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How do I get from Terminal 1 to Terminal 4 at LAX Airport?

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The odds are high that you may need to fly out of LAX Airport if you’re in Los Angeles or while making a flight transfer. With more than 700 flights every day, LAX is one of the busiest airports in North America. And, the airport covers an area of 3,500 acres. With major construction works going at LAX Airport, the terminals and the airport road often get heavily congested. So, is it hard to get around and between terminals at LAX? Are the terminals well connected? Here’s some information about the LAX terminals and how to get between the terminals.  

LAX Airport Terminal

About LAX Airport 

LAX Airport is around 18 miles southwest of the city¬†center. The airport is located in the Westchester district. The airport has nine¬†main terminals¬†built in a giant U or horseshoe design¬†–¬†Terminals 1-8 and Tom Bradley International Terminal (Terminal B).¬†These are either connected by an airside or¬†a¬†landside walkway.¬†¬†

Pre-security ground transportation: Do you want to travel between the terminals? You can use the terminal shuttle service that operates in a counter-clockwise loop with stops at each terminal. Get into the shuttle from outside the terminal on the lower level under ‚ÄėLAX Shuttle & Airline Connections.‚Äô The buses depart every 10 minutes, and it takes around two minutes to travel between the terminals. ¬†

What should you do if shuttle buses are crowded? You can walk the same route via public sidewalks.    

How to get from Terminal 1 to Terminal 4 

Be aware that Terminal 1 is the only terminal in LAX airport that is not connected to the other terminals. So, the only way to reach Terminal 4 is to either walk or use the shuttle bus to reach the shuttle bus. Walking or taking the shuttle to Terminal 4 requires you to exit security. So, you will have to re-clear security on reaching Terminal 4. Ideally, walking from Terminal 1 to Terminal 4 takes around 20 minutes. When connecting from Terminal 1, you have to exit the terminal on the lower level from baggage claim via doors L1-06 or L1-07. Go across the road to the pick-up lane, and get the terminal shuttle bus. 

Moving between Terminals 2 and 3 

A landside walkway connects both terminals. You will have to re-clear security to move between these terminals or from Terminal 2 to any other terminal. Unless you take the airside shuttle bus to Terminal 2, security clearance is needed to connect from Terminal 3 to 2 and other terminals. When connecting from Terminal 2, you have to exit on the lower level from baggage claim through doors L1-05. Get across the road to the shuttle pick-up lane, and take the terminal shuttle bus. When connecting from Terminal 3, you have to exit from the baggage claim on the lower level. You will have two areas to board the shuttle bus.  

LAX Airport parking

Terminal 4 at LAX Airport 

It is the best-connected terminal in the airport. Terminal 4 connects to terminals 5,6,7, and 8 via an underground airside walkway. Every terminal connects to the next terminal in the same way that you don’t need to re-clear security while moving between these terminals. Terminal 4 also connects to Terminal B through an airside connector bridge. A security clearance is not needed when you get back to Terminal 4 from the international terminal.  

Other terminals 

Terminal 5: It connects to terminals 4 and 6 via an underground airside walkway. You will have to re-clear security if you want to connect to Terminal 3. 

Terminal 6: This terminal connects to Terminal 5 via an underground airside walkway and Terminal 7 through an above-ground airside walkway. Use the airside to connect to terminals 4,5,8, and the international terminal without re-clearing the security. To connect to terminals 1-3, you have to exit the baggage claim through door L1-05. The shuttle bus stop is located across the road. 

Terminal 7 and 8: Both these terminals share the same security point. An above-ground airside walkway connects Terminal 7 with Terminal 8 and Terminal 6. 

Tom Bradley International Terminal  

Terminal B is the largest terminal in LAX Airport and is on the airport’s west side. Terminal B connects to terminals 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 via a connector bridge. A dedicated security checkpoint is there at the bridge for the passengers arriving on international flights and connecting to terminals 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.  

LAX Airport Parking offer

Essential info on LAX Airport terminals 

  • Use the Terminal Shuttle Bus if you need to travel between the terminals before security check.¬†
  • Terminal 1 doesn‚Äôt connect to any other terminals.¬†¬†
  • Walking to the following terminal is a good option if the shuttle buses are crowded.¬†¬†
  • Terminal 4 is the best-connected terminal.¬†¬†
  • Currently, the CTA Parking garage only offers onsite LAX parking. The onsite parking spots tend to fill up fast. However, many offsite garages offer secure and affordable parking near the airport. Use the Way.com app¬†or website to reserve LAX parking at cheaper rates with great amenities.¬†¬†¬†

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