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How Can I Check a Car’s History for Free? All You Need to Know

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How can I check a car’s history for free? This is a question that many buyers often ask while making their choice. However, there are some easy and quick ways to do this. A car’s history includes all the details of the car that a buyer needs to know before purchasing it. Some details you wouldn’t want to miss are the previous users, location, accident history, and other background information.Ā 

Not checking a car’s history before you buy it can also get you in trouble. There are several problems which you are likely to face. Firstly, the car might have a history of accidents you are unaware of. Secondly, there can be a lien on the car, which you may need to pay off. Else, the car is likely to be registered in the name of the lien. Renewal details are also a part of the car’s history. Let’s look at some easy ways to check a car’s history for free.

How Can I Check a Car's History for Free? All You Need to Know

How can I check a car’s history for free?

If you are still wondering how to check your car’s history, here are the best tips to follow:

Download a Free Vehicle History Report

Getting a free vehicle history report can be done easily online. For this, all you need to do is to share a few mandatory details. One of them is the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This number helps you get the most important details like the ownership history, the title history, and other minute information. To get these details, you need to enter your zip code, license plate number, and state. If you get a clean record, it means that the car is safe to use.

Check car service history with the dealer.

First, explain your genuine interest in buying the car to the dealer. Also, try to get as much information as possible while confirming your interest. Similarly, ask them to share the Vehicle History Report (VHR). Make sure you get the complete VHR before you own the car fully. Most importantly, check the car service history and verify how genuine the details are from the dealer’s end.

Get a free scam check.

Before buying a car, doubly make sure that your car doesn’t have a spam report. Then, visit the NICB website, where you’ll need to enter your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). Once you do this, specifically visit the VIN check page. As you type the VIN, you can see all the details about your car for the past five years. You can easily get the details of five searches on any car using your IP address.

Benefits of checking a car’s service history

Here are some benefits you can get when you check a car’s service history:

Helps understand previous maintenance

When you check car accident history, you also understand the nature of services. In other words, you get a clearer picture of the other hidden damages. Sometimes, there are no details about the previous users even when the car is on sale.

When you check the history, you get an idea about the nature of past users and other additional details of the car. This also helps you get a clearer picture of how well you can take care of the car. Hence, it is crucial to double-check the service record well before you make your choice.

Helps understand the ownership nature

The nature of ownership not only means the details of the car but also of the past owners. An improper condition or reports of service shows a lack of maintenance. An owner who maintains his car well also keeps proof of its records of purchase and service.

It’s best to keep the proofs of maintenance either as hard copies or soft copies. This helps greatly when you plan to sell off your car. Most buyers check car service history mainly before making their purchase.

Warranties spare parts replacement

It is good to keep track of when your car goes for a repair and how much it costs. The best way to check car service history is to keep copies of the bills for your reference. This helps you evaluate the condition of your vehicle and the maintenance costs spent on it. Also, make sure to systematically collect the proofs of your spare parts replacement which is a major part of your car’s service history.

Improves resale value

Good resale value is one of the main signs of a well-maintained car. For low and high-mileage cars, a fair resale value is important. The mileage reports also reflect how well the car has been maintained regularly after an accident. Every buyer ensures that the car is in good condition while buying.

How Can I Check a Car's History for Free? All You Need to Know

Where to check car service history?

Many websites allow you to check your car service history easily. Here are some of the websites you may follow:

National Insurance Crime Bureau

The NICB, as it is called, is one way to check car service history for free. It helps you find your car’s minute details, including the history and certificates. This website allows you to check the details of five cars using the same IP address at a time.


This is one of the more credible websites to check a car’s history for free. It gives you all the information you need regarding your car, including fuel efficiency and user feedback. VehicleHistory.com also allows you to get the details of accident history and other details you might be unaware of. Furthermore, it gives you the price of the car or its spare parts separately in case the car goes on sale.

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