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Hogs for the Cause 2023: Schedule, Lineup and Parking Info

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  • Silas Smith
  • 6 minutes

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A festival with music and food and uses the proceeds for a cause- that is the basic introduction to Hogs for the Cause festival. Along with good music, you will enter a whole new dimension of cooking meat. It is an annual festival, and the schedule for the Hogs for the Cause 2023 is out now. 

The festival has become a major celebration among New Orleanians throughout the years. But it is not just people from the city; music and food fans from all over the country gather around to witness the traditional way of cooking pig meat. If you are a beginner and are looking for a guide to the festival, we got you! Read more about the Hogs for the Cause lineup, schedule, tickets, and options for parking. 

Hogs for the Cause parking

What are Hogs for the Cause 2023? 

Hogs for the Cause is a BBQ and music festival that has been held annually since 2008. It takes place in New Orleans, and more than 30,000 people attend the different events. Hogs for a Cause is a fundraiser for children who have brain cancer and their families. The community is growing fast, and every year attendance is on the rise as well. In addition to good food, local artists entertain the attendees with music that fills your heart and soul. 

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When are Hogs for the Cause 2023? 

You can experience Hogs for the Cause 2023 on Friday, March 31, and Saturday, April 1. 

Where can you participate in Hogs for the Cause 2023? 

UNO Lakefront Arena inside the University of New Orleans campus will host the festival this year. There will be three stages for music concerts, and the arena grounds will be the venue for the numerous food stalls. Entry is free for kids aged ten and under. 

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Who will perform at Hogs for the Cause 2023? 

The bands and artists set to handle the musical part of the festival are given below. The Hogs for the Cause 2023 lineup will feature upcoming talents and some local veterans. 

  • St Paul and the Broken Bones 
  • The Devon Allman Project 
  • Shinyribs 
  • The Heavy Heavy 
  • The Sheepdogs 
  • The Deslondes 
  • Dark Side of the Swamp 
  • J and the Causeways 
  • Andrew Duhon 
  • Nolan Potter’s Nightmare Band 
  • Zita 
  • Charles Wesley Godwin 
  • Bartees Strange 
  • The Wilder Blue 
  • Ian Noe 
  • Daniel Donato’s Cosmic Country 
  • Jackie Venson 
  • Zach Person 
  • Tomar and the FCS 
  • The Stooges Brass Band 
  • Watson  

Highlights of Hogs for the Cause festival 

The festival welcomes more than 80 BBQ masters from all over the country. With a ticket to the event, you will get a wristband that allows you to pay for the food and drinks hands-free. The menu will feature different meat dishes, whole hogs, ribs, pork butt, sauce, and many other dishes. 

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How to get tickets for the festival? 

All Hogs for the Cause tickets are now available to purchase from the official website. There are four different kinds of passes you can buy right now. These include General Admission (GA), Judges passes, Boss Hog VIP, and Goin’ Ham Super VIP tickets. 

The GA tickets are available for grabs as 2-day and single-day variants. You can get a 2-day GA ticket for $99 or take the payment plan where you need to pay two payments of $55 each. When it comes to single-day GA passes, you need to pay $50 on Friday and $60 on Saturday, respectively. 

Similarly, the Boss Hog VIP pass for Friday and Saturday is sold for $219 and $249, respectively. Also, the 2-day Boss Hog VIP passes go for $449 per seat. The 2-day variants already have $75 on the wristband, which you can purchase food with. 

Judges pass go for higher charges and range from $80 to $170 for single-day and 2-day tickets. In addition, Goin’ Ham Super VIP passes are worth a whopping $1,000 for two days. It will include a $150 pre-loaded balance on your wristband. See the festival website for more details about each ticket. 

Is there on-site parking at UNO Lakefront Arenas? 

On-site parking is available on the arena premises. Since this is inside the university campus, the number of parking spaces will be too small to accommodate cars for a major music concert. Since Hogs for the Cause has three stages where performances will occur, the official spaces may not be enough. 

What are the different parking options for the Hogs for the Cause 2023 festival? 

Apart from parking facilities at the arena, you can look for street parking. But the neighborhood has multiple attractions that see a massive flow of tourists and other visitors. So finding vacant parking spaces on the street surrounding the arena is nearly impossible.  

Even though street parking is available and is cheap, it is better not to park there. There are chances of theft and parking tickets if you commit violations. Local parking authorities will issue hefty fines, and depending on the severity of the violation, your car might end up getting towed. 

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But private garages are available near the Hogs for the Cause 2023 venue. These are located within walking distance and have premium features like valet and contactless parking. You also get safety features like camera surveillance, and there will also be 24-hour security personnel at some off-site garages near UNO Lakefront Arena. 

How to find off-site garages near UNO Lakefront Arena? 

The easiest choice for finding an off-site garage near the Hogs for the Cause 2023 is by using online parking services. For instance, you can use the Way.com website to search for private garages near any location. Once you enter the Way.com website or the Way mobile app, input the location, entry, and exit times. After a short but thorough search, the app will list all garages near the area. Apart from the active garages and locations, you can also find the features they offer and the hourly charges. 

Once you have decided to pick a garage, pay the corresponding rates to complete the booking process. For events like Hogs for the Cause 2023, you can pre-book these spaces and get discounts and deals on parking charges by using Way.com. 

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