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Cars in the Mall! How Did They Get the Car Inside?

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Oftentimes, when we go to the mall, display models of cars are a common sight. They even hold special shows to unveil new models of cars. But there was always this question in everyone’s mind- how do they get the cars in the mall?

Most Malls have special large doors that bring bulky items and large shipments, including cars. Dealers get cars in the Mall by driving them right in! However, the cars don’t enter through the same doors as shoppers.¬†

Most Malls have special larger doors for bulky items and large shipments, including cars intended to go on display. 

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What are the benefits of displaying Cars inside Malls? 

Marketing Purposes 

Displaying the car in the mall is free promotion. 

Displaying a New Model 

Automobile manufacturers want to ensure everyone knows all the amenities offered in their automobiles because most people love brand-new, shiny things. 

Increase Sales During Slow Periods 

It’s possible to use automobiles to boost mall attendance during slow times. In turn, this increases sales with the increased traffic in the mall. Thus it is mutually beneficial for both the mall and the dealership.¬†

Expand customer base

When a dealership puts cars in the mall, it is an excellent opportunity to expand its customer base. They can introduce their brand to individuals who might not have been familiar with it before. 

To advertise the new and updated features of the car

New features are hard to spot in an ad, so the car is driven into a mall and displayed for the public to experience firsthand for themselves. 

Looking at a car in a mall is more comfortable than doing it in a dealership. You can take a look at the new features without salespeople disturbing you  

What are the methods for getting Cars inside the Mall? 

Driving in Through the Back Entrance 

The most common method is to use the back entrance of the mall. The doors are usually wider in the back, making maneuvering the car easier. In addition, most malls usually use the back entrance as a delivery landing spot. Most shopping malls have dedicated loading spots and special drive-in points. 

The dealership will need to arrange a time with the mall when they can drive the car in through this entrance. They will need to be careful, however, as there will be pedestrians walking around, and they will need to take care not to hit anyone. 

The dealership usually arranges and fixes a time with the mall when they can drive the car through this entrance. They will be cautious, however, as pedestrians will be walking around, and they will need to take care not to hit anyone. 

Driving in Through the Special Entrance 

Another option is driving the vehicle through a designated entryway for this purpose. This is the most frequently used entrance when a new car model needs to be unveiled to the public. 

It is usually located at the front of the mall so everyone can see it when they walk in. In addition, this is an excellent way to generate interest in the car.   

Driving in Through the Removable Doors  

Sometimes, the dealership may need to remove the car’s doors before driving it into the mall. Otherwise, the car may be too wide to fit through the doors.¬†

When the mall does not have a wide enough entrance, the dealership must remove the doors and put them back on once they have parked the car. Some malls have removable doors, but this is more time-consuming and requires technically skilled employees. 


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