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How Denver Airport expansion will affect DIA parking

  • Air Travel
  • Gerard Stevens
  • 6 minutes

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Denver International Airport (DEN), also called DIA, is currently undergoing two concurrent construction projects to increase airport capacity. The ‚ÄėGreat Hall‚Äô project will enlarge the existing terminal by adding a new security checkpoint at the northwest corner of the Jeppesen Terminal. The second phase of this project began in July. The first phase is expected to be completed by late 2021, followed by the second in mid-2024. The gate expansion project will improve the airport‚Äôs gate capacity by adding 39 concourse gates. The work is expected to be completed by late 2021, with the gates being operational in 2022. How will the expansion projects affect DIA parking, which served more than 60 million passengers before the pandemic? Will it be harder to find parking at Denver Airport? So, there are chances that DIA parking rates may rise as the onsite parking lots become more crowded.¬†

About Denver Airport parking 

The airport has approximately 44,000 parking spaces and provides both short-term and long-term onsite parking through four lots. Though the airport has plenty of parking, you may be aware of how difficult it is to find parking in one of the country’s busiest airports. Given that DIA parking rates are not cheap, it is always a good idea to plan ahead of time for DIA parking before driving to the airport. Arrive early at the airport to avoid driving around the parking lots, searching for a safe parking spot! 

Onsite parking at Denver Airport 

The airport offers onsite parking via four main lots ‚Äď Garage (East and West), Economy (East and West), Shuttle, and Short Term (East and West).¬†¬†

Long-term DIA parking  

The Economy and Shuttle lots are the ideal options if you are looking for long-term parking.  

Economy: The East and West Economy lots are located on the east and west side of Jeppesen Terminal, just beyond Garage East parking. The Economy Lot is a popular choice for travelers who want to park within walking distance of the terminal but at a lower DIA parking rate. Getting a daily parking spot in this lot charges you $17 per day. The rate comes down to $15 after the third day. The lot offers shuttle services, facilitating dropoff and pickup for the passengers at the Den Transit Center.  

Shuttle: The Pikes Peak and Mt. Elbert are the two main Shuttle lots that offer the most economical DIA parking rates through more than 17,500 parking spaces. Pikes Peak lot is the primary shuttle lot. Currently, both the lots are closed! When open, parking in shuttle lots will cost you $8 per day. Shuttle service is offered from the shelters every 7-10 minutes.  

Short-term DIA parking 

Garage: The East and West Garage lots are near the Jeppesen Terminal. This lot offers covered and uncovered parking, and the short-term rate starts at $5 per hour. Using daily parking in this lot will cost you $28 per day.  

Short Term: Located on the Arrivals level (level 4) in East and West Garages, this lot provides convenient and quick access to Jeppesen Terminal. These covered parking spaces are ideal if you drive to the airport to drop off or pick up someone. Parking at this lot charges you $6 per hour. Be mindful not to use this parking lot for daily parking, which will cost you a whopping $144 per day!  

Shuttle and Economy: These lots also offer affordable rates for parking in Denver Airport. The Economy lot charges you $5 per hour for short-term parking. In comparison, Pikes parking in DIA costs you only $2 per hour. You will be redirected to the Mt. Elbert lot if Pikes parking in DIA gets full. You can park your car in the Mt. Elbert lot at the same rate. 

Since the Shuttle lot is temporarily closed, make sure you arrive early at the airport to get an onsite parking spot. Also, having a clear idea of the DIA parking map will help you find the lots quickly.  

DIA Parking

Other parking options  

61st and Pe√Īa parking managed by the City and County of Denver, Denver International Airport, is located on RTD‚Äôs University of Colorado A Line. The lot has 800 parking spaces, of which 609 are beneath canopies that double as solar electric panels. Parking at this lot charges you $3 per 12 hours,¬†up to a maximum of $6 per day. Be mindful that there is no shuttle or bus service from this lot, and parking is allowed on a first-come, first-serve basis, only by prepaying. This lot is a good option if the parking in DIA gets full and you want to get one at a lower DIA parking rate.¬†

Offsite parking options near Denver Airport 

It is never easy to get an onsite parking spot in one of the world’s busiest airports. Often you might have missed out on the spots due to the last-minute rush or due to the high parking rates in onsite lots. You could always check for the offsite garages and lots near the airport which offers secure parking at lower rates. You can get hourly parking in many of these garages for as low as $1 per hour! Even they offer affordable rates for daily parking starting as little as $3 per day. You can get affordable parking near the airport with great amenities by booking through their apps or websites. Or always use the Way.com app or website to get unbelievable deals for Denver Airport parking! 

About Denver Airport 

Denver Airport¬†is located at 8500 Pena Blvd, Denver, CO ‚Äď 80249. Since the airport features onsite lots that get filled up soon, it is always wise to have a clear-cut idea of the location of these lots. The DIA parking map will help you identify a parking spot in advance based on the direction from where you‚Äôre coming.¬†

DIA Parking Map

DIA Parking

Tips for parking in DIA

  • Arrive early at the airport if you want to get a secure parking spot.¬†
  • Always have an idea of the onsite lots if you want to get affordable DIA parking rates.¬†
  • Accessible parking is available in all the onsite lots except Level 3 of the Garage lot.¬†¬†
  • 36 EV charging stations are available in Level 1 of the Garage (East and West) lot.¬†¬†
  • Around 18 parking spots for hybrid vehicles are¬†available¬†in Garage and Economy lots.¬†
  • The¬†‚ÄėRemember where I parked‚Äô¬†feature on the airport‚Äôs website allows you to record your parking location. On returning, you¬†can¬†access this feature to find your vehicle¬†quickly.¬†¬†¬†
  • The¬†‚ÄėParking Fee Estimator‚Äô¬†feature on the airport‚Äôs website will give you an estimate of parking costs in airport garages based on the date and time you choose. The feature helps you choose¬†a¬†suitable¬†parking space in advance at the best DIA parking rate.¬†¬†
  • Short Term lot doesn’t allow overnight parking.
  • The Pikes Peak¬†parking in DIA and Mt. Elbert lots are currently closed. Plan well if you want to get an assured onsite parking spot.¬†
  • Final Approach, the Cell Phone lot in DIA has around 253 parking spaces offering free parking.¬†
  • Always have a clear idea of the DIA parking map to make it easy to locate the lots.¬†¬†¬†

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