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Here’s How You Can Find the Best Colorado Rockies Parking

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Denver and baseball are inseparable. You can witness this when the fans cheer their lungs out for their home team every time you visit Coors Field. There’s nothing more heartbreaking for Colorado Rockies fans than watching their home team lose. And not finding a parking spot on the game day comes a close second. That’s why we’re here for you. On game days, you enjoy the ballgame while we make the Colorado Rockies parking easy for you.   

The Colorado Rockies are a Major League Baseball (MLB) team based in Denver. They compete in MLB as a member National League West division. The Rockies started playing in the MLB in 1993. The Mile High Stadium in Denver was their home stadium for the 1993 and 1994 seasons.

From the 1995 season, the Colorado Rockies play their home games in Coors Field in Denver. The Colorado Rockies is owned by the Monfort brothers and managed by Bud Black.   

What’s the Colorado Rockies schedule?  

This July, the Colorado Rockies will face Arizona Diamondbacks, Los Angeles Dodgers, San Diego Padres, Pittsburgh Pirates, Milwaukee Brewers, and Chicago White Sox in home and away games. The Rockies will be facing their biggest rivals, the Dodgers and Diamondback, in the July schedule.   

To know the complete Colorado Rockies schedule, check out this link.   

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Where can I get the Colorado Rockies tickets?   

The tickets for the Colorado Rockies can be purchased online on the official MLB website. The Coors Field offers single-game, season, and group tickets to watch the Rockies in action on game days. The tickets will get sold out fast for popular matches like the Rockies versus Dodgers and the Rockies versus Diamondbacks.   

Click here to know more about Colorado Rockies ticket prices and plans.   

What’s the home stadium of the Colorado Rockies?   

Coors Field baseball stadium, located in downtown Denver is the home stadium of the Colorado Rockies of MLB. The stadium was opened in 1995 and has since remained the home for the Rockies. The ballpark is located in Denver’s lower downtown neighborhood, just two blocks from Union Station.   

The stadium can seat up to 50,144 spectators on game days and is considered one of the country’s most ‘hitter-friendly’ stadiums.  

Colorado Rockies Parking

How to reach Coors Field on game day?   

Coors Field is located in Denver’s lower downtown, one of the busiest neighborhoods in the city. To reach the ballpark without any hassle, we recommend you have a transportation plan. Also, give yourself plenty of time to reach the stadium. Here are some transport options you can choose to reach the Coors Field:   

Car: The ballpark is located in downtown Denver and on game days, the roads leading to the stadium will be packed with vehicles. Therefore, it’s best to start early to bear the game-day traffic. Use the map below to find the exact location of the ballpark from your place.   

Light rail: Drive to the Broadway stop and catch a train to Union Station or 18th and Stout. The ballpark is located within walking distance of these stations.  

Bus: The Rockies Ride bus and rail service is an affordable and convenient option. This service will pick you up from any park and ride location surrounding Denver and drop you off just blocks from the ballpark.  

Where can I find on-site Colorado Rockies parking near Coors Field?   

Coors Field offers 4,300 parking spaces in its three parking lots. Fans can use the official Lots A, B, and C for Colorado Rockers parking on game days. The on-site parking lots open 2.5 hours before game time and can cost you $17-35 for a game. However, the parking lots get filled up quickly due to high demand and limited spaces. That’s why it’s always best to have an alternative parking option in your plans.   


What’s the best option for Colorado Rockies parking?   

Booking an off-site Colorado Rockies parking is your best bet. There are plenty of off-site parking lots and garages near the stadium that fans can use. Use a parking app like Way.com and book a Colorado Rockies parking near Coors Field.   

Where can I find cheap and affordable Colorado Rockies parking near Coors Field?   

You find affordable and budget-friendly Colorado Rockies parking spots on the Way.com app and website. Using Way.com, you can book the best parking lots and garages near the Coors Field for the lowest possible price.   

The booking process on the Way.com app and website is easy and hassle-free. Just enter your location from the list of lots and garages, choose one that suits you, and finally pay and book the guaranteed parking spot. Then, on game day, drive to the location, park your vehicle in the guaranteed spot and walk to the stadium to catch the Rockies in action.   

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