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Have a wonderful tailgate party with the right insurance

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  • Xavier Sabastian
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Football season has arrived, which means watching games with family and friends every Sunday. Do you know what this means? It means Tailgate Party! Tailgate parties provide football fans with an opportunity to get away from the weekly grind. You can also let free in the name of bone-crunching tackles and chargrilled foods. Nothing, though, drags tailgaters back to reality faster than a gameday mishap. Did you know that a tailgate party is ripe for expensive accidents and injury? A tailgate party with the right insurance is much more enjoyable.

Tailgate parties can be dangerous because of an explosive mix of alcohol, open flames, and heavy traffic, to mention a few factors. In many circumstances, having the proper insurance coverage for your tailgate party will save you from having to pay for these disasters on your own.

get the right insurance

Have the right insurance for your tailgate party

Here are five potential tailgating gaffes that demonstrate why checking your insurance strategy is a good idea.

Your FUMBLE while you grill in your car

Grilling and tailgating, like end zones and excessive-celebration penalties, go together. However, car fires are a real danger whether you use too much lighter fluid or leave hot coals in your trunk. Having the right car insurance will protect you. If you have comprehensive insurance, your motor coverage will cover a range of situations other than car accidents, such as fires. It is important to note that comprehensive coverage claims are subject to a deductible, a fixed sum that insurers take from claim payments.

An opposition fan SACKS your car!

Tailgate rivalries, in an ideal world, would never develop beyond fun insults and heated disputes. However, the potential of opposing supporters, for example, spray-painting their team’s name onto your bumper, maybe another incentive to include comprehensive insurance in your motor coverage. This policy, minus your deductible, will pay to repair damage caused by vandalism, rioting, and civil disturbances, among other things.

In other words, getting the right car insurance coverage is the key to financial security. 

When your cooking is not a TOUCHDOWN

Food safety is a big tailgating worry when there is no easy access to a fridge, hand-washing stations, or other kitchen comforts. If you happen to be in charge of the grill when a faulty batch of chicken wings or brats is distributed to the audience, those who become ill may sue you for their medical expenses.

You may be able to avoid having to pay for others’ food poisoning treatment out of your cash if you have homeowners’ or renter’s insurance. These policies typically include personal liability insurance, which covers bodily harm caused by you to others up to the policy’s limit. After all, you don’t want to spoil your bonding time with poor tactical decisions regarding your cooking!

You cause a PASS INTERFERENCE on a tailgater

Imagine you’re playing football with your friends, and your best effort goes awry, ruining another fan’s costly speakers. If they pursue compensation, your homeowner’s or renters’ insurance may be able to cover the amount owed. Your policy’s liability coverage will normally pay for damage you accidentally cause to others’ property, even if you are not at home.

Games Winning GIF by Twisted Tea


You CLIP a fellow tailgater’s car.

If you dent another tailgater’s car in your eagerness to beat the rush home, your auto insurance will kick in as it would after an at-fault crash.  Liability insurance pays to repair damage to the other driver’s car up to the level of your policy. If you choose collision coverage, you may pay to repair your car. However, if the damage to your car is small, it may not exceed your deductible, in which case filing a collision claim may not help you. That is to say, get the right car insurance for yourself not to spoil your fun!

tailgate party with right insurance

How to have a terrific tailgate party!

Trust us. This isn’t going to be a dull list to deter you from having a nice tailgate, errr… football season.

Do the boring work at home.

You want to complete all of the prep work at home so you can show up and relax at the stadium. The night before you depart, prepare all of your vegetables, seasonings, and marinades. Make sure you have enough ice in your coolers, as well as lots of storage alternatives and garbage cans/bags.

Hail a cab

Unless you live near the stadium, you will have to drive to the game. There are a plethora of ride-sharing choices accessible these days. If you intend to drink, please consider hiring a designated driver or using a ride-sharing service. If you want to improve your tailgating experience, consider renting a party bus with a bunch of buddies. 

drunk los angeles dodgers GIF by Robert E Blackmon


You’ll be the highlight of the tailgate party!

Check for the right insurance.

You could be thinking; we’re not going to go THAT CRAZY. Do I need insurance? You may not do anything crazy at your tailgate. On the contrary, you have no control over what happens before, during, and after the game. As a result, it is critical to ensure that you have adequate coverage. While there is no insurance, especially for tailgate parties, there are various coverages you may want to consider.

If you intend to drive to the game, be sure you have adequate car insurance coverage. Assuming you will not be tailgating alone, you will most likely have a full car for your drive. Double-check your bodily injury liability limits. This coverage will compensate for losses caused by you or others in an accident.

Accidents are unavoidable in post-game situations. Keep an eye out for other drivers and make sure your car has the right coverage. This can provide you with the coverage you require if you are at fault in an accident.

It would help if you also discuss your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance with your representative. When you’re packing your car with games, barbecues, and other items, keep in mind that it’s all covered by your homeowner’s insurance. Your property coverage from your homeowner’s policy will follow you to the stadium.

Enjoy tailgate party with right insurance

Basic things to do during and after the tailgate party

This might look like common sense to do, so it is just a reminder.

  • Even on cloudy days, you may require sunscreen. 
  • Consume plenty of water.
  • In the case of an emergency, make sure your car is locked, and your personal belongings are secure. If you leave your car unlocked or someone breaks in, your things are insured if you have the proper insurance.
  • Pack plenty of ice to keep foods cool.
  • Bring a First Aid kit in case of an unexpected injury or if your “very fun friend” goes to the Bud Zone too many times and ends up hurting themselves.
  • Inform the rival team’s fans that you appreciate their attendance and are sorry for their loss.
  • If you intend to continue the post-party at your home, you might want to think about “drunk guest insurance” — yes, it exists.

How to get the right car insurance for your tailgate party?

As with all car insurance, start by comparing quotes from several insurance providers. This ensures you get a good deal on your car insurance. You can start by contacting a licensed insurance agent to get started. If you need multiple car insurance quotes in less than 10 minutes, check out the way.com app or website by tapping the banner below.

car insurance offers

We only require your basic information to research different uninsured motorist coverage options for you. Then you can choose your policy and benefit from the protection it provides. We wish your team the best this season!

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