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How Can I Choose the Best Car Wash Near Me?  

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  • Renee Martin
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Finding time in the fast-paced modern world is probably one of the most tedious tasks we have on our hands today. Even if we do find the time, managing free time is difficult. In such a scenariofinding time to look after or wash your car can be quite a challenge. However, there are plenty of car washes scattered across the country that do the job at reasonable prices. However, choosing the best car wash near me is a question that haunts car owners so much that they often have to scramble all over the internet to find an answer. So, is it really that difficult to choose the best car wash services nearby? I would probably say no. If you have a clear picture of what you expect from the car wash services, choosing the best car wash is quite easy.  However, it would be wise to ask yourself the question – Is the car wash near me that I chose the best option? Does it meet all my requirements, and that too at rates that fit my budget? Always think about factors like these before heading out for the car wash and detailing services.

This blog has been updated on June 30, 2021


Why you should consider a commercial car wash

Commercial Car Wash

Before we start discussing the various criteria for choosing the best car wash service nearby, let’s talk about why it’s always best to consider a commercial car wash. Number one, and probably the best answer to this query, would be the assurance of preventing damages to the car like scratches and damages to the car’s paint and protection coating. You also don’t have to worry about wastewater as car wash services all have storm drains that allow the wastewater to drain into rivers or streams. If that is not enough, commercial car wash services ensure that you save lots of time and energy you would otherwise spend on washing your car. Remember, always ask yourself if the car wash service near me that I chose covers the services I am looking forward to, in terms of quality and expense!  

Things to keep in mind while choosing a car wash service

Choosing a Car Wash Service

  1. Research – There are plenty of car wash services in all of the cities, and while online reviews are credible to a certain extent, they are never foolproof. You can either trust verified car wash and detailing vendors or go through authentic reviews on websites like yelp to help you come to a decision.  
  2. Site Inspection – Once you see a car wash service that offers high-quality services like an automatic car washdetailing services, and mobile detailing, along with a good number of positive reviews, head over there. Check out the services for yourself first before decidingIf the car wash has a gas station, premium car wash facilities, and mobile car wash facilities, look no further and go for it!  
  3. Stay Updated – If you are someone who reads newspapers regularly, you will notice that there are plenty of discounts, even for full service, and special offers on certain days for car washing and detailing services. A fair amount of such offers also include bundled deals that provide several services together at a relatively lower amount than you would typically pay. Such deals also come with free add-ons like free oil change, so make the most of them 
  4. Quality First – It would also be a good idea to put quality first rather than going for cheaper deals. Cars are long-term investments, and in the long run, opting for professional services instead of more affordable alternatives would ensure that your car retains features like paint protection coating. Automatic full car washes and drive-thru car washes are probably some of the most expensive car wash options. However, they make sure that you have a clean car, internally and externally.  
  5. Reach Out – If you are heading towards a new car wash and detailing vendor and are unsure about the services they provide, stop right now. Pick up your phone and call either your car dealer from where you purchased your car, a friend who maintains a clean car or your friendly neighborhood mechanic who makes sure everything in your car is good to drive. They would definitely have an idea about the quality of services offered at the car wash you are heading towards, or provide suggestions for alternative car wash options. Websites like Way.com also provide detailed information about car wash services.

Tips to keep your car clean

How to Keep Your Car Clean

While we have already covered the essential criteria to help you choose the perfect car wash, there are still more options to consider that can help you keep your car clean in the first place. The important thing to do would be to not get it dirty beyond the condition that you would have to hard scrub the dirt off from the car’s bodywork. Apart from that, it is also best to never hesitate when it comes to going for a DIY car wash at home. However, it is still best to leave car detailing services to professionals. You should also ideally want to put in at least one commercial car wash every month or two to make sure that your car maintains the shine.  


Websites and apps like Way.com offer professional and top-rated car wash services at great prices. What’s more, the whole family can get in on the sudsy action thanks to Way.com’s Carwash Voucher and Family Car Wash Pass that can be used on multiple (that’s right, multiple) vehicles!


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