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Florida Car Registration: How to Do It

  • Insurance
  • Gerard Stevens
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Are you a resident of Florida? Or have you recently moved to the ‘Sunshine State’? You must have a valid Florida car registration to drive on state roads. All residents in Florida need to register their cars with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV or DHSMV).  


Residents or those who recently moved to Florida must inspect their vehicles’ Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), take the reading of the car’s odometer, and obtain new license plates. You must also pay any sales tax that may apply to the out-of-state automobile. Afterward, you can register your vehicle for one or two years. Of course, the cost of registering a vehicle varies depending on various other factors too! 

So, how can you do Florida car registration? How much is car registration in Florida? Know all via our blog! 

How do I transfer my car registration to Florida? 

According to Florida law, you must present all of your previous documentation to one of the car registry’s regional facilities. It includes a Florida driver’s license, car registration, proof of Florida insurance, current license plate, and title certificate.  

The DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) or another similar organization in the state where the car is presently registered will transfer the out-of-state title to Florida using these documents. While this should be a trouble-free process, it’s vital to follow up with the state in charge of transferring the title. So, contact the concerned office directly if there’s any issue registering your car in Florida. 

You must have your vehicle inspected by either a Florida law enforcement officer or a licensed car dealer to complete the car transfer. You need to produce the verification on the dealer’s letterhead stationery if you have completed the verification by an out-of-state dealer. 

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List of parties who can inspect your VIN 

It is better to complete the VIN inspection in advance to speed up your car registration in Florida. Below listed are some parties who can legally do a VIN inspection.  

  • Any police personnel  
  • DMV inspectors in Florida 
  • Any Florida car dealership with a valid license 
  • Any county tax collector’s office 
  • Notary Public in Florida 
  • A military officer on active duty 
  • Former state’s car dealer with dealership letterhead 

Florida car registration: Step-by-step process 

  • Go to a nearby Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles office. 
  • Have the vehicle title, a government-issued photo ID, and proof of a current and valid Florida car insurance policy ready. 
  • Conduct a VIN examination and odometer reading on-site if you haven’t already. 
  • Pay the car registration charge, plus any applicable taxes, plate, and title fees. 

Upon completing Florida car registration, you’ll receive a license plate for the back of your vehicle and a registration sticker with a validation label in the upper right-hand corner. You’ll also receive a registration certificate, which you should keep with you always. 

What to do with out-of-state cars? 

You must first get a Florida driver’s license and purchase Florida auto insurance before registering your car using the outlined procedures. Then inspect the VIN and do file the odometer reading. Then do the following on visiting a county tax collector’s office.   

  • Produce your Florida driver’s license. If there are many owners, they must all be present.  
  • Show proof of auto insurance in Florida and out-of-state title. 
  • If a lienholder holds your out-of-state title and you don’t have it, contact the tax collector’s office to have the lienholder give it to you. 
  • Produce a filled-out application to apply for a title certificate. All owners’ signatures must be on the form. In addition, they must provide identity proof if not present. 
  • You can register the car for 1-2 years. 
  • Submit the filled-out VIN and odometer.  
  • Pay Florida car registration fees, obtain a new license plate, and Florida sales tax. 

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How much is car registration in Florida? 

Car registration in Florida costs $225. This one-time cost impacts persons who move to Florida and re-register or purchase a car from another state, requesting a Florida title, license plate, and registration. New vehicle titles cost around $77.25, while used titles cost $85.25. 

Florida car registration costs depend on several factors. The base annual tax for cars above 3,500 pounds and light trucks over 3,000 pounds comes to around $32.50. At the same time, tax for cars weighing between 2,500-3,499 pounds and trucks between 2,000-3,000 pounds comes to around $22.50. Cars and trucks under 2,499 pounds are taxed $14.50. 

How to renew car registration in Florida 

After the initial paperwork, there are many ways to renew your Florida car registration. There is an online renewal scheme, but those who want to avoid service charges or have case-specific inquiries should visit an office. 

  • Florida residents can renew their car’s registration for one or two years via a web portal or app. 
  • Use a credit card to renew your car registration in Florida. They will charge a convenience fee of $2 with the renewal fees. 
  • Find and visit a local service center for in-person Florida car registration renewal. 
  • Other online Motor Vehicle Services include replacing or renewing a Florida driver’s license or state-issued ID card, replacing a car, vessel, or mobile home, and obtaining a paper title. 

Can I add someone to my car registration in Florida? 

Yes. You can add another person to your Florida car registration by visiting any of the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle offices. Choose a convenient location for both you and the individual whose name you want to add to the title.  

How to get duplicate car registration in Florida 

You can obtain the duplicate of a lost Florida car registration from any Florida Tax Collector branch office. The issue requires the license plate number, decal number, vehicle identification number, and a valid photo ID. 

Florida car registration if you’re a non-resident 

Suppose you are a non-resident and buy a new or used car in Florida. In that case, you will certainly need temporary registration tags. You can get this by going to the county tax collector’s office and presenting the proof of insurance. In addition, you must pay Florida sales tax on the car. Finally, you can drive it back to your home state with these tags. 

Can a snowbird do a Florida car registration? 

Yes. In Florida, a snowbird can register a car. You can do a car registration in Florida without providing proof of residency. You need to do this if your car is in Florida for at least 90 days per year,  

However, the best move will be to consider relocating to Florida. It would immediately solve your car registration issues in Florida. Also, like many other snowbirds, you can take advantage of the fact that Florida has no state income tax, which is a bonus to many retirees. If you want to register a car in Florida, remember that you’ll also require Florida car insurance. 

Getting car insurance in Florida 

Florida is famous for having high auto insurance rates. So, whether you’re a resident or registering an out-of-state car, you need to buy an auto insurance policy. Unfortunately, the insurance rate in the state remains high as there are many uninsured and high-risk drivers. So, finding cheap car insurance won’t be an easy task.  

But that’s where Way.com can help you! Visit Way and compare Florida insurance quotes from various insurers to pick the best one. So, why wait? Insure your car with the most affordable insurer in Florida via Way! 

What makes Florida car insurance expensive? Know more!

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