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Fort Myers (RSW) Airport Parking Guide 

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Booked your ticket to fly out of Fort Myers? Getting a ticket out of Fort Myers Airport is easy. But getting an RSW parking spot can be a nightmare! So how do you find affordable parking at the Southwest Florida International (RSW) Airport? 

Better known as Fort Myers Airport, RSW is one of the busiest airports in Florida, having international flights to Germany and Canada. Driving to the airport is the most cost-effective and safe way to get to RSW Airport. However, getting a parking spot can be so challenging if you don’t plan well. That’s where our Fort Myers Airport parking guide will help you. We’ll tell you where to find parking at Fort Myers Airport and what RSW parking rates are. Wondering if RSW offsite parking cheaper compared to onsite parking? Have a look at this Fort Myers Airport parking guide to know more about parking at Fort Myers Airport! 

Cheap RSW parking
                                                                                                                   Image Courtesy: https://www.flylcpa.com/

RSW parking options 

Fort Myers Airport had annual passenger traffic of over eight million before the pandemic. Short-term Parking Garage and Long-term Parking are the two main onsite lots that offer nearly 11,000 parking spots at the airport. You can locate the Sort-term Parking Garage directly across the terminal building. This garage is within walking distance from the terminal and offers covered parking spots. Park your car in the Long-term Parking lot if you’re looking for economy parking at the airport. You can locate this surface lot behind the Parking Garage. This lot also offers door-to-door free shuttle service for the passengers and luggage from their car to the terminal curb. Both these lots operate 24/7 throughout the week. RSW Airport also features a Cell Phone lot where you can park your car for free. Many offsite lots also offer cheap parking near RSW Airport. 

Where can I get Ft Myers Airport parking? 

Short-term Parking Garage and Long-term Parking are the lots that offer onsite Ft Myers Airport parking. Short-Term Parking Garage offers covered parking spots close to the terminal. The Long-Term Parking lot provides the ideal parking spots for daily parking with a free shuttle service. 

How much is parking at RSW Airport?  

The RSW parking rates depend upon the lot you choose for parking and its duration. RSW parking charges you $2 for 40 minutes, and it can go up to $18 for a day’s parking. Do you want to know in detail about RSW Airport parking? Continue reading this Fort Myers Airport parking guide. 

How much does long-term parking cost at RSW Airport? 

The rate for long-term parking at RSW Airport depends on the lot you choose for parking. It is ideal for parking at the Long-term Parking lot if you want economy parking at the airport. Parking at this lot costs you $11 for a day’s parking. This lot also has a free shuttle service to the terminal. Getting a long-term parking spot at the Short-term Parking Garage charges you $18 for a day’s parking. Are you looking for the cheapest parking at Fort Myers Airport? Then try booking a parking spot at the nearby offsite garages or hotel parking lots. Getting parking near RSW Airport always offer you a long-term parking spot at cheaper rates. 

Lot Duration RSW parking rate 
Long-term Parking Per Day $11 
Short-term Parking Garage Per Day $18 
Offsite parking near RSW Airport with shuttle Per Day $4 

How much is short-term parking at RSW Airport? 

You can get short-term parking at both the onsite parking lots. Parking at the Short-term Parking Garage ensures you a parking spot near the terminal. The lot offers complimentary parking for the first 20 minutes. After that, parking at the garage charges you $2 for the next 20 minutes. The parking rate increases to $3 while you park your car for an hour. The parking rate surges by $3 every hour till it reaches the daily maximum rate of $18. Using a short-term parking spot at the Long-term Parking lot charges you $2 per hour. The parking rate surges by $2 every hour till it reaches the daily maximum limit of $11. Do you wish to have affordable short-term parking? Then always check out the offsite garages and hotel parking lots. Booking a spot there gets you cheaper short-term parking near RSW Airport.  

