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Here’s how parking at Pittsburgh airport is now easier than ever!

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Has this ever happened to you? You are all set to go on vacation and drive up to your local airport only to find it has been revamped and things aren’t where they used to be anymore! With fewer people taking to the skies last year, airports used this time to renovate and modernize their terminals and parking facilities. If you happen to live in steel city, here’s a list of changes you could expect to find at Pittsburgh International Airport. These include revamped parking at Pittsburgh airport and an announcement that could end all your PIT parking woes.

New Economy Lot for parking at Pittsburgh airport 

Early in June, Pittsburgh International Airport announced that it had opened a new Economy parking lot for more budget-conscious travelers. The new Economy lot, which opened its gates on June 7, offers more affordable parking rates than other onsite lots at the airport. So, how much is it to park at Pittsburgh airport’s new Economy lot, you ask? Well, you can now find parking for as cheap as $7 a day at the new lot. However, this new Economy lot does not offer shuttle service like the other onsite lots. Located a bit further away from other onsite lots, it should take about 10 minutes to walk from your parking spot to the moving walkway that leads to the terminals. 

parking at Pittsburgh airport

What’s the next best option for cheap PIT airport parking? 

Apart from the new Economy lot, Pittsburgh International Airport also offers an Extended lot for affordable long-term parking. With a daily maximum rate of $9, the extended lot is the best onsite option for parking at Pittsburgh airport. If the Economy and Extended lots are fully occupied, your next bet is Long Term and Short Term Garages. However, these onsite parking options aren’t cheap at $16 and $27 a day.  

Are there even cheaper parking options near PIT? 

For the best long-term parking option, we recommend using a parking website or app like way.com to find cheaper offsite parking lots near the airport. On way.com, you could find long-term parking at PIT airport for as low as $4 a day at airport hotel parking lots. 

Apart from offering the most affordable rates for airport parking, offsite lots are a lot safer too! With well-lit lots and access only to parking customers, you can significantly reduce the risk of someone breaking into your car. Besides, offsite lots even offer 24-hour camera surveillance and lot attendants to keep an eye on the premises. What’s even better is the additional services they offer, such as free shuttle bus to and from the airport terminals and vehicle assistance like tire change, oil change, car wash, and even car detailing! So don’t forget to check out way.com before you set out for Pittsburgh International Airport. 

New pre-pay stations for Pittsburgh airport parking 

In a bid to speed up exit from the airport parking facilities, Pittsburgh airport has introduced four new pre-pay stations in addition to the previous ones. You can now find a pre-pay station for PIT airport parking in the landside terminal, moving walkway, baggage claims, and one by the parking shuttle. 

More parking spaces by 2025! 

Last month, Allegheny County Airport Authority received final approval to construct a brand-new terminal at Pittsburgh International Airport. The new terminal will use its own microgrid fuelled by five natural gas generators and 7800 solar panels to make it sustainable. PIT airport says the new facilities will generate enough energy to power over 13,000 residential homes. 

However, what’s even more likely to ease the lives of air travelers is the addition of new parking spaces at the new terminal. As a part of the new $1.4 billion Terminal Modernization Programme, PIT airport parking will receive a multi-modal complex with rental car facilities, several parking lots, and a parking garage with space for 3300 vehicles. Construction is likely to start in mid-September. 

parking at Pittsburgh airport

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