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Find the Best Tampa Bay Rays Parking near Tropicana Field  

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Not everyone’s favorite ballpark, but the fixed roof and air conditioning sound nice in Florida weather! So, despite the rumors of a shift, the Rays are staying put for now. Everything else aside, have you tried Tampa Bay Rays parking at Tropicana Field before? It’s a bit of a squeeze. So, if planning a visit this season, right now is a great time to find and book your spot near the Trop.   

Got questions? We’ve got all your Tampa Bay Rays game-day basics covered!  

Where do the Tampa Bay Rays play home games?  

Since their first season (1998), Tampa Bay Rays have played ball at Tropicana Field or just the ‘Trop.’ The Rays’ home ballpark is owned by the City of St. Petersburg. The non-retractable dome is the USP of the Trop, making it the only year-round MLB stadium, braving Florida’s humid summers and familiar thunderstorms.  

Tropicana Field opened in 1990 and was then known as the Florida Suncoast Dome. Later, when NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning moved in briefly, the multi-purpose venue’s name was changed to Thunderdome. In 1996, Tropicana signed a 30-year deal for the naming rights to the Tampa Bay Rays stadium.  


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Where is the Tropicana Field located?    

Tropicana Field and its adjacent parking lots are spread over 66 acres in St. Petersburg, in Pinellas County, Florida. It’s part of the Tampa Bay Area but located across the bay from Tampa City.   

There is a lot of concern about the ballpark’s location away from the more populated regions. But the dome is just east of I-275. You can take I-375 or I-175 to reach Tropicana Field from I-275. If you get past the traffic restrictions on game days, finding your way to the Trop by car is no big challenge. The same can’t be said for public transportation, though.   

Scroll down for more on ‘How to Reach Tropicana Field.’  

What is Tropicana Field’s seating capacity for baseball?  

Since 2019, Tropicana Field’s seating capacity has dropped to 25,000. The Trop is now the smallest MLB stadium in terms of capacity. Close to 20k upper deck seats are now closed off and covered in a tarp for renovations.   

However, the reduced capacity doesn’t have any major impact. The average attendance in the 2018 and 2019 seasons was slightly over 14,000. The Tampa Bay Rays’ attendance historically ranks the lowest among MLB teams.   

Check out the Tropicana Field seating map for Tampa Bay Rays games here.  

What is the Tampa Bay Rays’ schedule for home games?  

Tampa Bay Rays are facing New York Yankees, Pittsburg Pirates, Milwaukee BrewersBoston Red SoxBaltimore Orioles, Cleveland Guardians, Toronto Blue Jays, LA Angels, Texas Rangers, and Houston Astros in upcoming home games for the 2022 season.  

The Red Sox and Yankees are the Rays’ major rivals; they also like a face-off with Miami Marlins in the Citrus Series. Toronto Blue Jays, Pittsburgh Pirates, Baltimore Orioles, and Detroit Tigers attract less fan interest.   

Get the latest Tampa Bay Rays news, scores, and schedule here 

What are the attractions at Tropicana Field?  

There are a few things to see and do around Tropicana Field besides watching the game.   

Tampa Bay Rays Mascot

  • The Rays Touch Experience is the most unique attraction at Tropicana Field. The 35-foot, 1000-gallon’ Rays Touch Tank’ maintained by Florida Aquarium has three species of rays. Fans can see and learn more about the rays before the Rays’ home games. Admission is free.  
  • Raymond the seadog and DJ Kitty, the Tampa Bay Rays mascots, interact with the fans throughout the game.   
  • Professional wrestlers like John Cena, Hulk Hogan, and the Nasty Boys often show up for Rays home games.   

What time do gates open at Tropicana Field?    

Tropicana Field gates open 90 minutes before the first pitch. You can access the seating bowl to watch pre-game practice for all games at the ballpark.   

There are seven gates for entrance and exit at Tropicana Field. The main entrance (Gate 1 or Rotunda) is on the right-field side. Suite and Club ticket holders use Gate 4 VIP-only entrance. Gate 7 is only for stadium staff and team personnel.   

How to reach Tropicana Field?  

The address for Tampa Bay Rays’ home, Tropicana Field, is 1 Tropicana Dr, St. Petersburg, FL 33705. Use the map below to find your route to the stadium or get driving directions here.   


Public transportation is not really an option due to the ballpark’s location across the bay from downtown Tampa. But if you don’t want to gamble with on-site parking, the Baseball Looper Trolley can help. It runs every 10-15 minutes in a loop around St. Petersburg, starting 90 minutes before the first pitch and until one hour after the game.   

Many fans park near the shuttle stops and hop on for a ride to the ballpark. So, it could get crowded, and you might want to consider ride-sharing or taxis.   

  • Taxi and ride share drop-off is in front of Gate 4, on Tropicana Drive. The designated pick-up area is south of 4th Avenue, on 16th Street.  
  • Ride share staging is allowed on 10th Street and 4th Avenue. After the game, exit through gates 1 or 7 and take the sidewalk to the staging area.   
  • Buses may drop off fans near Gate 3 on 4th Avenue.   