Lot Duration RSW parking rate 
Long-term Parking One hour $2 
Short-term Parking Garage One hour $3 

About Fort Myers Airport 

The airport is located around 16 miles from Fort Myers. RSW Airport primarily serves the Southwest Florida region, including Naples-Marco Island, Cape Coral-Fort Myers, and Punta Gorda metropolitan areas. Sprawling an area of around 13,555 acres, it is one of the biggest airports in the US by land area. Southwest Florida International Airport had annual passenger traffic of 10,225,180 in 2019, the highest in its history. The airport features one terminal and has three concourses – B, C, and D. RSW Airport operates nearly 250 daily flights to various domestic and international destinations via 24 airlines. Do you want to know about getting to the airport and how to spend time there? Our Fort Myers Airport parking guide has that covered! 

How to get to Fort Myers Airport 

Driving to the airport is a preferred option as the Downtown is just a few miles away. Ideally, it takes around 25-30 minutes to reach RSW Airport. But, this option works well when you’re traveling with family or have a lot of baggage. Also, be aware that it is safe to drive to the airport once you’ve booked a parking spot. Since the airport serves the Southwest Florida region, the road to the airport can get congested at any time. The airport experiences a heavy rush during holidays and peak seasons. So, drive to the airport only after getting a parking spot. Driving around the lots looking for a parking spot at the last minute will result in stressful flying. Are there any other ways by which you can travel to the airport? Read this Fort Myers Airport parking guide further.   

Get parking near RSW Airport for $4/day

Traveling to Fort Myers Airport via bus 

The LeeTran transit bus service operated by the Lee County Transit Department connects the Downtown to Fort Myers Airport. Get in the LeeTran bus N50 if you want to travel from Downtown to the airport. The service operates from 7:25 a.m. and 9:25 p.m during weekdays. On Saturdays, the service runs from 7:25 a.m. to 8:05 p.m., and on Sundays, the service is available from 7:06 a.m. to 6:56 p.m. You can find the transfer pint for this service at Daniels Parkway and U.S. 41. Be mindful that the bus operating timings change seasonally.  

Catching a taxi/rideshare service to Fort Myers Airport 

Traveling to the airport via a taxi/rideshare service is a good option if you’re traveling alone. It also avoids the hassle of finding airport parking. Taxi service to the airport is provided by MBA Airport Transportation, LLC. Be aware that zones define the taxi fares to the airport. Yellow Cab and Bluebird Taxi are the other companies that offer service to RSW Airport. Ideally, a trip from Downtown to the airport costs you around $25. Normally, all these services take around 25 minutes to reach the airport. 

Uber and Lyft are the two rideshare services that connect you to the airport. Hiring an Uber service costs you between $21-40 for a ride to the airport. A Lyft service charges you between $15 and $28 to reach the airport from Downtown. Be aware that the service fare can surge during peak hours and holidays.  

Things to do at Fort Myers Airport 

Are you confused about how to spend the time at the airport? Unfortunately, the airport doesn’t have any lounges. However, Fort Myers Airport offers free Wi-Fi that you can use while waiting for boarding. The airport also has many services like restaurants and cafés, gift and duty-free shops that keep you equipped. Continue reading this Fort Myers Airport parking guide to know further! 

Dining and Shopping at RSW Airport 

The airport features enough restaurants and shops to make your waiting period worthwhile. Starbucks outlets are available at the main terminal and all concourses. Visit the Dylan’s Candy Bar at the main terminal if you like to taste or buy some delicious candies. Shula’s Bar & Grill, Dewar’s Clubhouse, and Bacardi Casa are some of the places where you can get some fine alcoholic beverages. Dunkin’ Donuts, Beaches Boardwalk Cafe’, Great American Bagel, and Sbarro are other joints you could try out!  

There are outlets of Brighton Collectibles from where you can buy the brand’s signature accessories, jewelry, leather handbags, and more. PGA Tour Shop, Sanibel Marketplace, Beaches Travelmart, Palm City Market, and Coastal Expressions are some shops that you could give a visit to when at the airport! Beaches Travelmart is one place where you can taste some sweet and salty snacks and buy gifts for your loved ones. 

