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Beach Fun In The Summer Sun

  • Things To Do
  • Jeannie Assimos
  • 5 minutes

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The Summer Sun has finally arrived! As temperatures start to rise, and we get ready for the long-awaited summer break, the best way to feel those summer vibes is by relaxing at the beach, under the summer sun. We put together our top picks of beaches in the United States as well as a couple of international beach hotspots along with fun activities to do when you visit. We’re here to make the summer of 2023 an experience you won’t forget.

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Spend summer at these top 3 beaches in the US

Newport Beach – Newport Beach, California

First on the list is Newport Beach! This Orange County, California gem is a five-mile-long stretch of tawny, fine sand and is perfect for sunbathing! The Newport Beach weather is classified as a semi-arid climate that is moderated by the Pacific Ocean, making it a popular place for swimming, surfing, fishing, and boating. There are many things to do in Newport Beach to fit your summer vacation needs!

Newport beach

Taking advantage of the whale watching Newport Beach offers is an absolute must. Luckily for the City of Newport Beach, the beautiful and calm coastal waters naturally attract several varieties of whales, dolphins, and other marine life. While whale watching tours in Newport Beach are available year-round, during the summer, you are likely to see the giant blue whale – the largest mammal ever seen in existence! You may also get to see grey and blue whales while you sail the Newport Beach waters.

Clearwater Beach – Clearwater, Florida

Next on our list, is Clearwater Beach which, as the name implies, has absolutely clear waters. The Clearwater Beach weather, coupled with some of the purest and whitest sugar sand in Florida, makes it a perfect spot for relaxing under the sun. Right next door is Pier 60, which has a nightly sunset celebration, but on top of this, there are many other things to do in Clearwater Beach.

Clearwater beach Florida


One of the most famous Clearwater Beach attractions is the Clearwater dolphin watching. Departing from Clearwater Beach, sail the beautiful waters of Clearwater Bay in search of bottlenose dolphins, one of Florida’s favorite native marine mammals. Along the way, you’ll see the breath-taking natural wonders of the Gulf Coast and the myriad of celebrity mansions.

Virginia Beach – Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach is a wonderful city for the whole family to visit during summer. The 35 miles of sandy shores that comprise Virginia Beach is made up of three beaches; Chesapeake Bay Beach, Virginia Beach, and Sandbridge Beach. The Virginia Beach boardwalk provides a family-friendly playground for all ages to enjoy, but there are many other activities and things to do in Virginia Beach.

Virginia beach

Whether you are an expert surfer or not, the Virginia Beach Surf Lessons is a wonderful addition to your Virginia Beach vacation. You’ll receive two hours with an experienced surf instructor who specializes in personalizing lessons to meet your needs and abilities. After your time at the Virginia Beach Surf Lessons, you are sure to walk away with an unforgettable experience.

Spend your summer at these 2 international beaches

Anakena – Easter Island, Chile

If you have that major itch on your back to travel, seeing the famous Easter Island should be something you accomplish this sunny year. This little island is located approximately 2300 miles (3600 km) from Chiles mainland and is one of the most remote communities in the world. The biggest mystery of Easter Island is the infamous Easter Island statues. On Easter Island is Anakena, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. With soft coral sands and beautiful clear water, this secluded, unspoiled beach is a remote paradise.

To get an all-exclusive look at the island, there are tours of the Island that explain all the wonders and mysteries. You will get an in-depth history of the Easter Island Statues and get to spend several hours at Anakena to relax before you head back to Chile’s mainland.

Seven Mile Beach – Negril, Jamaica

The longest beach in Negril, Jamaica, is the Seven Mile Beach. Lined with bars, restaurants, and resorts, Seven Mile Beach is the prime destination for fun in the sun. There is a beautiful lighthouse at the end of Seven Mile Beach and majestic cliffs further up the shore. The environment of Seven Mile Beach is relaxed, laid-back, and is wonderful for a solo trip, a couples getaway, and for families of all ages.

If you want a planned day at the beach, coupled with a visit to the lighthouse and an insider scoop to the myriad of restaurants that Seven Mile Beach has to offer, then the Seven Mile Beach Jamaica all-day excursion is right up your alley. Enjoy a full day of being introduced to the many activities that Seven Mile Beach has to offer and get advice on the best restaurants to visit to feed your appetite.

Wherever you decide to go, remember to book your parking ahead of time as well to ensure that your journey is just as easy as having fun at your destination!

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