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Find the Best Arizona Diamondbacks Parking near Chase Field

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Finding affordable Arizona Diamondbacks parking can be challenging, even if you are a fan. Since the home stadium is located in Downtown Phoenix, you need to have a plan for parking to avoid all the heavy traffic. But there are multiple options to park your car in a safe spot and enjoy the game without any worries. Read ahead for more details on the Diamondbacks schedule, tickets, parking, and some trivia.

Chase Field Parking

Arizona Diamondbacks, aka ‘The Snakes’

The D-backs, as the fandom refers to them, is one of the two youngest franchises that are currently playing in Major League Baseball. They started playing in the premier baseball competition in the US back in 1998, along with the Tampa Bay Rays. But they have already made a place for themselves in the history of MLB by winning With a World Series title and National League Pennant. They also have 5 West Division titles in their trophy cabinet.

Arizona Diamondbacks stadium

Diamondbacks have been members of the National League West Division since their inception. Torey Lovullo joined the team as manager in 2016 after successful spells at many major league teams. The Western Diamondback Rattlesnake found in Arizona inspires the Arizona Diamondbacks logo. Hence the team got the nickname ‘Snakes.’

Who owns the Arizona Diamondbacks?

The franchise’s primary owner and managing general partner is American businessman Ken Kendrick. Other owners who have a stake in the team include Mike Chipman and Jeff Royer, both of whom are also General Partners.

Who are some of the popular Arizona Diamondbacks players?

Despite being a young franchise, the Diamondbacks became the fastest expansion team to win the World Series in 2001, beating the New York Yankees. One player who played a pivotal role in that victory was Randy Johnson. Randy played eight seasons for Arizona and is one of the greatest free-agent signings in MLB history.

Other notable names that wore the Arizona Diamondbacks logo include Curt Schilling, Paul Goldschmidt, Luis Gonzalez, Brandon Webb, and more.

Which is the Arizona Diamondbacks stadium?

Chase Field, formerly known as Bank One Ballpark, has been the home of the Diamondbacks since 1998. It is located at 401 East Jefferson Street and is one of the premier sporting destinations in the state. The ballpark has a seating capacity of nearly 49000. It has a natural grass playing field and is the first ballpark to have both natural grass turf and a retractable roof.

What is the Arizona Diamondbacks’ schedule for this season?

The Diamondbacks need to find some wins to get to the top of the West Division table. They will host Detroit Tigers and San Diego Padres at the end of June at Chase Field. In the coming months, they will also welcome San Francisco Giants, Colorado Rockies, Washington Nationals, and Pittsburgh Pirates to their home stadium.

How much are the Arizona Diamondbacks tickets?

Multiple kinds of tickets are available for purchase, including single-game, premium, and group tickets. Some of the cheapest single-game tickets start at $20 and can go as high as $165 per seat. The best seats in the stadium, on the contrary, are priced between $120 to $165 per ticket.
Premium seats and lounges are also available with added privileges. Groups of 15 or more can get additional discounts on seating by booking group tickets. Military and first responders can also get special deals on ticket prices. For more information about each type of ticket and to buy them, you can visit the official MLB website.

How to get to Chase Field

You can take two routes to get to the ballpark from downtown Phoenix if you choose to go by car. The fastest is through West Van Buren Street and 3rd Street, which is a 0.8-mile drive that should take around 3 minutes to complete. A second route which is 0.7 miles long, is via North 1st Street and East Jefferson Street. This ride can take around 4 minutes, depending on the traffic.

Is there official parking at Chase Field?

There are many lots and garages for the Arizona Diamondbacks parking at the ballpark. A garage in the ballpark campus can house around 1500 cars, which is much less than the stadium’s seating capacity. The parking charges at these official facilities are around $20, which can be quite high for some of you. You can also get ADA/Accessible parking at these on-site parking spaces.

Can I use the streets for Arizona Diamondbacks parking?

Arizona Diamondbacks tickets

You can find many on-street parking spaces in the streets surrounding the ballpark. Some of these are at South 4th Street, Randy Johnson Way, East Jackson Street, South 3rd Street, and South 2nd Street. Unfortunately, most of these parking spaces will be filled hours before the first pitch on game days. Even though these are within walking distance from the stadium, you will have to be lucky to get a vacant space within a mile on gamedays.

What are the cheap options for Arizona Diamondbacks parking?

Street parking can be very cheap. Some of them charge around $3 for an hour of car parking. But as you read, the availability of the spots on gamedays is questionable. You will have to drive miles from the stadium to get a vacant parking space. Also, parking violations will not be taken lightly. If you fail to move your car from a spot after the assigned time limit, get ready for hefty fines and other penalties. But there are off-site parking lots and garages near the stadium that will keep your car safe and offer you discounts.

How to find cheap parking garages near Chase Field

Off-site parking garages offer premium parking features like valet parking, covered parking, ADA/Aisle access, and contactless parking. Some of them also have camera surveillance and security personnel for added protection. You can use Way.com or the Way app to locate and book parking at these parking garages near Chase Field. By using the Way app, you will get a list of all nearby facilities along with the features they offer and the charges they collect. You can also get additional discounts and special deals on parking charges by booking through Way.com.

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