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Find the best Rockaway Beach parking deals in NYC

  • City Parking Tips
  • Renee Martin
  • 3 minutes

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The warm weather, pleasant waves, surfing options, and recreational facilities in Rockaway Beach make it one of the most attractive spots in New York City – frequented by both locals and tourists. However, finding Rockaway Beach parking can be quite challenging. Find the best and affordable NYC parking garages near Rockaway Beach on Way.com.   

Rockaway Beach, the largest urban beach in the United States, is a perfect destination if you are looking for a fun-filled weekend in New York City. Spread over a distance of seven miles, the Rockaway Beach houses several recreational facilities such as basketball and handball courts, a roller hockey rink, skateparks, and playgrounds – attracting a steady flow of visitors throughout the year. What’s more, the Rockaway beach is a paradise for surfers with great waves smashing into the beach throughout the year. However, finding the best Rockaway Beach parking is always a bit difficult. The situation gets even worse, starting from Memorial Day in May to Labor Day in September. So how can you find a good NYC parking garage in Rockaway Beach that is both safe and affordable? The best way is to pre-book your Rockaway Beach parking spot using Way.com! Read on to know more.      

Street parking in Rockaway Beach

Thousands of people visit this iconic beach every day, meaning the place will be filled with vehicles all the time. Although there are street parking options available in Rockaway Beach, these spots can get filled up pretty fast. To avoid driving around endlessly looking for a place to park, you can pre-book your spot in a Rockaway Beach parking garage nearby.    

Find the best Rockaway Beach parking deals in NYC

Free Rockaway Beach parking

In addition to the street parking near the beach, you can find free parking lots from Beach 11th to 15th streets and Beach 95th street, but these spots can get filled up in the blink of an eye. However, using Way.com, you can still get access to plenty of cheap Rockaway Beach parking spots across numerous lots that let you park for rates as low as $3 per hour.  

NYC parking garages near Rockaway Beach

There are plenty of Rockaway Beach parking garages that let you park for rates as low as $3 with all premium facilities like contactless parking, covid-19 compliances, around-the-clock lot security, and much more. However, these garages can get filled up pretty fast because of high demand. To avoid any last-minute hassles, you can pre-book your NYC parking garage using Way.com and get a guaranteed spot at the lowest rates possible.   

So, what are you waiting for? Book your Rockaway Beach parking spot on Way.com now! In the Way.com app or website, you can find some of the best Rockway Beach parking garages – read reviews for each garage, compare the prices, and choose the one that best suits you.   

New York City parking

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