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How to Identify, Prevent, and Control House Water Bugs

  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Sara Sam
  • 3 minutes

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If there is something that lives by the motto, all the world is a stage and makes an evening that just seemed almost perfect the worst, it could be these! We are talking about the house water bugs; calling them pesky is certainly not rude. They might scare you out of the blue but fear not; we’ll delve into the world of house water bugs and learn how to evict them from your home for good! 

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What are house water bugs? How do I identify them? 

House water bugs are insects that look similar to cockroaches but bigger in size when compared to the usual roaches. They can grow up to two inches and are reddish brown or black.  

Similarly, they might be named after water but cannot survive underwater for extended periods. However, they search for dampness once they enter our homes, even if it is rare compared to roaches entering our homes. In the same vein, it must be noted that they are not scavengers like roaches and instead eat other insects in the water. 

Are house water bugs poisonous? 

Firstly, house water bugs feed on insects they find in their habitat. However, they can bite when in danger, but it is not poisonous even though it pains. 

What are the signs of the bug infestation? 

  • Spotting them frequently in home. 
  • Pepper-like droppings in the house. 
  • Egg casings and skin shedding on the floor. 
  • If the infestation is big, the smell can be oily. 


How to get rid of house water bugs 

Here are the steps to get rid of house water bugs.   

Dry Up! 

A wet welcome is the last thing you want to give the house water bugs. Keep your home clean and dry to repel these moisture-loving pests. 

Fill in the gaps 

Water bugs are sneaky and can slip through the tiniest of cracks. Make sure to seal all openings in your home to keep them out. In other words, don’t give them a free pass. 

Keep them in check with screens 

Screens can keep the bugs from entering the rooms from outside to an extent.  

Snacks under wraps 

Wraps or rolls, store your food covered. In other words, sealing the food in airtight containers prevents them from being attracted to the food source they are looking out for. 

Do it yourself works the best 

Several DIY hacks can keep these bugs under check. For example, lemon juice and baking soda can repel insects. For consistent results, use lemon or baking soda while cleaning or in the areas you suspect the infestation. 

Similarly, boric acid, essential oils, and vinegar can also help with the water bug infestation.  

Stick to the Traps 

Place sticky traps at places where you suspect bug activity. This will certainly ensure that the bugs will be trapped at any time, even when you believe it’s all gone.


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