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Heater Blowing Cold Air in Car? Reasons and Fixes

  • Car Services
  • Xavier Sabastian
  • 4 minutes

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Your heater blowing cold air is one of the last things you’ll want to experience while traveling. Imagine it’s a cold day outside, and this happens. There can be nothing worse than this to call it a bad day. 

Act as soon as you notice your heater blowing cold air. Think: What has gone wrong? How do I resolve this issue? What are some of the quick fixes to resolve this issue? Well, here’s everything you need to know about the reasons to make your heater blow cold air. 

Why is my car heater blowing cold air?

Reasons your heater blows cold air 

Before blaming your heater for blowing cold air, you must know some of the reasons behind it. Here’s the checklist to analyze this issue: 

Insufficient coolant level 

Coolant is what keeps your cooling system working perfectly. There can be variations when the gauge is improperly placed in the coolant. With a low coolant level, heat transfer into your car becomes difficult. Therefore, always check the coolant level to see that it doesn’t fall below the minimum range.  

Another issue that you may face with the coolant is not knowing when it expires. Experts say you must change your coolant if there is a color change, indicating it needs replacement. Hence, you may either add to the coolant or refill it. 

Water leaks 

Check for water leaks if you think your heater is faulty. Check all the pipes in your car to ensure there are no leaks. Leaks happen mostly when the rubber hoses of the heater dry up and crack. Moreover, it is difficult to locate where precisely the leaks are. 

If you see any water leaks, you should call a technician and fix the problem as soon as possible. Delays can make the repair costs shoot up. 

Air mixing with the cooling system 

The heater core in your car works by circulating hot air inside the vehicle. This warm air is what keeps your car’s temperature constant. When air bubbles get stuck in the cooling system, the warm air becomes cold. The longer you postpone checking this issue with a mechanic, the more it will cost you. 

Hence, first, remove all the air bubbles in the cooling system. To get rid of air bubbles by draining out all the water. Next, take equal amounts of coolant and water, and mix them well. Then, open the radiator and fill it to the maximum. Now, close the radiator’s valve and start the engine again. 

Dirty heater base 

Cleaning your heater base regularly is one of the easiest ways to use it in the long run. If your heater is blowing cold air, it means it’s time to clean it immediately! There is likely water clogging inside the heater base for a long time. With poor water circulation, it becomes difficult to maintain the coolant levels. Hence, if your heater makes your car foggy or there is a sweet, pungent smell, it means it’s time to clean up your heater base. 

Faulty thermostat 

A thermostat is an instrument that measures the coolant’s temperature. Before asking yourself, ‘Why is my heater blowing cold air?’, Check your thermostat. It looks like a small valve with coils around it, and you can locate it under the water pump. 

If the coils are tangled or aren’t working correctly, then you may feel the cold air while driving. Thermostats are relatively affordable. So, in case you think that you have a faulty thermostat in your car, there is no harm in buying a new one. 

 Similarly, keeping the thermostats open also means an increase in heat inside. When you keep the thermostats open for a bit longer, the heat from outside quickly enters, blowing warm air instead of cold. Therefore, remember to close it after you untangle the coils.  

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How can I prevent my heater from blowing cold air into my car? 

  • Go for an annual service with the help of a technician. 
  • Always confirm the coolant levels before driving. 
  • Besides your heater blowing cold air, check for any other issues you frequently face. 
  • Go for the best warranty services available. 


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