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Felony and Car Insurance Premiums: Is there a relation?

  • Auto Insurance
  • Xavier Sabastian
  • 8 minutes

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Car insurance companies do not check criminal records. However, a felony, such as a DUI, can be seen on your driving record and affect your car insurance premiums.

Does a felony affect car insurance? For example, your car insurance premiums might increase after a criminal conviction. 

Those with a criminal history typically have to pay higher insurance premiums than those without. This is because they are deemed more dangerous, which is the only explanation. People who have been convicted of offenses connected to driving are especially at risk. 

For instance, driving while intoxicated (DWI/DUI) might have serious consequences. Many factors, including your credit score and license points, can affect how much you pay for vehicle insurance. Still, some people might be shocked to learn that having a criminal record‚ÄĒeven a felony‚ÄĒdoesn’t always have an impact.

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Contrarily, a driving-related felony is a different matter. As a result, your car insurance may be impacted by anything on your MVR (motor vehicle record), and it may not be easy to find any inexpensive car insurance.

Does felony impact your car insurance?

While crimes like robbery and assault might result in criminal charges, your auto insurance provider is unconcerned about those things.

However, you can anticipate paying much more for auto insurance if you’re found guilty of vehicular homicide or insurance fraud (if you can find a company that will insure you at all.) This is because your driving record, which car insurance companies review to determine your insurance premiums, will reflect anything driving-related.

If you have a driving-related felony, your auto insurance provider may be required to submit an SR-22 or FR-44 form on your behalf, which almost invariably results in increased premiums.

Types of felonies that affect your Car Insurance Premiums

Image Courtesy: Steve Buissinne

Types of felonies that affect your car insurance premiums

When you try to apply for coverage, your insurance rates may be affected by several driving-related offenses, including:

  • Vehicle-related murder or manslaughter
  • Second and third DUI or DWI (in most states)
  • Hit-and-run
  • Insurance fraud

Because each state has laws, some offenses may constitute felonies in one jurisdiction but not another. For instance, no matter how many DUIs you receive, they are all considered misdemeanors in Maryland, yet a third DUI (or more) is a crime in Louisiana.

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Does a misdemeanor impact your auto insurance?

Depending on the misdemeanor, it might. Some misdemeanors, such as your first DUI or operating a car without insurance, are recorded on both your driving history and criminal history. 

Both would increase auto insurance premiums because insurance providers consider offenses that raise your driving risk.

Other offenses, however, are completely irrelevant to your insurance company.¬†Your insurance provider doesn’t care if you committed a crime as long as it didn’t increase your likelihood of making a claim.

Driving felonies that affect your car insurance premiums

Your auto insurance rates could be impacted by several crimes that appear on your driving record, such as:

  • First-time DUI/DWI
  • Negligent driving
  • Driving while under suspension of your license
  • Driving while uninsured

Driving felonies that affect your Car Insurance premiums

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Do insurance firms conduct background checks?

No, insurance companies do not consider criminal history when determining insurance prices or whether to provide coverage to a particular individual.

Although some crimes and misdemeanors, such as a DUI or reckless driving, appear on your criminal record and driving history, there are some exceptions. Your premiums may be impacted by anything that appears on your MVR, often hundreds or thousands of dollars annually.

How does high-risk car insurance for convicted drivers work?

Insurance companies aren’t typically concerned about it unless your criminal history is connected to your driving history. However, drivers with DUI or hit-and-run convictions on their records may find it difficult to obtain standard auto insurance, necessitating the purchase of a high-risk auto insurance policy.

High-risk coverage, often known as non-standard auto insurance, is automobile insurance for drivers who fall under the high-risk category due to their driving histories. High-risk insurance typically costs much more than a standard policy. There will be limitations on coverage, including who is permitted to drive your car.

Is there car insurance for felons?

Whether a crime impacts auto insurance depends on whether the felony is related to driving. If you have a driving-related conviction, it will be more difficult for you to obtain auto insurance. 

You may be sent to a non-standard auto insurance carrier if you have been rejected coverage by numerous suppliers. Therefore, you should shop for the most affordable prices before purchasing auto insurance with a criminal record.

Obtaining affordable auto insurance for convicts depends on whether or not the felony is related to driving.

