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Staples Center parking: how to score easy spots near the arena

  • City Parking Tips
  • Renee Martin
  • 5 minutes

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Home to the Los Angeles Lakers – one of the most popular teams in the NBA – Staples Center is visited by thousands of fans on game nights. With NBA games back on track after the pandemic and crowds increasing, it’s good to know where to find convenient Staples Center parking.

The City of Angels has always been a difficult place to drive around, but it gets hardest when a Lakers game is happening! Thousands head to the arena – usually in their own cars – which creates bottleneck traffic situations. It gets hardest when approaching the iconic Staples Center, with long queues and frayed nerves! You can easily lose out on a good spot at the arena, but that doesn’t mean you need to let it ruin your game!

Plan ahead for alternatives to on-site parking – this will help you navigate the maze better! Unless you have season tickets and reserved parking, game days can be hard to navigate.

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 Entrance to Staples Center with statue of Magic Johnson

Here’s a pro tip for parking: Don’t park right at the arena, where traffic and crowd can play havoc. Instead, look for convenient off-site parking around Staples Center that is within walking distance.

Where is Staples Center located?

Staples Center is located at 1111 S Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, You can find directions to reach the arena here.

Location Map


Upcoming events at Staples Center

Staples Center has a packed schedule the whole year-round. View their exclusive calendar here to not miss out on exciting events ahead during 2021-2022!

Where to park at Staples Center

There are two official on-site parking lots at Staples Center – the West Garage (Lot W), and the East Garage (Lot E). Between the two, they have more than 3300 parking spots. Besides, there is plenty of street parking nearby as well. However, with a seating capacity of 20,000, you can be assured that not all fans will get a parking spot at the arena! Even street parking may have its own drawbacks – like the risk of break-ins.

How much is parking at Staples Center?

  • Parking at the West Garage will cost you $10 for the first 2 hours and $10 for each additional half-hour until a maximum of $28/day.
  • Parking at the East Garage will cost you $10 for the first two hours and $10 for each additional half-hour until a maximum of $30/day.
  • You can also access valet parking at the East Garage for the same rates as above, or for $40/day.

Is there street parking near Staples Center?

Yes, you can find metered parking along Figueroa Street, W 11th Street, and W 12th Street. Parking on-street will cost you roughly between $1.50-2 for two hours of parking. It may seem pretty cheap compared to other options – however, it’s easier said than done! It’s hard to find a convenient street parking spot – especially when a game is coming up! You can’t expect to drive into a spot near the stadium without facing some intense competition.

Can you find free parking around Staples Center?

You can find limited free parking near Staples Center along W 12th Street and S Hope Street. But don’t depend too much on these spots – they’re more likely to be snapped up by early drivers. It’s also not worth it driving around looking for free spots – especially when even they are subject to parking rules and restrictions! You can only park for 2-3 hours at a free spot, which isn’t nearly enough to enjoy the game stress-free. We’d recommend booking off-site Staples Center parking as a reliable option as well.

Find affordable parking near Staples Center using Way.com

How can you find great deals on Staples Center parking?

If you’re okay with walking a short distance (5 minutes tops), we highly recommend choosing off-site parking! You can now pre-book a guaranteed spot at a top-rated garage near Staples Center using a convenient parking app like Way.com! Besides the convenience of easy, stress-free parking, you can also save as much as 30% on the drive-up rates. Plus, these garages offer flexible parking options like hourly, daily, and monthly – so pay only for however long you park using Way.com!

Best parking near Staples Center

832 Francisco Street parking

This outdoor self-park lot is open 24×7 and is located just 0.4 miles away from Staples Center. Gameday parking will cost you as little as $20! This facility is operated by Joe’s Auto Parks and can be accessed at W 8th Place (a two-way street) between S Figueroa Street and Francisco Street.

200 W Pico Boulevard parking

This outdoor self-park lot is operated by Unified Parking Services. It is at a convenient location just 0.5 miles away from Staples Center. It is just a few minutes away from the Belasco Theater, Mayan Theater, and Orpheum Theater. Book online now to save as much as 30%!

Find great deals on Staples Center parking using Way.com

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