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How Does Car Washing Affect the Electrical System? 

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And all of us are ready to spend time and money on a proper car wash. But, one question that often crosses our minds when we plan to get our car washed is – how does car washing affect the electrical system? It is a fact that water and electricity do not get along. But does that mean that the electrical systems in a car get damaged while washing? It is vital to know what you can and cannot wash in your car if you’re someone who does regular car maintenance. It will help you avoid any damage to the electrical systems. Our blog will give you detailed info about how does car washing affects the electrical system. Follow it and have a safe car wash!  

Does car washing affect the electrical system?  

Not necessarily. Car washing includes washing a car’s interior, exterior, engine, and undercarriage. The tools and cleaning procedures used are different for these parts. For instance, water is a must for exterior car washing, and however, interior cleaning requires only cleaners and a cloth. Be aware that all car washes don’t damage the electrical system or the battery. But, always be careful while doing engine bay washing. Many electrical components will get damaged if not done properly, resulting in a dead battery. Continue reading to know about how does car washing affects the electrical system. 

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Does washing your car’s exterior affect the electrical system? 

Exterior car washing always gives you a safe feeling. We’re sure that water won’t enter the car and damage the electrical components or battery. The engine bay and battery remain safe while doing an exterior wash. Also, you needn’t worry about the incoming water in the hood as it goes straight to the ground. So, there is no reason to be tensed as no electrical systems get damaged while external washing.  

Does washing your car’s interior affect the electrical system? 

The electrical system is safe in the car’s interior. It may have exposed wires, but they will be in inaccessible places. First of all, we can’t clean the car’s interior with water. We usually use a vacuum cleaner, seat cleaners, or upholstery cleaners for this. Since the mats are cleaned by taking them outside, there isn’t a reason to worry. If water passes through the board, AC, or radio, the electrical system can get damaged. It won’t happen as cleaners or clothes are used for car interior cleaning. You can spray the cleaner on the interior parts and wipe gently with a cloth. So, interior car cleaning doesn’t threaten electrical systems as long as you do it correctly! 

Does washing your car’s engine bay affect the electrical system? 

How does car washing affect the electrical system? The answer will be ‘bad’ if you aren’t careful while washing the engine bay. First of all, we use a degreaser to clean a car’s engine. Rinse it with a power washer or garden hose after degreasing it. But be aware that water can damage some electrical components in the engine bay. Though they have protection, you can’t be 100% sure. Also, the battery is located very close to the engine. Loads of water can bring significant damage to the electrical components and battery. But, there are some ways to protect the components and battery.  

  • Remove the battery while washing the engine bay. 
  • Also, disconnect the negative terminal to stop the electrical current.  
  • Cover the electrical components with a plastic cover while washing for extra safety.  

Does washing your car’s undercarriage affect the electrical system? 

Cleaning your car’s undercarriage is a complex process. But, be happy that no electrical system will be damaged while cleaning the undercarriage. It is best to wash the car by taking it to a professional as there are chances that some critical components can get damaged while washing. So hire a professional to do the wash. If you notice any fault with the battery after the undercarriage wash, soon take it to a professional mechanic. He will tell you what went wrong after a thorough inspection of the electrical system.  

How does car washing affect the electrical system of electric cars? 

Don’t worry! Washing electric cars in different automatic car washes like wash tunnels, jet washers, and rollovers is completely safe. The equipment won’t damage the electrical system or battery as these systems are sealed to avoid the ingress of water. Like other cars, there are some tips you must follow while getting a car wash for an electric car. 

How to clean electric cars in car wash tunnels 

Ensure to turn the ignition on, and the car should be in ‘N’ (neutral) mode while in a wash tunnel. The mode helps the vehicle to move through the wash tunnel. Also, check whether the doors and windows are correctly closed, remove the antenna, fold in the side-view mirrors, and turn off automatic functions like front and rear windscreen wipers. To use the electric motor during the wash, ensure to charge the car battery before entering the tunnel fully.  

How to clean electric cars in rollovers and jet wash areas  

It is safe to do car wash on electric cars in the rollover and jet wash areas with the ignition turned off, and emergency brake applied. Ensure to close all doors, windows, and sunroof before the wash. Side-view mirrors must be folded, and remove the antenna while washing in a rollover. Always do a pre-wash to remove the dirt and use car wax to safeguard the paintwork while choosing the right wash programs for rollovers, jet wash areas, and tunnels.  

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How can I protect the battery while doing a car wash? 

As you know more about how does car washing affects the electrical system, it is also important to know how car washing affects the components close to it. Here are a few insights on it! 

  • While doing interior car care, ensure not to overspray the cleaner. Don’t allow the spray to spill inside by wiping it quickly with a cloth. Never spray it on radio edges. Never spray cleaners on items having holes in them.  
  • While cleaning the engine bay, remove the battery or the negative terminal. You can use a plastic cover to protect the electrical components. Ensure not to spray water everywhere while you rinse.  
  • Never do a car wash when the outside temperature is below zero degrees. While cold, it takes a lot of time for the water to dry. So it may freeze before evaporating. The droplets on electrical components will cause damage if it happens.  

Do automatic car washes damage your car? 

No, automatic car washes won’t damage the electrical components or battery. However, they are not that good for the paint finish though.  

How does car washing affect the electrical system: Quick tips 

  • Normally, car washing doesn’t pose any threat to the electrical system.  
  • Always be careful while washing the engine bay. Careless washing can bring damage to electrical components and the battery. 
  • Washing electric cars in different automatic car washes like wash tunnels, jet washers, and rollovers is completely safe. 
  • Don’t overspray cleaners while you’re cleaning a car’s interior.  
  • Take your car to a professional for undercarriage washing.  

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