Note: Tropicana Drive is a one-way street reserved as an accessible drop-off/pick-up point. You can enter from 16th Street S and exit onto 4th Avenue S.   

Where to park for Tampa Bay Rays games?    

Around 7000 Tampa Bay Rays parking spaces are usually available at Tropicana Field on game days.   

Tampa Bay Rays parking map Tropicana Field
Image Credits: mlb.com/rays/ballpark
  • General Parking is limited to lots 2, 6, and 7, only a three-minute walk from the gates. The rest of the Tropicana Field parking lots require a permit for game day parking.   
  • Lots 1 and 7 are reserved for premium parking and have ADA/Accessible parking spaces.   
  • EV charging is available in Lot 7 on a first-come, first-serve basis.   
  • A limited number of prime parking spots in lots 1, 2, 5, and 6 can be pre-booked on a single-game basis.   
  • Bus parking on 2nd Avenue S, between 10th Street and 9th Street, is free if spots are available.  
  • Oversized vehicle parking (RVs, Campers, Vans) is allowed at Tropicana Field lots. But the parking rate is double the General Parking rate for each game.   
  • Overnight parking is not allowed at Tropicana Field lots. RV parking could be allowed on 2nd Avenue, along with buses.    

How to get Tampa Bay Rays parking passes?  

All Tampa Bay Rays tickets and parking passes are digital and accessible via the MLB Ballpark app. In addition, the Tropicana Field Box office provides customer assistance – windows are open on game days at gates 1 and 4, starting 90 minutes to the first pitch.   

  • Tampa Bay Rays season ticket holders get two parking passes in advance and a 50% discount through their Rays Ticket Account. Discounted parking is available in lots 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6.   
  • Other ticket holders can pre-purchase parking passes for lots 1, 2, 5, and 6 until 24 hours before scheduled game time.   
  • Game-day parking passes are limited; arrive early and use a credit or debit card to get your pass. Tropicana Field is a cashless stadium.   

When will Tampa Bay Rays parking lots open?  

Tropicana Field parking lots open two and a half hours before the first pitch on Tampa Bay Rays’ game days. Early entry is not allowed for tailgating.  

How much does Tampa Bay Rays parking cost?    

Tampa Bay Rays parking rates at Tropicana Field lots range from $15 – $30. That’s a bit expensive, considering sold-out games are rare. But it’s Florida! However, you’ll find cheaper parking (as low as $2 an hour) in St. Petersburg, within two miles of the ballpark. And no, it’s not the streets.   

Tropicana Field parking banner Way.com  

Season Ticket holders prefer John Hopkins Middle School to park on game days. It’s less than a 10-minute walk from the Tropicana Field and costs around $6.   

Is there ADA/Accessible parking at Tropicana Field?  

ADA/Accessible parking spaces are available at Tropicana Field lots 1 and 7. These wheelchair-accessible parking facilities are right outside multiple stadium gates. Access to these reserved spots is subject to availability and state laws.   

You can enter lot 7 from 4th Avenue South. Lot 1 entrance is on 16th Street South. Additionally, there is a drop-off area off 16th Street South, directly across from Lot 1 and in front of Gate 4.   

Is tailgating allowed at Tampa Bay Rays parking lots?  

You can tailgate at Tropicana Field, but with a few strict rules:  

  • You cannot use Charcoal grills and large commercial grills.  
  • Only one parking space per vehicle. You cannot take up extra space or block the driving lanes in the parking lot. Extra charges are applicable if found violating this rule.  
  • Outdoor catering for large groups is not allowed.   

Where can I find alternative Tampa Bay Rays parking near Tropicana Field?  

Several private and city-owned parking facilities are open on game days near Tropicana Field. However, these are not official Tampa Bay Rays parking lots. Look for a “P” and lot number on the signage to identify city-licensed lots.   

Your options multiply if you don’t mind taking the Baseball Looper Trolley. Park at an affordable garage in St. Petersburg for a hassle-free game-day parking experience. Ensure you book the spot for enough time before and after the game. An all-day parking deal is the best choice; it will be cheaper too.  

How to find cheap parking near Tropicana Field?    

The quickest way – download a parking app now and book the best Tampa Bay Rays parking near Tropicana Field for the cheapest rates. For example, book a spot online and pay just $2/hour at 1400 34th Street N Parking, operated by Quality Inn & Suites at Tropicana Field. This parking lot is only two miles from the Tampa Bay Rays ballpark.   

It’s easy to find deals like this online – you can compare Tropicana Field parking deals and book a spot on the app. As with on-site parking, you’ll receive your parking pass on your smartphone or by email.   

How to book cheap Tampa Bay Rays parking on Way.com? Use this step-by-step guide to find your spot now.  

Tampa Bay Ray parking

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