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How to Remove Vomit and Vomit Smell from the Car

  • Car Care Tips
  • Nova Kainen
  • 5 minutes

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If you are traveling with kids or your pets who have car sickness, there are chances that they will throw up inside the car.¬†The stench is terrible, and the look is even worse. Cleaning your car is the next thing on your mind. Here is how to get the throw-up out of the car’s carpet.¬†

What are the different materials required for cleaning?

To make the cleaning job easier, first, gather the following materials. 

  • Gloves¬†
  • Face mask¬†
  • Paper towels or absorbent towels¬†
  • Warm water¬†
  • Baking soda¬†
  • Warm water¬†
  • White vinegar¬†
  • Several lint-free cloths¬†
  • Mixing containers¬†
  • Soft-bristled brush¬†
  • Spatula¬†
  • Vacuum cleaner¬†
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What are the steps to get the throw-up out of the car

Steps to remove fresh vomit

Follow the steps mentioned here to remove the vomit from your car easily. 

(i) Wear gloves and a face mask as a precaution to keep yourself away from bacteria and viruses. Use a spatula to remove vomit chunks by scraping the surface. Small pieces can be removed using a cloth or paper towel.  

(ii) Use an absorbent cloth or paper towel to absorb the liquid. Once you start removing the liquid, you can see that the stain color starts reducing. Thoroughly soak the area with warm water until the water becomes clear. You can repeat the process four or five times until the staining liquid is removed. 

(iii) Sprinkle some baking powder in the area and leave it for 30 minutes to absorb the vomit odor. Baking soda can also help to remove any stains that are left unnoticed. Later vacuum the area using a vacuum cleaner. 

(iv) Scrub the area using a lint-free cloth after applying a liquid cleaning solution to the vomit stain. The procedure to prepare this solution is mentioned below.   

(v) Clean the area using water. Use a wet cloth for cleaning vinyl, plastic, or carpeting and a damp cloth for leather upholstery.  

(vi) Use more lint-free cloths to dry the area until no stain is visible. For complete drying, open all the car doors.  

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Steps to remove dried vomit

(i) Use a soft-bristled brush to scrub dried pieces and wipe them off using a small brush or vacuum cleaner. 

(ii) Wet the area using a liquid cleaning solution, and the solution should be prepared based on whether the surface is vinyl, cloth, plastic, carpeting, or leather. 

(iii) Leave the solution on the stain until it dries and wet it again for a few more minutes for easy removal.  

(iv) Use a brush (soft or hard based on the material with the stain) to allow the solution to penetrate the dried stain. 

(v) Soak a washrag in clean water, blot it on the solution, and then wring it out. To remove the stain, repeat the process until all the cleaning solution has been absorbed. 

Procedure to make the liquid cleaning solution for removing vomit stain

Make the liquid solution according to the type of material you need to clean.  

If the material is vinyl, cloth, plastic, or carpeting, make a solution by adding eight parts warm water to one-part white vinegar. Pour in half a teaspoon of dish soap and mix well.  

If the material is leather, make a solution by adding three parts baking soda to one part warm water.  

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How can you give a fresh smell to your car?

You can prepare a special mix to refresh your car’s odor. For that, take a container and mix a few tablespoons of baking soda with a few drops of your preferred essential oil. Shake them well and then sprinkle this mixture on the cleaned area after moistening it. Cover the area and give it ten minutes to remove the stench. The baking soda mixture can then be sucked up using a hose-attached vacuum.  

You can also use a car air freshener to give a fresh smell inside the car. 

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When should I clean up the vomit from the car?

Clean the vomit right away. The smell is so bad that it makes other people sick. Also, after it dries, it’s much more difficult to clean up. Maintenance on your vehicle will get more cumbersome the longer the vomit is there. Throw away the clothes used for cleaning soon after cleaning the affected area.¬† ¬†

Bottom line 

Always ensure that you clean the vomit stains immediately, as removing them when it gets dried will be difficult. The acid in the vomit will eat away the upholstery and carpeting in your car, lowering the vehicle’s resale value. Hopefully, after reading this blog post, you now know better what to do about the vomit stains inside your car. You no longer have to stress over how to clean your car. 

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