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What you need to know about Honda Civic Ground Clearance

  • Cars Explained
  • Xavier Sabastian
  • 5 minutes

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For ground clearance, the Honda Civic is your “middle-of-the-road” car. Let’s find out why Honda’s smart engineers gave the Civic exactly 6.7 inches (171 mm) of ground clearance.

The Honda Civic has a ground clearance of between 3.9 inches (100mm) and 6.9 inches (172mm), depending on the make and model year (175mm). Most trims of the 2021 Honda Civic have a ground clearance of 6.7 inches.

The Honda Civic was made to be a great car for both the city and the highway. It might not be as sporty as some supercars, but it gets good gas mileage and is fun to drive!

Honda Civic ground clearance

Honda Civic is fast, stylish, and affordable, but it is not a tough vehicle for off-roading. Knowing your beloved Civic’s specs is still a good idea to choose the right terrain. The Civic has eight trim levels, from the base LX to the top-of-the-line Touring. However, it doesn’t look like there is a difference in ground clearance between the trims.

The Honda Civic has been around since 1972, and this is the 11th generation of it. Over the years, it has changed quite a bit. According to reports, the Civic has had a ground clearance of anywhere from 3.9 inches to 6.9 inches throughout its life.

What is Ground Clearance? Why is it important?

Ground clearance, also known as ride height, is the distance between a level surface and the lowest non-tire component of a car. There is no perfect ground clearance measurement that fits all cars. The height of a car depends on what it is used for.

Cars typically have 4 to 6 inches of ground clearance, whereas most SUVs with adjustable suspensions have 6 to 8 inches. Therefore, four inches should be plenty for daily travel on asphalt roads. It is also the typical height for potholes and curbs, although you wouldn’t want to drive through them.

If your Honda tires are lower than four inches, you risk the safety and dependability of your car.

On the other hand, when off-roading, the numbers can be quite different. You’ll need a minimum of 6.6 to 8.7 inches when driving through gravel tracks while off-roading. If you want to drive on a 4×4 tough-graded track or go rock crawling, you need at least 10.8 inches wide tires.

Let’s find out why Honda’s smart engineers gave the Civic exactly 6.7 inches (171 mm) of ground clearance.

Honda's smart engineers gave the Civic exactly 6.7 inches (171 mm) of ground clearance

Does the Ground Clearance of Honda affect its drivability?

Ride height affects safety, visibility, speed, gas mileage, comfort, and how well the car handles. Back in the day, most people thought ground clearance wasn’t that important unless you were going off-roading. However, ride height greatly affects a car, even if it doesn’t look like it at first glance.


Most people drive on rough, dusty, or rocky terrain like high ground clearance. This makes perfect sense. If you tried to take a regular ride-height car off-road, you would need to get farther because the underbody would scrape against the ground and damage different parts of the car.

Let’s remember that pavement can sometimes be perfectly smooth. Also, if you’ve ever driven a sporty car over a speed bump or through a deep pothole, you know what a pain that can be.


Having enough ground clearance is important because it can help you see better. Sitting higher in a car with a high ride height can improve your visibility of other cars on the road. This is beneficial for safety and will prevent you from becoming stopped in traffic.


No research about the link between ride height and performance has ever been made public. But plenty of car fans have lifted their cars and said that raising the center of gravity makes the car roll more. In other words, it can be harder to handle.

Also, people who lift their cars above the normal level have noticed that they use a little more gas than they used to. This is because more air hits the wheels and tires of a higher car than it would on a lower car, making the car less aerodynamic. This also makes the performance worse. But the numbers only make a difference if speed is your main concern.


Comfort is only sometimes affected by ground clearance by itself. When a car’s ride height is high, the suspension system doesn’t have to be as stiff. This makes the ride more comfortable. But cars that are lower to the ground need stiffer suspensions, making them much less comfortable.

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Honda Civic car insurance

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