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50 Grey Car Names You’ll Love! 

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Of all the colors in the world of cars, do you prefer a grey beast or babe? It’s quite a sensible choice! Now, you need the perfect name to complete your ride’s personality. Here are a few suggestions for grey car names – pick one or get inspired to play with words. 

Whites and blacks are practical but way too common. But grey – now, that’s where practicality meets personality. Neither do you stand out, nor are you lost in the crowd. A grey car is a perfect choice for anyone who minds their own business and keeps it classy. 

You could be as flashy or somber as you want; grey’s got range. And that’s why it’s one of the most popular car colors right now. Monochromes lead the pack, with 25.8% of the nation’s car owners opting for white cars and 22.3% going for black. Grey comes in third with 18.4%, followed by silver at 12.1%.  

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So, if you want a unique name for your grey car, there’s some serious competition. Here’s how to make it count – keep these tips in mind when picking a name for your ride: 

How do I name my car? 

Got a new ride? First, get to know your car a little. Figure out how it matches your personality, and soon, your car will have a persona, and it gets easier to name it. If you’ve been driving for a while, you’ll pretty much know what you are looking for: 

  • Type of car your drive – SUV, sports, hatchback, sedan, luxury? 
  • Make and model of the car – the brand or any nicknames for the model? 
  • Color of the car – is it steely or smokey? 
  • Gender of the car – does it give off a girly, elegant, bad boy, or macho vibe? 
  • The car’s personality – what are the little quirks that make it special? 
  • Your personality – how does the car complement you?  
  • What do you usually use it for – commuting, road trips, racing? 
  • Connections – does the car remind you of someone? Maybe a celebrity or a fictional character? 

Answers to the above can help you develop a grey car name that best suits your car. But remember, it’s not all about the car or you – it has to be a combination of both for the name to stick.  

Ready? Let’s start with a few easy-to-pick, short, grey car names. Of course, you can always mix and match them or add an extra word or two for a customized feel.  

Popular names for Grey Cars 

  1. Sterling 
  2. Ironman 
  3. Onyx 
  4. Shadow 
  5. Flintstone 
  6. Greyson 
  7. Fury 
  8. Gunmetal 
  9. Slate 
  10. Shade 

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Funny names 

Want to make your friends chuckle (or cringe) every time they hear your car’s name? Here’s what you do – think of the car’s most unique feature and find a silly way to describe it. For example, you’ve got a rattling old but trusty set of wheels? It’s a Tin Can! Or go for Tinsel if it’s a flashy new ride that’s bright as Christmas lights. A bit of word play can help too – stay sharp, inspiration can strike any time.  

  1. Chainmail  
  2. Tin Can 
  3. Tinsel 
  4. Grey’s Auto No My 
  5. Ashton Mar Tin 
  6. Murky 
  7. Pewter Pettigrew 
  8. Salt and Pepper 
  9. Hoary Potter 
  10. Grim Keeper 


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Cute names 

Sometimes, your car’s your best buddy – it goes with you everywhere, you rock out together, it’s always there for you. So, chances are you’re looking for a short and cute name for your grey car. Try these: 

  1. Little Ashy 
  2. Rocky 
  3. Smokey 
  4. Grey Bae 
  5. Bae Blade 
  6. Sooty 
  7. Mousy 
  8. Shaggy 
  9. Whiskers 
  10. Goose 

Check out more cute car names here. 

Girl car names 

Some cars, no matter what color, are such ladies. You got to treat her right! So, just any name won’t do – find the perfect grey car name for your girl: 


  1. Ashley 
  2. Ivy 
  3. Miss T 
  4. Heather 
  5. Leady 
  6. Pepper 
  7. Foxy 
  8. Skylar 
  9. Greyce 
  10. Greyly  

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Grey car names for the coolest rides 

Grey’s kind of cool, isn’t it? It’s got the best of black and white, which makes it easier to name a grey car with a personality. Look for inspiration in your favorite movies or TV shows, and maybe, history and pop culture too.  

Is there a phrase stuck in your head when you think of your car – jumble the words around a bit and you may find your new grey car name. Here are some examples to get started: 

  1. Mercury Racing 
  2. Flint Eastwood 
  3. Grey Wind 
  4. Magma 
  5. Tusker 
  6. Gandalf the Grey 
  7. Lady Stoneheart 
  8. Thunderbird 
  9. Steely Wheelie 
  10. The Iron Throne 

Your grey car’s almost silver? We’ve got the best silver car names too! Check them out here

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