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Fun Things You Can Still Do At Home

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  • Renee Martin
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The last few months have been equally horrible for most of us. With no substantial signs of when this will end, chances are we are going to be in for a long ride. Nobody expected that a novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) would create such an impact and restrict movement on such a large scale. From spending most of our time at home to being detached from socializing – everything has changed. Staying home gets boring pretty fast, and we have now reached a stage where even the most annoying workplaces/schools, etc. are places we wish to be. Before lockdowns, hitting the gym or going for a morning jog at the park, all felt tiring at times, but now we just hope that they open at the soonest. We are at a stage now, where most of us have turned restless from staying indoors and missing spending time with friends. At such a time, it is important that we remain sane and engaged in activities that provide social and mental happiness. If you are yet to find activities that keep you engaged, we recommend you try some of these fun and exciting things to do at home while maintaining social distancing. 


Unravel Your Hidden Talent 

Before the whole episode of the coronavirus epidemic and stay at home orders being issued, not getting enough time was probably the most common excuse to not do things. Well, that excuse won’t work now, and you have plenty of time on hand now. Use these days at home a start working on your hidden talents. All of us have natural abilities that are often hidden until it is worked on. Maybe you can sing well, or dance to the beat naturally. Perhaps you have artistic skills like drawing or writing poems. Even if nobody else has an idea about that, you probably know it. Try to overcome the laziness and start doing it from today for a change. It is said that if you keep doing an activity for a few days, it slowly becomes a habit and routine. By the time the restrictions are lifted, you would have a new skill set unlockedIf you still need motivation, check out some of the Do it Yourself (DIY) tutorials on the internet. There are also plenty of YouTube videos that help you stay motivated. 

Host or Join a Watch Party 

If such an outbreak had occurred maybe in the ’90s, or even early 2000, staying at home would have been ore worse. Technology has grown so much, that even amidst such a global closure, we can stay connected thanks to social media platforms. Well, you still cannot go out physically with your friends to grab lunch or for movie nights, but you can still see movies together. Even popular platforms like Netflix and Amazon have come forward with options that let you host watch-parties, that can have friends join in for the film. All you need to have is access to some free extensions, and you are good to go. Furthermore, the watch-party in some of these platforms also offers live chat options, which lets you talk with your friends about the movies or series you are watching in real-time. Get those popcorn ready and chill! 

Take Part in Online Challenges 

There are hundreds and thousands of online challenges making rounds in the social media world today. To encourage people to stay at home, most of such online challenges also offer crazy rewards. What’s even better is that they cover a wide range of topics as well. From cooking contests to quirky games like chili or burger eating contests, the options are fun and entertaining. Dance battles and gaming championships are also live with huge rewards (even cash prizes to make some quick bucks). The main advantage of such challenges is that you can compete with a larger number of opponents as the challenge is not restricted to a single venue. This is also an excellent opportunity to meet new people from around the world, to learn about the culture, and in general, make sure that time is spent positively.  Go to popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – search for hashtags like #onlinechallenges to find some exciting challenges today. 

Cook Recipes from Around the World 

With travel bans still in effect, it would be a good idea to experiment with cooking some foreign recipes at home. In general, it is also best to start taking cooking lessons since you have time now. While you can always go out to restaurants for takeouts, why not start cooking lessons at home? There are plenty of cooking lessons (both free and paid) for beginners and professionals available on the internet today. Interestingly, there has been a lot of curiosity around cooking as of late, with viral TikTok food like the Dalgona Coffee, Oreo Cake, Bread SandwichIce-cream Cookie Sandwich, and Nutella Mug Cake being some of the most searched and experimented ones at home. Go ahead and try some of these easy to cook dishes today. If you are not convinced about venturing into cooking, check out our Meal Plans to get affordable deals. 

Learn a New Language or Sign Language

Sign Language

Expanding your knowledge of languages is a pretty useful skill to have in the modern-day. While there are still boundaries that divide countries even today, social media platforms have made it possible to connect with people from around the world. Who knows where you might end up tomorrow? Consider spending time to learn the basics of a new language, like French or Spanish. Well, you might never master the entire language in such a short time for sure, but at the very least, it can help you master the foundations of a new language. Alternatively, you can also learn sign language, which is comparatively easier than a foreign language. The main advantage of sign language is that the universal language is the same across the entire world 

Take Out the Trash and Get Organized 

Stay Home 6

You always wanted to clean your room and get things organized, right? The time is finally upon us. Get yourself organized and remove all the useless stuff lying around your room. Dust off that old belongings and revisit the past, god knows what all nostalgia stuff you will uncover. Have dirty shoes, spend some time to get it cleaned up and shiny again. It would also be a great time to get yourself professionally organized. That annoying mailbox which regularly gets full – recycle it now, and get it detoxed from those spam files.  

Workout from Home

Stay Home 7  

Gyms won’t be opening anytime soon, which means that now is an excellent time to consider investing in a pair of dumbbellsjump rope, or some other fitness equipment. Apps that let you face time allow you to work out together with your gym mates and much more flexible video chat applications, like the zoom app, even lets you do group routines together. A workout is always fun when you have friends who push you to the max. Chart out a weekly workout challenge and push your limits to beat the competition with maximum repetitions, or just have an active time and burn those calories with your friends. 

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