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How Can You Prevent Items Being Stolen from Your Car?

  • Auto Insurance
  • Xavier Sabastian
  • 6 minutes

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Have you been a victim of a car break-in? Have things been stolen from your car while you were away? Thieves are likely to steal certain things more than others. While you really can’t help things like someone stealing car parts, you can reduce the odds of your car being broken into. How? By making sure not to leave some of these smaller items lying around in plain sight.

When you own something, there’s always the possibility that someone may steal it. There is danger even in quiet sleepy towns where people leave their doors unlocked. Cars are no exception. Even if they don’t steal you car, burglars are likely to steal what is inside your car. In today’s world of surveillance and technology, car break-ins are swift and practically seamless.

 Click here for your printable PDF checklist of things likely to be stolen from cars.

Things are worse during the holidays. It’s almost as if burglars roll up their sleeves when a holiday season begins and get to work. Let’s look at an instance. You park your car in a parking lot, thinking that it is safe while you go get some groceries. When you return, to your horror, you’ll see that some has broken into your car and stolen your possessions.

“Does car insurance cover theft?” is one of the first questions you’ll ask yourself. Depending on the situation and the sort of auto insurance you have, insurance may or may not cover theft. Theft and break-in repair charges are frequently covered under comprehensive coverage.
Our research shows the following as the top ten most stolen items from a car:

Top 10 items stolen from cars

Many people believe that their car insurance covers everything in their car, but this is not true. Comprehensive car insurance only covers components and features of the car that are permanent, or are pre-installed. If you leave them inside your car, it will not cover your goods, such as an iPod or wallet.

However, a homeowners or renters insurance policy would certainly cover these items. Suppose someone steals your car with your personal items inside. In that case, you’d have to make two claims: one with your auto insurance and another with your homeowners’ insurance.

top items stolen

How can I prevent things from being stolen from my car?

Here’s how you can prevent theft from your car:

Lock your doors

The first step in preventing a thief is to keep your doors secure. It’s a good idea to develop the practice of checking your automobile doors.

Take your keys out of the vehicle

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, never leave your keys in the ignition (NICB). A robber can simply break a window and drive away if your key is in the ignition. Firestone advises against leaving your car running, even if you’re just running a quick errand. A running vehicle might be a tempting target for a burglar, especially if it is unattended or unsecured.

Do not leave the spare key.

When you leave your automobile, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends taking your keys with you. Some individuals store a spare key beneath their car or in the glove box if they get locked out. But criminals know where to look for a spare key. While being locked out of your car is inconvenient, consider the inconvenience of having your car stolen.

Keep the windows closed

According to the NICB, keep your windows totally closed. A burglar can simply reach into your car through an open window and grab everything they can reach. Or they can unlock the door to obtain complete access to your vehicle and everything inside it.

Park in brightly-lit areas

Avoid parking in poorly lit locations or deserted places that don’t have many passers-by. Parking beneath a light and in a well-trafficked location is a simple solution. Thieves may be deterred if they know they may easily be seen.

Install an audible alarm system and an anti-theft device

If your car does not come with an audible alarm system, you should buy and install one. An audible alarm is meant to make a loud noise, typically the automobile horn, if someone tries to enter the vehicle while the alarm is activated. According to the NHTSA, the unwelcome attention garnered by the noise may deter a potential burglar.

There are many different car alarms, but keep in mind that you may need to have a mechanic or alarm professional install them for you. Especially if the installation entails working with the vehicle’s wiring system.

Visible measures such as a steering wheel lock, window etching, or the flashing light of an alarm system may be enough to deter a car thief. If they are unsure whether they can get away with the automobile quietly or if they feel that it’s a risk, they’ll avoid your vehicle.

Invest in a vehicle immobilizer system

Thieves can bypass your ignition by “hotwiring” your car. But you can assist prevent this by utilizing a vehicle immobilizer system. According to the NICB, Immobilizer systems may include smart keys, kill switches, and wireless ignition authentication. They’ll essentially disable the vehicle, making it impossible for a thief to steal it. According to Angi, you may need to have a mechanic or specialist experienced with the vehicle’s wiring and computer systems install the immobilizer.

Set up a tracking system

You should think about installing a tracking system, commonly known as a car recovery system. (As with the other alarms, you may need to have the device installed by a professional.) If someone steals your vehicl, this tracking device will use wireless and/or GPS technology to send a signal to the police or a monitoring agency. The signal indicates the whereabouts of your vehicle, according to the NICB. This may aid the police in locating your vehicle more quickly.

Don’t leave valuables in your car

One strategy to entice a burglar is to leave a pocketbook, cell phone, or other valuable objects in a prominent location in your vehicle. You should leave anything of value at home, but keep it hidden if you must bring something valuable. Firestone also advises putting valuables in the trunk before leaving the house since some burglars scout parking lots for people moving stuff to their trunk. Once you’ve exited the vehicle, they’ll open the trunk and take everything you’ve stored away.

Be aware

According to PropertyCasualty360.com, when parking your automobile, you should be mindful of your surroundings. If you are concerned about the safety of your vehicle or notice someone lurking around the parking lot, park elsewhere. Before you step out of you car, make sure you close the windows and doors.

Auto insurance theft

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