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Hell’s Heroes Festival 2023 Houston Event Guide 

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  • Celine Jerly
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Ready for Hell’s Heroes in Houston? The annual metal music fest returns in spring 2023 with a stellar lineup of bands led by Triptykon. Find out who else is performing at the Hell’s Heroes Festival 2023. Here’s all you need to know – dates, ticket rates, parking details, etc. 

Hell’s Heroes are back in Houston for the fifth year at White Oak Music Hall. This year, the two-day metal festival takes over the Lawn and Downstairs areas on March 24-25, 2023. If you are planning to find a spot on the guest list, hurry – tickets are going fast!  

Need a recap on the Hell’s Heroes Festival in Houston? Here’s all you need to know: 

What is Hell’s Heroes Festival 2023? 

Hell’s Heroes Festival is an annual two-day music event focused on trash and epic metal genres. 2023 marks its fifth edition at the popular downtown Houston venue – White Oak Music Hall.  

Night Cobra and Necrofier guitarist/vocalist Christian Larson organize Hell’s Heroes. 


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What are the Hell’s Heroes Festival 2023 dates? 

Hell’s Heroes Festival 2023 dates are: 

March 24 (Friday) & March 25 (Saturday) 

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Where is the Hell’s Heroes 2023 venue? 

Like previous years, White Oak Music Hall in Houston is the Hell’s Heroes Festival 2023 venue. It’s the fifth edition of the metal fest at this venue. The event is on White Oak’s Lawn and adjoining Downstairs – a large indoor space.  

White Oak Music Hall is at 2915 N. Main, Houston, Texas 77009. You’ll find it on the corner of N. Main and North St. – just 1.5 miles north of downtown Houston.  

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What is the Hell’s Heroes Festival 2023 lineup? 

The Swiss extreme metal band Triptykon is headlining Hell’s Heroes Festival 2023 and will perform early Celtic Frost songs, including those from Morbid Tales (1984) and Mega Therion (1985). The avant-garde band from Zürich was formed in 2008 by Thomas Gabriel Fischer, a pioneering Celtic Frost band member. 

Other notable bans performing at this year’s Hell’s Heroes fest are: 

  • Possessed 
  • Razor 
  • Demon 
  • Liege Lord 
  • Pagan Altar 
  • Satan 
  • Visigoth 
  • Ross the Boss 
  • Night Demon 
  • Hällas 
  • Brocas Helm 
  • Skull Fist 
  • Haunt 
  • Night Cobra 
  • Christian Mistress 
  • Riot City 
  • Danava 
  • Goat Horn 
  • Freeways 
  • Spell 
  • Tower 
  • Morgul Blade 
  • Natur 
  • Century 
  • Gatekeeper 
  • Midnight Dice 
  • Voltax 

How much do Hell’s Heroes Festival 2023 tickets cost? 

All General Admission tickets are for standing room only; the lowest rate is $85 for a single-day pass. The two-day GA pass will cost you $150. Additionally, you can book a Hilltop Table (for 4) for $400.  

Note: Hilltop Table reservations do not include festival entry passes. All four guests at the table will need GA passes to attend Hell’s Heroes Festival.


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How to reach White Oak Music Hall? 

Due to limited parking for their outdoor events, White Oak Music Hall encourages guests to use taxis, bikes, ridesharing, or public transportation. 

Houston Metro Light Rail (Red Line) has a stop at Quitman/Near Northside, which is only a 5-minute walk to White Oak Music Hall. You can board from downtown, midtown, the Museum District, NRG Park, the Medical Center, or Hermann Park.  

20+ bike racks are available near the venue on the N. Main St side and North St. side of the building.  

If you must drive to the venue or are taking a road trip to the festival from another city, check out your parking options below: 

Is there parking near White Oak Music Hall? 

White Oak Music Hall provides on-site parking at its three official lots on an event-to-event basis. However, available space at these on-site lots within a minute’s walk from the venue is limited and usually not enough to accommodate the demand during Lawn and Downstairs events.  

For Hell’s Heroes Festival 2023, official event parking is available at White Oak’s Lot B and Lot C for $20/day. Parking passes are an add-on with tickets, but booking your parking at these lots is not mandatory. You may add it to your festival passes or purchase it later, separately. However, if you do not pre-book a spot, you’ll have to find alternative parking at other garages in the neighborhood or on the street. 

Where can I find cheaper White Oak Music Hall parking? 

White Oak Music Hall is only 1.5 miles from downtown Houston. So, one option is to park your car at a cheaper lot in Houston and take the Metro Red Line or rideshare to the venue. If you are not from Houston and need an affordable garage space during the festival weekend, parking further away from the venue can help save time and money. No need to wait in line to get to your spot at the on-site lots, and your car can remain parked throughout the day.  

Street parking near White Oak Music Hall is limited and at least an 8-10 minutes walk away. But be careful and check signs before leaving your car on any street. Avoid towaway zones and time restriction penalties when you are attending an event. A parking ticket is more expensive than a secure garage space. 

It is easier to find affordable parking lots near White Oak Music Hall in Houston online – try parking apps like Way to get all your options in one place. Then, compare the deals and pick a garage or lot that suits your needs.  

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Find cheap parking near White Oak Music Hall in Houston for Hell's Heroes Festival


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