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Find Green Bay Packers Parking near Lambeau Field for Next Home Game

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Are you worried about Green Bay Packers parking for the upcoming season? Home games at Lambeau Field are an unparalleled experience, but finding parking for newbies can be a Herculean task. So, we are here to help you learn more about the Packers, schedule, tickets, and parking information. 

Green Bay Packers tickets
Image Credits: Amy Meredith on Flickr

A new NFL season has just kicked off, and you cannot leave one of the league’s giants out of the conversation. Also, no conversation about the Green Bay Packers is complete without Aaron Rodgers. In this blog, you will find answers to the questions about the Packers franchise, including its history, players, and stadium.¬†

Green Bay Packers parking

Green Bay Packers, aka ‘The Pack’¬†

Four Super Bowl Championship wins, and a record 13 NFL championship titles make the Packers the most successful team in the league’s history. Owned by Green Bay Packers Inc., the franchise is undoubtedly one of the most iconic American sporting teams. The Packers are members of the North Division of the National Football Conference, which they topped in the regular season last year.

Green Bay Packers coach
Image Credits: Amy Meredith on Flickr

Former player Mark H Murphy is the President and CEO of the Packers, and the tea plays in Dark Green, Gold, and White colors. Even with an illustrious trophy cabinet, they have not won in over a decade. Fans hope that barren streak is going to break this time around, but the season opener resulted in a defeat. However, there will not be any complaints about the home game atmosphere at the Green Bay Packers stadium. 

Who is the coach of the Pack? 

Matt Patrick LaFleur is the current and 15th head coach of the Packers. He has been associated with many teams in the past, including the Atlanta Falcons, Tennessee Titans, Los Angeles Rams, and many others. In January 2019, he was chosen as the head coach of the Packers. 

Other members of the coaching staff include Adam Stenavich, Tom Clements, John Dunn, Jason Vrable, Luke Butkus, and Ben Sirmans, among others. 

What are the upcoming games for Green Bay Packers in NFL? 

After the season-opening game against the Minnesota Vikings, the Packers will take on the Chicago Bears, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New England Patriots, and New York Giants in the upcoming games. 

Green Bay Packers roster
Image Credits: Mike Morbeck on Flickr

The start of the new season was poor for a team that finished on top of the NFC North Conference. However, considering the impeccable home record of the Green Bay Packers, you can expect the team to bounce back in no time. 

You can find more about the complete Green Bay Packers schedule for the 2022 regular season from the official team website. 

What is the current roster of the Packers? 

The Green Bay Packers have lined up some of the best players this season. Here are some of the popular players on the team this year. 

  • Jaire Alexander¬†
  • Adrian Amos¬†
  • David Bakhtiari¬†
  • Krys Barnes¬†
  • De’Vondre Campbell¬†
  • Tariq Carpenter¬†
  • Kenny Clark¬†
  • Randall Cobb¬†
  • Jack Coco¬†
  • Mason Crosby¬†
  • Tyler Davis¬†
  • Josiah Deguara¬†
  • AJ Dillon¬†
  • Romeo Doubs¬†
  • Rasul Douglas¬†
  • Kingsley Enagbare¬†
  • Rudy Ford¬†
  • Jonathan Ford¬†
  • Tipa Galeai¬†
  • Jonathan Garvin¬†
  • Rashan Gary¬†
  • Jake Hanson¬†
  • Shemar Jean-Charles¬†
  • Elgton Jenkins¬†
  • Aaron Jones¬†
  • Allen Lazard¬†
  • Dallin Leavitt¬†
  • Marcedes Lewis¬†

You can see the complete Green Bay Packers roster, with the list of offense and defense players on the official team website.

Where do Green Bay Packers play their home games? 

Lambeau Field serves as the home turf for the Pack. The home of the Green Bay Packers has a lot of history associated with it. Apart from being the longest-used stadium in the football league, it also has one of the best fan experiences in the competition. 

The Green Bay Packers relocated to Lambeau Field back in 1957. It was named after Curly Lambeau, who was the former player, founder, and first-ever coach of the franchise. Apart from this facility, the Pack previously played in Hagemeister Park, City Stadium, Borchert Field, and Milwaukee County Stadium before moving into Lambeau Field.

NFL Green Bay Packers
Image by Milwaukee VA Medical Center on Flickr

Owned by the City of Green Bay, Lambeau Field has a maximum capacity of more than 81,000. On January 11, 2015, it recorded a record attendance of 79,704. 

Apart from the natural grass playing field, the Lambeau Field Atrium is another major highlight. The Atrium includes multiple shopping, dining, and entertainment options, including the Packers Hall of Fame, Pro Shop, and stadium tour. 

How to get Green Bay Packers tickets

Available tickets include season tickets, group seating, premium tickets, etc. Single-game tickets are mostly sold out, but there are cases when a few tickets are made available for the fans.  

