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How dangerous is a dirty car – Everything you need to know

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Do you drive a dirty car? Dirty cars are not just an eyesore; driving one can even put your life at risk! In this post, we’re breaking down the dangers of driving a dirty car.     

Let’s accept it we all have, at some point, skipped our car wash schedule because of an urgent meeting or due to an emergency. That’s quite alright. However, some car owners don’t clean their cars for days. Soon, the days become weeks, and weeks become months. If you’re one of them, we think it’s time to start cleaning your vehicle. By driving a dirty car, you’re putting your life and the lives of your loved ones at risk! Read the post to know the dangers of driving a dirty car.     

Messy interior and loose objects can cause distractions

According to a study published by Princeton University, visual clutter can affect our brain’s ability to pay attention. That means a messy car interior can cause distractions and stress while you’re driving. Also, a sudden stop or a sharp turn will send all the loose objects in your car flying, which can compromise your safety and the passengers. To avoid this, we recommend you keep things organized and stop accumulating objects on top of your dashboard. Ensure you store the loose objects in the console compartment, glove compartment, or other places where they don’t distract you.   

A dirty windshield

A dirty windshield can ruin your visibility 

Dirt, dust, grime, salt, and other contaminants will build on your car’s exterior if you don’t wash it regularly. This applies to your car’s windshields and mirrors too. Bird droppings, pollen, leaf stains can make them look dirty and ruin your visibility. Remember, clean car windshields and wipers play a vital role in creating a safe driving experience. Therefore, you need to keep them spotless all the time. Use a window glass cleaner and microfiber towel and remove any dirt as soon as you spot them.  

Can cause rust spots on your car  

In a dirty car, the contaminants will first attack the paint and clear coat. That means your car’s metal will be exposed to water and moisture in the air. You don’t have to be a geek to know that water and moisture can lead to rusting of your car. If the damage is severe, no amount of paint correction can bring back the lost sheen. To avoid corrosion and further damage, wash your car regularly to get rid of the pesky mud and dirt. If you don’t have time to wash your car at home, visit a professional car wash near you.   

A dirty car interior can ruin your health  

An unclean car interior could be breeding millions of germs and bacteria. These germs can cause food poisoning, skin disorders, nausea, or worse, damage your immune system completely. To keep your car’s interior spotless, we recommend you clean it at least once a month. Clear off all the trash inside your car – don’t let them accumulate. Clean your car’s surfaces like the console, gearbox, and steering wheel. 

Additionally, remove any pet hairs, dust, pollen, and other contaminants that tend to accumulate. Don’t forget to clean your car’s air conditioning system – car AC cleaning plays a major role in your respiratory health. Also, while cleaning the interior, pay special attention to your car seats. Vacuum the seats to get rid of the dirt. Clean the using a car seat cleaner and dry them.     

A clean car can positively contribute to your vehicle’s health, increase longevity, and create a safe driving environment. Yes, finding car washes that offer you the best cleaning experience is a rarity these days. But, not if you use Way.com. On Way.com, you can find affordable, top-rated car washes near you in a few clicks. Start using the Way.com app (available on iOS and Android) or website for hassle-free vehicle maintenance. Start a regular car detailing and washing schedule and follow it.


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