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Here’s how you can get great deals on Hollywood parking rates 

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There’s never going to be a dull moment when you’re visiting Hollywood, the home of the American Film Industry. If you’re going to swoon over something, it should be when meeting your favorite celebs and not on seeing the expensive Hollywood parking rates! Here are some pointers on how you can nab affordable Hollywood parking.

hollywood parking rates

There’s no way to describe the excitement of being in Hollywood, where your favorite celebrities live and work. From the Hollywood Walk of Fame to the Kodak Theater where the Oscars are held, Tinseltown is full of people to see and places to visit. While there is no dearth of parking lots and garages in the neighborhood, you’d do well to avoid being fleeced in the name of expensive Hollywood parking rates! Unfortunately, this is more likely as you’re going to be in a hurry and will park at the nearest Hollywood parking lot to your destination.

You can cut corners and save money using a simple hack. First, let’s run you through the conventional way most drivers find parking and the problems they face.

hollywood parking rates

Where can I find Hollywood parking?

It isn’t too hard to find Hollywood parking, especially since the neighborhood has always seen an influx of visitors from the film industry. Street parking is the preferred option for most drivers, which can be found throughout the neighborhood. You can find both metered and free parking spots along Hollywood Boulevard, Lexington Avenue, Santa Monica Boulevard, etc. Metered parking will cost you $2 for 2 hours of parking in most spots.

You can also park at parking lots that are present throughout the city. Lots like the Hollywood and Highland Center Mall have many spaces available where you can park safely at $2 for 4 hours. However, you will have to buy an item from the mall and have it validated. If not, you can still park at other parking lots throughout Hollywood that don’t have conditions.

How can I save on Hollywood parking rates?

While most parking lots are pretty cheap, there are ways in which you can nab better deals from more trustworthy providers. You can even upgrade your spot to a parking garage if you know where to find them! Want to know how?

Los Angeles parking is now easier when you use a parking app or website like Way.com. The advantage to this is that you can pre-book a spot at a dependable garage while getting a great deal on Hollywood parking at the same time!

How can I find lots with affordable Hollywood parking rates?

While parking is plentiful in Hollywood, what isn’t plentiful is the knowledge about where to find them. Also, there have been several low-quality lots that have come up that charge higher amounts for the same service. Thankfully, using the Way.com parking app is the simplest solution to your problem! Using its smooth interface and extensive inventory of Hollywood parking lots, the Way.com app will show you all available spots near your location in a jiffy.

Instead of exposing your car to the elements, you can book a swanky Hollywood parking garage for as low as $12 per day. That isn’t all – using Way.com also lets you access special vouchers and discounts to cut even more from your Hollywood parking rates. So don’t delay your plans any longer – book Hollywood parking in a snap and enjoy your time in Tinseltown!

hollywood parking rates

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