something amazing for Dad!

Germany – Vatertag (Father’s Day) or Mannertag (Men’s Day)

Date: 2 Weeks After Easter


In the 1700’s, Vatertag was a family day, honoring the father of the household. Vatertag fell out of favor until the 19th century when it made a comeback, but as Mannertag (Men’s Day) instead. The Vatertag holiday originally focused on Fathers and the day was coined as “boys’ day out” with no documented reason of the change. Today, Vatertag that’s now known as Mannertag, is celebrated as generally a day for men only activities, most of which include day-drinking.

Popular Mannertag Activities

  • A tour of the best Pubs in Germany.
  • Men often get a group together for a bike ride with a hand wagon of booze.
  • Going to a park with family and playing games, grill food, and drinking.

Finland – Father’s Day

Date: 2nd Sunday of November


In the 1980’s, Finland adopted the American tradition of Father’s Day. Father’s Day for Finland is usually filled with activities that revolve around Dad. The day is special for families, celebrating the father of the household and starts off with breakfast in bed, or just the way Dad likes it. The rest of the day is devoted to Dad and doing any activities he enjoys.

Father’s Day Idea: Give your father a tour of some of the best beer gardens Philadelphia has to offer. Board the beer trolley and make your way listening to some great bands along the way!

Nepal – Gokarna Aunsi

Date: Late Summer


In the Nepalese culture, the Father is the teacher, care taker, and protector of his family. This day is filled with gifts, various foods and celebrations for the father figures of the community. Those who have Father’s that have passed, or are out of town, along with fathers who have lost their children, are celebrated throughout the day, on top of the regular everyday fathers. There is a special Father’s Day ceremony, as an act of honoring the father of the family, sons will touch their heads to their father’s feet, and the daughter tough their head to their father’s hands.

Mexico – Dia del Padre

Date: 3rd Sunday in June


In Mexico City, the annual Carrera Dia del Padre 21 K Bosque de Tialpan, is held in honor of the father figures of the community. Several races are held throughout the day, with the most popular being the father/son relay race. The tradition started 31 years ago, with Father’s Day being adopted from America. The day ends with tons of food, drinks, and time with the family.

Father’s Day Idea!

Head to Mexico for the weekend and learn how to make handmade Mexican bread with your family!

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Japan – Chichi no hi

Date: 3rd Sunday in June


Arriving to Japan from America in the 1980’s, Japan adopted Father’s Day as a way of honoring the father figures in the families. In Japan, it is more common for the children to make cards, small gifts, and to devote the day to Dad.

Popular Japanese Gifts to Dad

  • Handmade cards
  • Beer and Sake
  • Food!
  • Clothes

America – Father’s Day

Date: 3rd Sunday of June


Started in the state of Washington during the year of 1910, Father’s Day began with a small celebration devoted to dads. Today, it has grown to become a national holiday. Across the US, families devote the day to dad, making time to show appreciation for all the father figures in the community. It is common to show appreciation to those who stepped up to the role of being a father in households where children need it most. Visiting attractions, playing sports, and hanging out with family are all common activities to partake in on Father’s Day.

Father’s Day Idea!

Take your dad on a Father’s Day Cruise around Alcatraz Island! Enjoy snack and drinks and take in the beauty of the bay.


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