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Find the best Empire Outlets parking deals in Staten Island

  • City Parking
  • Celine Jerly
  • 4 minutes

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Staten Island is NYC parking’s saving grace – it’s not perfect, but it’s still better than the chaos of the other boroughs. Finding a parking spot anywhere on Staten Island is relatively easier and cheaper. Empire Outlets parking on the St. Geroge waterfront is no different – there are plenty of options for affordable parking near the shopping center. But the best deals are always online; save more when you pre-book a garage space.  

Empire Outlets in Staten Island is NYC’s first outlet mall – it is spread across a 350,000 square feet area right next to the St. George Terminal and the Yankees ballpark. Barely a 5-minutes-walk from the Staten Island ferry, the shopping center is quite popular – its multi-level parking lot attracts more than those on a shopping spree. Daily commuters catching the ferry to Manhattan and other visitors in the neighborhood find the indoor parking space a convenient option. This certainly drives up demand for the limited parking spots at this garage, but it’s not difficult to find alternative options right next to the shopping center.  

Let’s make it easier – here are the answers to some questions you might have when heading out to Empire Outlets for the first time.  

How much does Empire Outlets parking cost? 

Self-parking spaces at the garage can be pre-booked online at reasonable rates ranging from $5 – $25. The garage is open 24 hours a day; however, in/out privileges are not available. Daily commuters using the Staten Island ferry can park at the Empire Outlets garage for discounted rates – the special rate of $9.50/day is valid when you enter after 12 am and exit before 11.59 pm on any day of the week. The general daily maximum at the Empire Outlets garage is $25 for up to 24 hours; parking rates start at $5 for three hours and go up to $10 for 5 hours and $15 for 10 hours. Affordable monthly parking plans are also offered at this garage; see Empire Outlets’ official website for more details.  

Empire Outlets parking

Are there any other parking lots near Empire Outlets? 

There are municipal parking lots at the St. George Ferry Terminal; hourly parking at the terminal’s south lot costs $1.50; the daily rate is $12. You can also try the parking lots at the Courthouse and New York Wheel; all-day parking at either lot will cost you $8. The New York Wheel garage also has monthly parking spots that go for $135. St. George Theater lot is another option in the neighborhood – hourly rates start at $10 for up to 3 hours, and all-day parking costs $17; monthly parking is also available for $180. A quick search on an NYC parking app or website like way.com will get you more options and cheaper rates – make sure to book ahead for the best deals.  

Is street parking allowed near Empire Outlets? 

Street parking in Staten Island is considered relatively easier than most of NYC, but street parking near Empire outlets is limited at any time of the day. The closest metered parking spots are on Hyatt Street and Bay Street. Free parking could be available on Hamilton Avenue. Always check posted signs to ensure parking is allowed on the street; even when familiar with the neighborhood, look out for temporary restrictions and changes in maximum time limits or meter rates.  

How to find cheap deals at NYC parking garages near Empire Outlets? 

Find parking in NYC easily with a parking app or website – you can use live maps to check availability at garages near your destination and also compare rates offered at each lot. Don’t wait till the last minute to start your search; booking ahead will give you better deals as most parking lots offer special rates on online reservations. If you park near the Staten Island ferry frequently, go for a monthly parking spot which will save you a lot of money on daily parking costs.

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