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Five Worst Cities for Parking in the USA  

  • City Parking Tips
  • Renee Martin
  • 6 minutes

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While parking may not be a problem in smaller cities, the big cities are always going to be headaches. People who missed going out because of the restrictions are out again. If you live and drive around in cities like Chicago and Washington D.C., this will probably mean endless hours of being stuck in traffic and circling around to find a spot where you can park your car.

While Chicago and Washington D.C. are undoubtedly the worst cities to find parking spots in the country, they are not the only culprits! It’s equally painful to find parking space in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. To further filter out the common issues, parking pain in these cities and to help combat such scenarios, let’s dive into these city parking guides to deal with parking spots at these five worst cities to park in the USA.  

Five Worst Cities for Parking in the USA  

1. Chicago, Illinois  


You name it, and Chicago probably has it all (well, everything except adequate parking spots that is)! From varying and unpredictable weather conditions for a good majority of the year to massive numbers of vehicles on roads that struggle to accommodate everyone at the same time, the problems are many. Finding a comfortable parking spot will not be an easy task in Chicago by no means. It is always best to reserve your Chicago parking spot before heading out. The city only has 25% parking lots/garages for every 1000 vehicles and very few metered parking stations that also cost a fortune for parking. Having access to the Way app or browsing the Way website can help you find affordable parking spots within the city limits pretty quickly. If you decide to head out without reserving your parking, please note that drive-in parking within the city is very expensive. You would have to park a fair distance away from the city to find cheaper deals.    

2. New York City, New York  

New York City

New York City, much like Chicago mentioned above, shares most of the same predicaments you would find in the Windy City. However, New York City has a robust public transportation system in place, widely used by lots of people for transit. As a result, there are fewer vehicles on the road than you would encounter in Chicago. However, parking at the busier boroughs like Manhattan is easy by no meansThe task of finding a free parking spot is not just tricky but nearly impossible in Manhattan. No need to worry, though, as we have you covered with the all-access Parking Pass that lets you park at any of the numerous Way Pass lots spread across the Big Apple. You can park multiple times during the duration you have paid for too. With parking rates starting at just $14, this is probably your best shot at guaranteed parking in New York City. While Subways offer a feasible solution to the parking woes, you would still have to walk a fair distance to any destinations or spend money on cabs. It is always best to reserve parking in advance if you plan to head out in NYC.  

3. Washington, D.C.  

A list of worse cities to park in the United States is incomplete if it does not mention the nation’s capital city. Like most national capitals across the world, D.C. is also not shy of federal buildings and political activities/events happening around the clock. With such a high number of federal offices, and their staff occupying the city, parking spots tend to get sold out like hot pancakes. Finding an empty parking spot is pretty tedious, and this could get annoying pretty fast. To make things worse, you also have to further deal with getting to your appointment on time in most of the trips to D.C. The last thing you need to be doing is circling the city, looking for the ideal parking spot. The best way to fix this dilemma is to either book a DC parking spot in advance at Way.com or grab a subway ride to the capital after parking your car for free at the metro stations of neighboring cities like Springfield and Arlington.  

4. San Francisco, California

San Francisco  

While there is an abundance of parking spots across San Francisco, you are required to have a parking permit for most street parking options. You can still access plenty of free parking spots outside the city limits, though. You would probably need to travel again for around 15 minutes to access the city again. It is always highly recommended that you have a parking pass like the Way Pass, which helps you enjoy convenient parking at just $16 multiple times across San Francisco. That’s not all – you can park right next to your destination at safe and secure lots that will let you enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your vehicle is in safe hands. We also have lots located next to the famous cable car stops to further help you get easy access to transit across San Fran.   

5. Los Angeles, California  

Los Angeles

Bumper-to-bumper traffic queues, some of the most expensive fuel rates, and peak hours with most of the city out on their cars all make Los Angeles one of the worst cities to drive around in the USA. If it were not enough, you would have to roam around in such intense traffic for hours before being able to park your cars. The best solution to such a mess is to plan your trip before odd hours and reserve a LA parking spot, well in advance. The last thing you need to be doing while driving in Los Angeles is to be roaming around looking for vacant parking spots. Reserving a guaranteed spot in advance lets you move at your own pace and avoid unnecessary delaysAlternatively, you can purchase a parking pass from Way.com for just $14 in Los Angeles that will give you other options to park your car if your preferred parking spot gets taken at no extra charges. It is estimated that a person who commutes through L.A. regularly loses more than 60 hours every year after being stuck in the Los Angeles traffic.   

Five worst cities for parking in the USA  

While these five cities top the list as five of the worst cities to park in the U.S., they are not the only cities with traffic issues. The (dis)honorable mentions list includes cities like Miami, Seattle, and Detroit. You’ll find it equally challenging to find affordable and vacant parking in these cities.   

Looking for more parking options in the cityWay.com has you covered – get online or book your parking space through our iOS or Android apps now! 


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