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The Rise of Theft in Catalytic Converters of Honda Vehicles

  • Car Theft
  • Xavier Sabastian
  • 4 minutes

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The thefts of catalytic converters in the Honda models are unfortunately higher. The police have issued a warning to drivers about the increase in thefts. While thieves can target practically any modern car, owners of Honda model cars should be highly cautious. 

The problem is that catalytic converter theft isn’t going away, and it is, in fact, steadily rising. Rhodium’s top price already hovering above $20,000 per ounce. Thieves are fully aware that as the price of precious metals rises. They will need to scrap more converters while prices are high to make a more significant profit.

Catalytic converters Honda

Why do thieves target Honda cars?

Honda cars are a target because they have hybrid systems. The catalytic converters of Honda cars will fetch more price when resold. Thieves who remove them with jacks and angle grinders find them relatively easy to steal. Thieves look to steal from Honda due to their larger engines and higher ground clearance and thus making the converters easier to take because of the elevated height. The catalytic converters of Honda are worth roughly $1650 on the black market. 

Will insurance cover the theft of the catalytic converter of Honda CRV?

Your comprehensive coverage on your car insurance covers a stolen catalytic converter. Comprehensive car insurance costs an average of $159 per year, and it’s well worth the money to safeguard against catalytic converter theft.¬†


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How to prevent catalytic converter theft in a Honda Accord?

  • Park safely:¬†The most straightforward (and cheapest) approach is to consider your parking options thoroughly. Garages are the safest option, but if that isn’t an option, look for driveways, well-lit areas, and sites with video surveillance instead.
  • Etch the converter:¬†Thieves will be deterred if you etch your license plate number or phone number on your catalytic converter. You may either get an etcher for roughly $20 and perform it yourself or hire a mechanic to do it for you. Some law enforcement authorities will offer you free assistance with this etching.
  • Rebar your converter:¬†You can weld a rebar cage around your converter with the help of a muffler shop. Thieves will be unable to cut off your converter due to the metal cage. The rebar work may set you back several hundred dollars.
  • Lock your converter:¬†We recommend adding locks to your converter for added security. You can purchase locks made specifically for your converter, and they usually retail for between $100 to $400 on the internet. Some locks are simple to install, while others may require the assistance of a mechanic.

Honda CRV is a target for catalytic converter theft

Is a Honda Element safe from catalytic converter theft?

Think again if you think your Honda Element is secure from catalytic converter theft. Owners are losing hard-earned money and valuable time due to the outbreak. Driving without a catalytic converter adds to the pollution in the air we breathe, and you are then exposed to significantly more hazardous exhaust gases.

It isn’t simply about the air that we breathe, and it all comes down to how it affects society. If a burglar steals your Element’s converter, you’ll be forced to pay for an unneeded repair. You’ll also need to take time away from work to drop off the vehicle, and you will lose crucial work time and much more money due to this.

Insurance premiums will rise for Honda due to catalytic converter theft

Will the insurance premium increase if you have a Honda car?

Premiums will be affected when more converters are stolen and more filed claims. Prepare to witness a rise in your insurance premiums if your car is a hot target and the insurance providers know it. There will be supply and demand expenses. The higher the demand for converters, the higher the price. You will be forced to have OEM catalytic converters in some places, where theft is rampant, and some of these converters are on backorder for weeks. 


Theft of catalytic converters is no laughing matter. Some people chuckle about it, but it is no laughing matter when it happens to you. This has happened to fine individuals‚ÄĒhardworking folks who rely on cars to get them where they need to go. Stolen converters contribute to increased air pollution and cost us all money in other ways.¬†

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