During some games, the visiting team may return tickets, and these will be made open for purchase. Keep your eyes on the team website, and social media handles for more information. Ticket prices may vary as time passes, so getting yours as early as possible is better. 

Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers
Image Credits: Mike Morbeck on Flickr

Premium seating for the Green Bay Packers home games includes Suites and Club seats which come with something extra. Club Seat ticket holders will be able to watch training chances to get pre-game field visits and kick-off events.  

You can get more information about each ticket and buy them from the official team website. Both home and away game tickets can be found on this site. Also, tickets can be found in online marketplaces like Ticketmaster. 

How to get to Lambeau Field 

Multiple routes are available if you wish to drive to a Green Bay Packers game. From Green Bay, you can drive via South Ashland Avenue and Lombardi Avenue to reach the stadium in 7 minutes. This 3.2-mile drive is the best route available, depending on traffic conditions. 

Green Bay Packers game
Image Credits: Mike Morbeck on Flickr

Another alternate route is via Shawano Avenue and South Oneida Street, close to 3.4 miles. You can complete this journey in 8 minutes.  Besides, the Green Bay Airport is just 3.3 miles from the stadium. Also, many shuttles run on game days, and the drop-off point is located near Green Bay Microtel Inn and Suites. 

Is there on-site parking at Lambeau Field? 

Yes. There are multiple parking lots located all around the stadium. Each of these lots is located close to each gate of the Lambeau Field, and you can reserve some of these spaces for individual games. But these are very limited, so you might want to have a plan B for parking your car. 

Green Bay Packers score
Image Credits: Mike Morbeck on Flickr

Similarly, the season ticket holders have the chance to get a season parking pass for lots at the stadium. Again, these are in very high demand. Accessible parking spaces are available at Lot 4 and Lot 7. Each of these non-reserved accessible spots will cost $40 per car. 

Note: Lot 1 and Lot 2 are currently closed since there is construction going on at the east side of the stadium. All the pass holders of Lot 1 has to Lot 9 and those who have passes for Lot 2 should park at Lot 10. These restrictions will be lifted once the construction of new parking facility is completed.

Lambeau Field Parking Map

You can find the parking map for the Green Bay Packers games at Lambeau Field below. 

Lambeau Field Parking Map
Image Credits: www.packers.com/lambeau-field/parking

Some of the private property owners near the Green Bay Packers stadium also offer parking at different rates. Also, the on-site lots at the stadium are not equipped to accommodate buses, RVs, or other oversized vehicles. 

Despite having all these lots and facilities, you have to be on your ties to get a parking pass. Most of these options can only be obtained on a first-come, first-served basis. On the contrary, you can get cheaper and safer parking at off-site parking lots and garages near Lambeau Field. 

Can you park on the streets for Packers home games? 

You will find it hard to find parking spaces on the streets surrounding Green Bay Packers’ home stadium. In the Green Bay region, street parking is carried out with strict rules and regulations. Even a minor violation of these rules could lead to parking tickets with heavy fines and other penalties, including getting your cars towed.¬†

Lambeau Field is located in a busy neighborhood. So, most of the street parking spots will be in high demand. Considering the massive attendance in each Green Bay Packers home game, you can expect the streets to be filled fast and early. Unfortunately, only vacant spaces can be found miles from the stadium, so it is better to look for other alternatives. 

What are the cheap options for Green Bay Packers parking? 

Even though there are Green Bay Packers on-site parking and street parking, there is a much safer and more affordable option to leave your car. The off-site parking facilities like lots and garages offer a safe space along with other premium features within walking distance from Lambeau Field. 

Green Bay Packers schedule
Image Credits: Mike Morbeck on Flickr

At these facilities, you can get valet parking, paved parking spots, ADA/Aisle access, and contactless parking. Unlike official parking, you will not have to wait long to park your car. Similarly, with camera surveillance, lot attendants, and 24×7 security personnel, you can be sure about the safety of your car.¬†

How to find cheap parking garages for Green Bay Packers home games?  

Finding an off-site parking garage near Lambeau Field is easier than you think. You can find all nearby parking facilities near the Green Bay Packers stadium using an online parking service like Way.com. The Way.com website and the Way app can locate the parking garages along with their features and corresponding parking rates. 

Once you enter the location into the app, it will list all garages and their rates. Once you choose a garage, you can enter the entry and exit times and pay the corresponding rates. That’s it! In a few minutes, you searched and booked an affordable parking area for the Green Bay Packers home game.¬†

Is there tailgating at the Lambeau Field? 

Yes. Tailgating is allowed at the official parking lots and other locations at Lambeau Field. The official parking lots will open four hours before the game starts, and you will find Packers fans tailgating all over the stadium. 

You will find Packers fans to be friendly and ensure you have a couple of extra beers. So, get the grills going, and do not forget the Miller beer. 

Green Bay Packers Lambeau Field Parking

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