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The correlation of risk status and your car insurance premium

  • Cars Explained
  • Xavier Sabastian
  • 4 minutes

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Car insurance companies set their premiums based on risk status. Being graded as a high-risk driver does not have to last forever. You will affect how long your status lasts by keeping insurance always in place and enhancing your driving record.  Suppose you have been involved in accidents or have been cited for traffic violations. In that case, insurance providers will see you as a higher-risk driver, and the premiums will rise accordingly. 

Understanding how long you’re going to be a high-risk driver would encourage you to move to a better insurance policy as soon as possible. Below are some reasons you are identified as a high-risk driver and the impact each explanation has on your driving record.¬†

Reduce your high risk driver status
All-round car insurance

Getting tickets regularly

Minor breaches usually impact the insurance premiums for a span of three years. Suppose you are at high risk due to multiple tickets or injuries due to default. In that case, you will usually secure coverage with your chosen car insurance company until your oldest violation has fallen. Once three years have passed after the violation, it will be removed from your record. However, if you remain with the same company, you have to wait for your renewal to see a change in your rate.  Tell your insurance company to send you the dates of all your infringements. Switching to your favorite carrier the day after your violation falls off is a smart method to save money. Not all insurance companies are the same thing. Some count the tickets earned in the last two years. However, the term can be extended to three years for multiple tickets. 

Getting involved in a serious violation

A primary offense, such as a DUI, can affect your insurance rate for up to five years with some insurance companies. Some insurance providers do not raise premiums for as long. However, the preferred rate will probably not be available until five years have elapsed. A significant infringement typically comes with an additional provision from the state. The state wishes to be aware of your insurance plan at all times and to recognize that it meets the minimum standards of the state. To do this, you can add an SR-22 file to your auto insurance policy.  

Risk status is related to car insurance premium
Reduce your risk status

While the word “SR-22 insurance” can be confusing, SR-22 is not a form of insurance. It’s a requirement to file a policy with the state, and insurance providers charge extra for drivers who need an SR-22. You will have the same filing condition if you have been caught driving without auto insurance.¬†¬†Start looking for an insurance carrier that does not charge a surcharge for significant penalties after three years because the ticket is more than three years old. Start shopping again after five years to make sure you get the best car insurance possible.¬†

Getting car insurance for the first time

Paying a higher car insurance premium when you don’t have insurance is annoying. Car insurance is necessary to maintain at all times due to a lapse surcharge. A surcharge is an extra charge for your insurance. When you get auto insurance again, you’ll pay high-risk premiums for at least six continuous months.¬†¬†When you have a policy, it is in your best interest to have the same procedure for six months. If you turn before your six-month period is finished, you will have to start your six-month period, lengthening the time you pay the high-risk fee. You may be able to use several declaration pages to prove six months of coverage.

Many car insurance companies see a new car owner as having a higher risk status.

Many high-risk drivers invest more than their allotted time at high-risk rates because they do not maintain continuous insurance coverage. Your decisions will quickly impact the amount of time you need to get out of high-risk insurance premiums. More tickets and a lapse in coverage will stretch your high fares indefinitely. Keep your driving record in check and keep your insurance policy in place at all times to prevent high-risk premiums.

what happens if you get caught driving without insurance


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