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How is auto detailing different from a car wash?

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How is auto detailing different from a car wash? You’re in the right place if you’re looking for the answer to this often-asked question. In this post, we’re breaking down everything there’s to know about auto detailing and car wash. 

Before we delve into the differences between the two, we need to explain car wash and detailing separately for better understanding. So, let’s first see what a car wash is, the different car wash methods available today, and its advantages. Read on to know more details.   

Car wash    

If you own a car, you must wash it –  no second thoughts about it. The primary objective of a car wash is to remove dirt and grime from your car’s body and make it look clean. However, over the years, the car wash methods employed to achieve this have evolved. Thanks to sophisticated and advanced car wash equipment, car cleaning is no longer a Saturday chore that you do on your driveway. Here are some of the more popular car wash methods out there: 

How is auto detailing different from a car wash

Advantages of visiting a car wash    

Here are the advantages of visiting a car wash:    

Time-saving: You can now get your car cleaned in a few minutes by visiting a drive-thru car wash near you. 

Hassle-free car maintenance: Accumulated dirt and other contaminants like tree sap, pollen, salt, bird poop, leaf stains can ruin your car’s look and performance too. Regular visits to the car wash center can help maintain your car better.    

Investment: Poor vehicle maintenance can ruin your car’s performance, and when you try to repair it, it can cost you a fortune. Therefore, spending money on regular car washes is always a good move to avoid huge expenses. You can find affordable car washes on websites and apps like Way.com 

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Car detailing   

Car detailing or auto detailing is a more in-depth version of a car wash. The main objective of car detailing is not just to make the car dirt-free but also to make it appear brand new – like how you drove it out of the dealership! Auto detailing experts follow various techniques to correct your vehicle’s paint and enhance the look using cosmetic touch-ups to give your car that showroom shine. Some of the famous car detailing services are mentioned below:   

auto detailing different than a car wash

Advantages of car detailing   

Here are some of the advantages of detailing your car:    

It makes your vehicle look brand new: Car detailing can make your car’s interior and exterior spotless and glossy. It can enhance your car’s look and also positively impact the performance of your car.    

Resale value: Money spent on car detailing is never an expense, rather an investment for the future. A well-maintained car will fetch you better money in a resale when you decide to let it go.   

Protects and increases vehicle longevity: Car detailing services, along with enhancing your car’s look, protects it from various contaminants. Also, car detailing experts believe that these services can help increase your vehicle’s longevity.    

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Difference between a car wash and auto detailing  

Time: As we mentioned earlier, automatic car washes can clean your car in under five minutes. And if you do visit a hand car wash near you, the process can take up to an hour. On the other hand, car detailing cannot be done in an instant. Detailing takes longer than a car wash since a lot of time is spent paying attention to every part of your car.   

Cost: Another major difference is the cost factor. A simple exterior wash will cost you anywhere between $10 to $15. However, car detailing services will cost you more than that, and the price range can increase based on the service you choose.  

Frequency: Car wash experts recommend washing your every week to keep it clean. When it comes to detailing your car, there’s no strict schedule you need to follow. You can get your car detailed once every six months or based on need.  

Detailing your car doesn’t mean you don’t have to wash it – one thing that every car expert will unanimously accept. A regular car wash can help keep your vehicle spotless and make the detailing last for a long time. Are you still searching for the best car washes near you?  All you need to do is get on Way.com. Use the Way.com app or website to access some of your area’s top-rated and affordable car washes.   

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