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Liberty Bell parking: How to get un-bell-ievably convenient parking in Philadelphia

  • City Parking Tips
  • Renee Martin
  • 6 minutes

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A trip to see the Liberty Bell and Independence National Park can be quite an enjoyable visit! It is a history buff’s paradise and offers a trip down the country’s hallowed past. Won’t you hate it if the vibes were spoilt just because you couldn’t get convenient parking? Thankfully, on-site parking is not the only option – here’s where you can find affordable Liberty Bell parking garages nearby without hassle!

Philadelphia is known for its connection to the American Revolution. The Liberty Bell, located in downtown Philly, is a must-visit for anyone touring the city. However, anyone who’s been to the venue knows that it’s not easy to find convenient Liberty Bell parking! While there are official lots for parking, visitors often find it challenging to find both affordable and convenient parking near the historic site. Common complaints among drivers are that they have to drive in circles for a long time before finding satisfactory parking.

Liberty Bell Center sign

However, things aren’t as bad as they are made out to be. There are plenty of alternative options nearby – street parking and garage parking to be exact. All you need to do is weigh your options and choose what is most convenient for you before heading over. You can also use parking apps like Way.com to pre-book spots without hassle – and get great discounts in the process!

First, let’s give you a lowdown of the basics – where to travel to, directions, and the conventional on-site options. Once that’s done, you can weigh the pros and cons of on-site parking, street parking, and off-site parking. If you’d rather skip the details, we’d recommend pre-booking a safe off-site parking garage near Liberty Bell instead!

Where is Liberty Bell located?

The Liberty Bell Center is located at 526 Market Street, Philadelphia. The visitor exit is from the south side of the building, near Chestnut Street. It is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. No tickets are required to visit the Liberty Bell, but you must pass through a security screening area. Visitors are advised to bring only small bags to reduce screening time. Before visiting, check the updated visitors’ instructions on the website here.

The Center is wheelchair accessible. However, there are no restrooms in the building – accessible or otherwise.

Location map

You can find the map and directions to the building below. If you’d like to check for updates ahead of your visit, we’d recommend checking the website of the Independence National Park before heading over.

Where to park at Liberty Bell Center

You can find on-site parking at a common garage intended for all visitors to the Independence National Historic Park. The on-site parking garage is located beneath the Visitor Center at the intersection of 6th and Market Streets at 41 N 6th Street. Daily parking at this garage costs $18.

However, it’s best to have a backup plan parking here – purely because you aren’t guaranteed a spot when you drive up. Given the number of people visiting the Liberty Bell every day, the on-site garages could get filled up quickly, leaving you without a spot. Unless you know your way around town, it could be hard to find another spot nearby. Street parking or parking at a nearby garage could be a more viable solution to have as a backup.

Is there street parking near Liberty Bell?

Yes, you can find limited metered street parking along S 6th Street, Chestnut Street, and S 5th Street. Street parking rates range from $4-8 depending on where you park. However, there is a 2-hour time limit to street parking, which may not be enough if you want to spend some time at the historic venue. ‘No parking’ times are between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. Drivers usually complain of the many parking regulations they have to keep track of.

Entrance to Liberty Bell center

Where can you find free parking near Liberty Bell?

Unfortunately, there is very limited free parking near Liberty Bell. Though you can find a few spots along Arch Street and Walnut Street, you’ll need to be very early to get a spot – most of them will be snapped up soon by alert drivers! Free parking is also subject to time limits – usually two hours – so you don’t really get a huge advantage by parking here.

It’s hard to enjoy the ambiance at the Liberty Bell stress-free when there are so many things to keep track of! It’s also risky to leave your car parked on the street – it would be much safer at an off-site garage.

Get great deals for Liberty Bell parking in Philadelphia

Are there more affordable parking garages near Liberty Bell?

The easiest and most affordable way to get Liberty Bell Philadelphia parking is to pre-book a spot at an off-site parking garage! Previously, the main problem was in locating these garages. Now, you can use parking apps like Way.com to easily find and book top-rated Liberty Bell parking garages in a jiffy! You can compare prices, get great discounts, and pre-book Liberty Bell parking in just a matter of minutes. All off-site lots are well-maintained, paved, and checked for quality. They are CCTV-enabled to keep your vehicle safe, and offer value for money with flexible parking – hourly, daily, or monthly!

Top 3 Liberty Bell parking garages

To save you the time and effort of driving around looking for parking, we’ve collected the closest three garages offering great deals on parking near Liberty Bell through Way.com.

  • 733 Chestnut Street Garage: Get flexible parking rates at this covered, self-park garage and save on parking near Liberty Bell. Choose between hourly, evening, and special parking rates. It is also just one block away from the Gallery Shopping Complex on Market Street.
  • 400 Arch Street Garage: Enjoy contactless parking at the Wyndham Pennsylvania Arch Street Garage. You can get flexible rates like $11 for 3 hours, $15 for 12 hours, and $37 for daily parking.
  • iParkit Jefferson Garage at 107 S 10th Street: Enjoy a premium parking experience here with smooth entry, contactless parking measures, and flexible rates.

If you’re visiting the Liberty Bell, you may also need to find parking near Independence Hall. We’ve also simplified parking in Philadelphia with our ready reckoner on how to find the best spots.

Pre-book a parking spot near Liberty Bell Philadelphia

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