Other services at the airport 

You can see some great artworks in the public spaces at the airport drawn by artists from Southwest Florida as part of the ‘Art in Flight’ program. It is done jointly by Lee County Port Authority and Lee County Alliance. You can locate a baby care room at the main terminal, which can be used for breastfeeding and diaper-changing.  

Airport Service Plaza features a gas station close to the airport, which is easily accessible by car. It offers an air-conditioned waiting area, 24/7 dining options, mobile charging stations, free Wi-Fi, and flight information monitors. Do you like to get some relaxation before your journey? The Comfort Zone Massage at the main terminal offers you a comforting foot or chair massage. Read this Fort Myers Airport parking guide to know more about the airport.  

Where is Fort Myers Airport?  

RSW Airport is located at 11000 Terminal Access Rd, Fort Myers, FL 33913. 

Is there weekly parking at Fort Myers Airport? 

Yes. The Long-term Parking lot offers weekly parking at $60. This parking rate is applicable for the first week of parking. The daily parking rate after the first week is $4.  

How can you get free parking at RSW Airport? 

The Short-term Parking Garage offers free parking for the first 20 minutes. Another way you can get free parking is by parking your car at the Cell Phone lot. The lot is located at the Airport Plaza. Wait in your car until the passenger is ready to be picked up at the curbside.  

Can I park the car at the curbside? 

No. Your car will get towed, or you will get a parking ticket if you park at the curbside. But you can drop off a passenger at the curbside. Ensure to leave as soon as you drop off.   

Can I pre-book a parking spot at Fort Myers Airport? 

No. You can’t pre-book a parking spot at the airport. However, you can pre-book a spot at most offsite parking lots at cheaper parking rates.  

How far is Marco Island from Fort Myers Airport? 

Marco Island is around 47 miles away from the airport.  

How far is Naples from Fort Myers Airport? 

Naples is around 33 miles away from the airport.  

How far is Sanibel Island from Fort Myers Airport? 

Sanibel Island is around 29 miles away from the airport.  

How far is Captiva Island from Fort Myers Airport? 

Captiva Island is around 37 miles away from the airport.  

How far is Siesta Key from Fort Myers Airport? 

Siesta Key is around 87 miles away from the airport.  

Fort Myers Airport parking map  

Here’s the airport map where you can find the best onsite parking spots, including long-term parking at RSW Airport and the cheapest parking at Fort Myers Airport. 

RSW Airport parking map
Image courtesy: https://www.flylcpa.com/parking/

Fort Myers Airport parking guide 

Park at the Long-term Parking lot if you want to have an affordable long-term parking spot at the airport. The Short-Term Parking Garage offers short-term and long-term parking spots near the terminal. A free shuttle service connects the passengers to the terminal from the Long-term Parking lot. Two EV charging stations each can be located at both the parking lots. The Short-term parking Garage features designated accessible parking spaces. 

Fort Myers Airport parking information, coupons, and discounts     

A parking spot at the airport is never guaranteed as you can’t pre-book them. Getting a parking spot can be nearly impossible during rush hours or peak seasons. So, looking for an RSW offsite parking spot is always a good option if you want to ensure airport parking. You can get affordable parking spots near the airport while booking via the Way.com app or website. Reserving a parking spot via Way can get you one for rates as little as $4 for a day. The parking includes amenities like free round-trip shuttle service, 24/7 lot attendants, camera surveillance, and more. Always book via Way to get cheap RSW Airport parking! 

RSW parking start as low as $4/day

Fort Myers Airport parking guide tips 

  • RSW Airport is located around 16 miles from Fort Myers. 
  • Short-term Parking Garage and Long-term Parking lot offer onsite parking at the airport. 
  • Short-term Parking Garage offers covered parking spaces near the terminal. The lot offers free parking for the first 20 minutes.  
  • The Long-term Parking lot offers economy long-term airport parking. The lot also has a free shuttle service and facilitates weekly parking.  
  • Use the Cell Phone lot to get free parking while at the airport to pick up someone. 
  • Offsite garages and lots offer long-term parking near the airport at lower rates. 

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