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What Is a Google Driving Simulator? How Does It Work?  

  • CarTech
  • Gerard Stevens
  • 4 minutes

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Google Maps is among the world’s most popular apps, providing various tools that make it unique. So how would you feel if we say there is a program that allows you to drive virtually along roads on Google Earth. Yes, you heard it right! That’s what a Google Driving Simulator does. 

With the driving simulator, you can access a map, an address field, and even the ability to drive a virtual car. There are many other programs like the Google Earth Flight Simulator. You ought to try one of these applications if you haven’t already. They are amazingly engaging; you can even use them to prepare for driving lessons. 

What is a driving simulator? So, how does a Google Driving Simulator work? How can you use it? Continue reading our blog to know more about this interesting program from Google! 

What is a driving simulator? 

These are used in driver’s education classes provided in educational institutions and private businesses. Also, they help create and assess new automobiles or advanced driver assistance systems in the automotive sector. Simulators also help study human factors and medical research to track driver behavior, performance, and attention. 

Is there a Google Driving Simulator? 

Yes. You can use the keyboard to enter commands while driving on Google Maps’ roadways, like while playing a game. You won’t need to install the program on your computer because the simulator can run in your browser. 

Google Maps Google Driving Simulator version got initially launched some time ago; however, it received an update in 2021. The program now has turn signals, bus stops, and driving maps. You may locate any area in the world using the driving simulation version, which works with mobile devices. You can select a location from a list or type in a specific address. 

The primary difference between Google Driving Simulator and Google Maps is the availability of 3D driving environments in the simulation game. Since both games receive regular updates with new virtual tourist destinations, you’ll never get bored playing the same site repeatedly.  

How can you use Google Driving Simulator? 

Driving simulator from Google
Image courtesy: https://framesynthesis.com/

The Google Driving Simulator features no obstructions or objects on the road and uses Google Maps as its basic data. Since Google Maps images are the base for all terrains, you may see how various landscapes appear in 3D. You can also make use of Google Earth with the game. As its name suggests, the game generates the maps using the Google Maps API v2. To enjoy the full variety of driving simulation choices, users can switch to Google Maps. 

Steps to follow 

  • First, visit the website https://framesynthesis.com/drivingsimulator/maps/. 
  • Then, click start. 
  • When prompted, you can either choose to install the extension or not.  
  • Then the interface will show up. Here, you can choose the location. Also, there will be an option to choose whether you want to drive a car or a bus.  
  • Use the arrow keys for navigating the car/bus. Use the left and right arrow keys for steering. Likewise, use the up and down arrow keys to move forward and backward.  

What are the locations where you can drive using Google Driving Simulator? 

You can drive in any part of the world via this simulator. Enter a particular location or address, and you’re good to drive a car or bus there.  

The bottom line  

  • Anyone can drive on Google Maps’ roadways by using the keyboard to enter the commands.  
  • You needn’t have to install the program; you can access the simulator from any browser. 
  • On visiting the simulator’s website, you can choose a car or a bus to drive. In addition, you can drive on any road in the world by providing a specific location or an address.  

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