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Funny Car Names: More than 30 Names to Choose From

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Here are some funny car names to get you going if you need a quick laugh. Some of these will make you wonder, “what were they thinking?”. The name of the car, along with its features and looks, plays a major part in deciding whether it becomes a success in the market. So, every manufacturer goes through extended research in naming each model.¬†


Their idea of surprise or thinking out of the box can pay off in naming cars. But it is a double-edged sword. For example, a name that seems cool or stylish when the car is released may not age well in the years to come. Similarly, since there are manufacturers all over the world, a car name in the local language can have very different meanings in the other. 

For instance, a Japanese or Korean car name may have an insulting or weird meaning in English. Some automobile manufacturers get around this by having different names for the same model in English-speaking countries and others. The same applies to Spanish and French companies who roll out their cars in the US or UK market. A simple mistake can bring fame to the car for the wrong reasons. 

Funny Car Names to ever exist 

Nissan Friend-Me 

Nissan Friend-Me Rutger van der Maar on Flickr.com

Is it funny or just sad? Anyway, this is a no-brainer from Nissan. The Japanese manufacturer unveiled this model in 2013 at major automobile shows across the world. It was an attempt to showcase its new car design policy. Don’t get me wrong! The design was cool; the name turned out to be one of the funniest car names.¬†

Studebaker Dictator 

Studebaker Dictator Greg Gjerdingen on Flickr.com

Was the name supposed to represent power? None of the real-life dictators were¬†loved, but the car was in production¬†successfully for ten years. The car’s name was chosen to ‘dictate’ the designs to come from other manufacturers.¬†

Mitsubishi Minica Lettuce 

Mitsubishi Minica Lettuce  Riley on Flickr.com

Why would you want to name a car after a leafy vegetable? The Minica is a Kei car, which means it is a mini car that is mainly used in Japanese cities. Even though this was primarily a commercial vehicle, the name was funny, to say the least. However, the tribute to vegetables does not end here. Wait till you read the next one! 

Suzuki Celerio 

Suzuki Celerio  Ya, saya inBaliTimur on Flickr.com

One of the modern cars that followed the ‘vegetable naming protocol’ was the Celerio, which came out in 2008. This hatchback was renewed for a second generation in certain markets, but they failed to change the name.¬†

Daihatsu Naked 

Daihatsu Naked Masahiko OHKUBO on Flickr.com

A Kei car with an engine weaker than some superbikes is named ‘Naked’? What’s with these Japanese car manufacturers and funny car names? There are motorcycles of the naked variety which look sporty and stylish. But this car is anything but powerful and stylish.¬†

AMC Gremlin 

AMC Gremlin Jacob Frey 4A on Flickr.com

Gremlins are imaginary creatures that mess things up. Gremlin also means the cause of malfunction or error. By naming the car Gremlin, everyone thought AMC had hit new lows in marketing. On the contrary, this model, which was inspired by the AMC-GT concept car, sold more than 600,000 units in its lifetime. Major competition like the Ford Pinto suffered failures during this period. Coincidence? Maybe the Gremlins did attack after all.  

Honda That’s¬†

Honda That's Vasconium on Flickr.com

Hey, What’s that car?¬†

It’s the Honda That’s.” ¬†

A large cloud of confusion will linger in the air for the next few minutes. It is yet another Kei car in this list that was predominantly sold in Japan. Unfortunately, a 656 cc engine with a three-speed transmission cannot save this car from this funny name. 

Honda Joy Machine 

Honda Joy Machine RLGNZLZ on Flickr.com

No Comments! I wasn’t part of the naming committee for this car. It started production in 1999, and this bulky car was discontinued in 2005. But the Japanese messed up on this big time. ¬†

Funny names for your car 

Apart from model names, people usually name their cars like they name their pets. However, even in pop culture, some cars and trucks have been called by their funny names. Some of these funny car names include ‘The Mystery Machine‘ from Scooby Doo, ‘Shaguar‘ from Austin Powers or the goofy ‘Mutt Cutts‘ aka Sheep Dog from Dumb & Dumber.¬†


Choosing a car name takes a lot of time and planning. So before choosing a name, make sure you ask yourself the following questions. 

  • What is the make and model of your car?¬†
  • How old is it?¬†
  • What color is the¬†car?¬†
  • What is the gender of your car?¬†

Here are some funny car names to choose from. 

  • Dusty¬†
  • Oldie¬†
  • Popper¬†
  • Pops¬†
  • Bean¬†
  • Scooby¬†
  • Goblin¬†
  • Rust Bucket¬†
  • Shaggy¬†
  • Nessie¬†
  • Popeye¬†
  • Charlie¬†
  • Nasty¬†
  • Romeo¬†
  • Buster¬†
  • Tarzan¬†
  • Fat Amy¬†
  • Tinkerbelle¬†
  • Lola¬†
  • Annabelle ¬†
  • Chick Magnet¬†
  • Bob¬†
  • Lazy Bones¬†
  • Slugger¬†
  • Wingman¬†
  • New Noise¬†
  • Crawler¬†
  • Clown Mobile¬†
  • Squeaker¬†
  • Smelly Joe¬†
  • Grandpa¬†

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