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The Ultimate Guide to Redondo Beach Parking

  • City Parking
  • Katie Carter
  • 6 minutes

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Are you planning a day trip to Redondo Beach and worried about where your car can get some R&R while you catch the sun? Here are some tips for hassle-free Redondo Beach parking.  

Excited for a fun-filled adventure by the beach? Redondo Beach is the perfect spot to soak up some sun and catch some waves. The Municipal Pier and the sandy beach are favorites among locals and visitors! You can go kayaking, sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, or surfing south of the Pier. There are plenty of water sports, or you can go fishing. After all the activities, treat yourself to a delicious lunch or dinner on the Pier or boardwalk. 

Plenty of dining options are also available to suit all tastes and budgets. You’ll find a wide range of seafood options prepared in Cajun, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mexican, and Thai styles. Don’t miss out on delicious, sweet treats like churros, funnel cakes, and ice cream cones.

Affordable city parking on way.com 

Other attractions include the annual BeachLife Festival, South Bay’s biggest free summer concert series, one of Southern California’s longest-running kite festivals, family movie nights, a classic car show, a Halloween costume contest, a Holiday concert, and even some yoga meetups. 

Before you enjoy all this, let’s figure out where to park. Here are a few tips and all the information you need to know about parking at Redondo Beach. 

Where is Redondo Beach? 

Redondo Beach, California, is located on the southwestern fringe of Los Angeles County, approximately 22 miles from downtown Los Angeles and only seven miles south of Los Angeles International Airport. Redondo Beach is one of three Beach Cities in Southern California’s South Bay, along with Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach. Torrance (to the east) and Gardena (to the northeast) are neighboring cities further inland.  

How to reach? 

It’s a 26-minute drive from downtown LA via 1-405 S; Redondo Beach is over a mile and a half long and runs south from the Redondo Beach Pier to Torrance Beach. LAX is only 16 minutes away by car via CA- 1S. 

Bus and light rail services are also accessible from surrounding locations. However, the easiest way to get to Redondo Beach is by driving. Don’t worry about parking; we’ve got some great tips for you!    

Where to park

If you are visiting Redondo Beach, designated beach parking lots are available. These lots are typically located near or within walking distance of the beach. There are several options for parking depending on your specific needs. Here are some common and cheap parking garages in this area: 

  • Redondo Beach Pier Public Parking: 100 West Torrance Boulevard, Redondo Beach 
  • Redondo Beach Waterfront: 109 Fishermans Wharf, Redondo Beach 
  • Redondo Beach Valet Parking: 306 South Catalina Avenue, Redondo Beach 
  • Redondo Beach Marina Parking: 137 North Harbor Drive, Redondo Beach 
  • Redondo Bike Path park: Yacht Club Way at North Harbor Drive, Redondo Beach 
  • North Harbor Drive:  North Harbor Drive from Pacific Avenue to Yacht Club Way, Redondo Beach 
  • George Freeth Way: George Freeth Way south of Torrance Boulevard 
  • Redondo Beach Marina Parking Lot: 181N. Harbor Drive (across from Crowne Plaza)  

Is offsite parking safer than street parking? 

Yes, when compared to street parking, offsite parking is safe. Redondo Beach has various street parking options available throughout the city. Check for any parking restrictions or time limitations posted on signs. Some areas may require permits, so pay attention to the signage to avoid parking tickets.  

The roads and streets will be congested on holidays and peak season days when people flock to the beach; to avoid this traffic, you can park your cars in offsite parking lots. At varying rates, you can find various privately-operated parking lots throughout the northern half of the Harbor Enterprise (along North Harbor Drive, Marina Way, Yacht Club Way, and Portofino Way). These lots are convenient for the adjacent restaurants, marinas, and general recreation areas.  

You can find these lots by following the parking signs or using the online App Way.com. 

How much does it cost to park at Redondo Beach?  

The parking lots in Redondo Beach charge $1 per hour. Another option is to park at offsite lots nearby, which are often safer.    

If you’re looking for great parking deals, you might want to check out Way.com. They have a parking app that can help you find some awesome discounts. Get the best-rated garages close to your destination, so you can easily compare prices and book a parking spot hassle-free.      


How far is it from Redondo Beach to LA? 

The driving distance between Los Angeles to Redondo Beach is 21 miles. It takes approximately 25 min to drive from Los Angeles to Redondo Beach. 

Is there parking at Redondo Beach Pier? 

Yes, there is parking at Redondo Beach Pier in Redondo Beach. The Pier has a large parking lot that accommodates cars and RVs. There is also a small parking lot for motorcycles and bicycles.  

Where to park at Redondo Beach Pier? 

There are many options for parking at Redondo Beach Pier. The first option is to park in the public parking lot. This parking lot is located at the end of the Pier and is open to the public, and you can park safely in the private parking lot. This parking lot is located next to the public parking lot and is only available to those who have a permit.  

How much is the parking at Redondo Beach Pier? 

Parking at Redondo Beach Pier in Redondo Beach is $1 per hour. There is a daily maximum of $8 and a weekly maximum of $40. There are monthly and annual passes available for purchase.  

Is there valet parking at Redondo Beach Pier? 

Valet parking is not available at Redondo Beach Pier. There is a public parking garage located at the Pier that offers daily and hourly rates. There are a limited number of metered street parking spaces available. 

Is there offsite parking at Redondo Beach Pier? 

Yes, there is offsite parking at Redondo Beach Pier in Redondo Beach. The parking lot is located on the north side of the Pier and has space for over 400 vehicles. There is also a designated accessible parking area. For the first 90 minutes, parking is free and costs $1 per hour afterward. You can pre-book your parking through the Way.com app at an affordable price. 

 Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Make an online booking now or reserve your parking spot through the Way app!



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