  • Does a felony with a driving-related incident impact auto insurance? Yes.
  • Does a felony conviction for an act unrelated to driving affect auto insurance? No, not directly.

Most car insurance firms that do not accept convicts are conventional insurers that do not specialize in high-risk drivers. As a result, you may be urged to obtain temporary auto insurance if you have a felony until you can demonstrate to your insurer that you are not a high-risk driver.

Determine if your insurance company will provide coverage despite your criminal background. Then, click the banner below to receive free auto insurance rates immediately.

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Car Insurance Companies that accept felons

It may be tough to obtain auto insurance with a felony, but it is possible. Consider shopping for auto insurance with a non-standard insurer if you have been convicted of a moving violation. These insurers are less likely to deny you coverage.

Non-standard insurance providers are only available to high-risk drivers.¬†Your insurance provider views you as a risky driver if you have a driving-related crime. You can sign up for “Assigned Risk Auto Insurance” if you cannot find a non-standard insurance provider, but this should be your last resort.

Assigned Risk Auto Insurance” protects motorists who multiple insurers have denied coverage. Before purchasing this insurance, analyze your state’s restrictions and conditions.

Car Insurance Companies Annual Rates
State Farm $3528
The General $4368
AllState $5169

Can you get an Insurance license with a felony? 

Whether or not you can purchase auto insurance with a felony conviction depends on the nature of your conviction. If you have been convicted of vehicular murder or DUI, it will be more difficult for you to obtain auto insurance. 

The basic objective of insurance firms is to prevent hazards. Multiple traffic offenses make you a high-risk driver in the eyes of insurance companies. High-risk auto insurance is available at higher premiums for drivers with criminal records or many traffic offenses.

Image Courtesy: BRGFX

The two categories that insurance companies use to assess your risk level are “Driving-related Violations” and “Non-Driving-Related Violations.”

Driving-Related Violations Non-Driving Related Violations
Vehicular homicide/manslaughter Bad/irresponsible credit history
Repeat DUI/multiple DUI convictions Failure to maintain insurance coverage
Repeat traffic offenses, such as reckless driving or driving without a license Teenagers or young drivers listed on the policy
Certain hit-and-run offenses Insurance fraud

The felony will determine where you can purchase auto insurance with a criminal record and how much it will cost.

Can Car Insurance Companies deny coverage to felons?

Car Insurance Companies can reject coverage for convicted felons. This is because insurance companies will consider you a high-risk driver if you have a criminal conviction. Compare SR-22 auto insurance quotes to find affordable auto insurance. 

What factors affect the viability of auto insurance for convicted felons?

To receive auto insurance with a felony, you must have the following in order:

  • Driver’s license:¬†get your license reinstated if needed
  • Type of felony:¬†Ensure that your felony has nothing to do with driving.
  • Check Your Background: Do insurance companies check your criminal record? Limited check. However, the greater the number of driving-related accidents on your record, the less likely you will be eligible for standard insurance.
  • Period of Lapse:¬†Regardless of criminal history, whoever has had a large lapse in auto insurance coverage will be considered a higher risk by the insurance company.
  • Before shopping for affordable auto insurance, people with felonies get these issues under control. Therefore, if you can demonstrate that you have these matters under control, you will have peace of mind.¬†

How can I obtain auto insurance for a convicted felon?

There are a few measures you can take to obtain insurance coverage more easily despite a conviction. Together with the abovementioned materials, these steps will make purchasing insurance coverage a breeze.

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First and foremost, it would be best if you always told the truth. Notifying your insurance provider immediately will allow them to collaborate with you to identify the best solution. If coverage lapses due to jail or any other reason, it will result in a higher premium. Take out a six-month coverage to reduce your premiums.

Consider enrolling in educational courses and driving safety lessons. Several insurance providers will recognize this type of education. Participation could help you gain coverage and reduce your premiums and rates.

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Finally, inquire about various policy alternatives. For example, sign up for just Mandatory Third Party Auto Insurance. This insurance does not cover the offenders’ vehicle or property; it only covers the victims of an accident ‚ÄĒ the other driver’s vehicle and property.

Does your car insurance company perform a criminal background check? Get a free quote today by clicking on one of the banners on this page.

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