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Honda CR-V Radio Code: What you should know and how to find

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  • Xavier Sabastian
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Radio theft protection is provided through radio codes. Your radio will ask for a radio code if it loses contact with the battery, whether it was disconnected, died, or installed a new battery. You can only listen to music once you enter this code! Find more about your Honda CR-radio V’s code by reading on.

If you want to resume listening to music after your battery died or was disconnected, you must locate the radio code for your Honda CR-V. You may look up your radio code online, in your owner’s manual, or the glove compartment of your car.

Honda CR-V radio code: What you should know and how to find

What is the Honda CR-V Radio Code?

Your car radio is protected via radio codes if you own a Honda CR-V. This acts as an anti-theft precaution. Radio codes, however, can also get in the way of your enjoyment of music. You must locate your radio code to play your favorite music again if your radio won’t turn on after changing the battery.

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When replacing the battery, your Honda CR-V frequently asks for a radio code. The radio will request the code when the battery is disconnected or dead. The radio will typically automatically reset and resume functioning properly if you press and hold the power button for two seconds. You won’t need to enter the code. You will need to enter the Radio Code if this doesn’t work.

How to find the Radio Code for Honda CR-V?

The owner’s manual or glove box is the first place to seek the radio code. The code is on a sticker typically adhered to or put inside the glove box. You may also stick it in the owner’s manual. The radio serial number will also be printed on this sticker. A rendering of what it will look like is on the left.

You can also take it to your neighborhood Honda dealer, who can take care of it for you, to recover the radio code.

If a Honda dealer is out of your reach, you can also search for it online at https://radio-navicode.honda.com/.

To get the Honda radio code, you will require the following details:

  • Zip Code
  • Phone Number,
  • Email
  • Vin 
  • Serial Number

If your Honda is from 2002 or later, Set the car’s ignition to “on.” To start the radio, simultaneously press the preset buttons 1 and 6. On the radio display, there will be a 10-digit serial number. The serial number of your Honda could be found on the radio unit’s body if it was manufactured in 2001 or earlier. To view the code, the radio unit must be removed. Unless you can take it out and put it back in the radio unit without harming it, you should consider bringing the car to your neighborhood Honda dealer.

When replacing the battery, your Honda CR-V frequently asks for a radio code. The radio will request the code when the battery is disconnected or dead.

How to enter the code for Honda radio?

Use the radio preset buttons to enter the Honda radio code once you’ve located or obtained it. You should be able to use the radio again after entering the code.

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